Saturday, March 7, 2009

Michael Steele Betrayed Every Black American

The only thing worse than an “UNCLE TOM” is an “UNCLE TOM” allowing the people he’s “UNCLE TOMMING” to, to know he’s “UNCLE TOMMING” to them. Michael Steele the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), allowed such a thing to occur. When Rush Limbaugh said, “He hope President Obama fail”, he was saying what a lot of Republicans want to say, but won’t say it because it’s politically incorrect. America have reached the threshold of having the first Black President in this country’s history, Michael Steele apologizing to Rush Limbaugh set goals reached by unapologetic proud Black men and women back at least a hundred years. I was taught by two of the best parents in the world, the only time you suppose to apologize is when you have said or done something wrong. Unfortunately Michael Steele wasn't listening when his parents tried to teach him there’s nothing to apologize for when you haven’t said or did anything wrong. The only thing Black people should be apologetic about is to other Black people for the disrespect we show each other. A lot of us go about our everyday lives playing the “GANGSTA” role, but the only people we feel we can get away with playing that role are other Blacks. Everyday in our neighborhoods we hear about Black on Black crime, there’s no way somebody can explain to me that the only people I’m mad at are people who look like me. People who don’t look like me, I don’t have a problem with those people; the only people I have a problem with are the people who look like me, that’s pure “BULLSHIT”. You wannabe “GANGSTA NIGGERS” in my opinion are outright punks, I’m not pushing the idea that we as Blacks should go and commit felonious acts against White people, but if you think as a Black person, your only enemy are the people who look like you; the “KU KLUX KLAN” (KKK) have all of you punk mutherfuckers to thank. At this point the people who Michael Steele “UNCLE TOMMED” to, don’t want his “UNCLE TOMMISM”. The only reason the Republican Party are turning their back on Michael Steele is because Michael Steele embarrassed the people he was “UNCLE TOMMING” to. Once again an affluent Black person has placed himself in a position to appear to the world as a second class citizen. Until we as Black people stop accepting ourselves as second, we shouldn't expect anything but to be accepted as second. Black people, for one time in your life look in the mirror and like what you see; what Michael Steele did was to prove to White people, a “NIGGER” need to know his place. If we keep playing this subservient role, everything people like Martin Luther King did will be null and void. I’ll end with this, if we as Black people don’t start putting some pep in our step mentally, physically, and spiritually, President Barack Obama will fail. This is the time to show we’re worthy of having a Black man as President of the most powerful nation on earth. Do your dam part and stop pointing your finger at another mutherfucker because you fucked up. This message is coming from an angry Black man.