Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make It Make Some Sense

Can somebody, anybody explain to me why is it that we as a people are having civil rights marches in 2012? I want whoever happens to read this to know I aint pissed at white people; I got their point. Don’t get it twisted, I know for a fact all white people are not what I’m about to portray; yawl know who you are. I’m pissed at Black people for taking this long to make their voices heard.

This might get lengthy, but keep your JC Penney shit on; because at this point I really don’t care who feelings I hurt. If I hit everything, it’s gonna take too long, so I’ll just hit what’s crucial.

I’m pissed at the media when they use terms like, “Both sides have said things to disrespect the office of the President.” That’s a GOD DAM LIE!

There has never been a Black member of Congress call a sitting President a lie while delivering ‘The State Of The Union’ message.

There has never been a Black Governor of any state confront the President and wag their finger in his face, as to say, “Nigger you better know your place.”

There has never been anybody to come to a white President fundraiser speech and let it be known that he’s strapped.

There has never been a Black person question a white President about whether or not they’re a legitimate citizen.

I know some rappers and others have said things about George Bush when he was President that responsible people deemed inappropriate, but no President in the history of this country have faced the disrespect that President Barack Hussein Obama have faced.

I could go on and on about how President Barack Hussein Obama have been disrespected by mostly white people, but it’s a lot of people of color who have disrespected our President also; especially the so called members of the National Black Republican Association.

It’s a reason why I’m more pissed at Blacks than I am at whites. I’ll use Rev. Wright to prove my point. I’ve said for four years that some of Rev. Wright’s sermons were fiery, some would classify them as incendiary; OK, I agree. But for four years no one can tell me what Rev. Wright lied about.

The bottom line is, I’m approaching a point that I refuse to wear out my breaks and slow down, just so your dumb ass can catch-up. I refuse to dull my blade, just because your dumb ass aint sharp enough.

If we continue to be speechless, it makes Rosa Parks decision meaningless.

I’ll end with this, hopefully whoever read this don’t take it personal, but if the shoe fit put your foot in the glass slipper.