Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Police Officers Are Under Paid

I know some will think by me being an ex-convict and a Marine Vietnam Veteran; JD how in the hell you can go there. I just need any and everybody who take the time to view what I’m about to say, to not panic.

Here’s my point where I’m coming from, some things in my life hit my brain very profoundly. Before I make a decision about anything I do or say, I do research on the subject matter.

I know by now, some of you are saying, “JD can you please get to the point.” Ok I gotcha, trail me close because I need this to stick to your brain.

Today as I’m writing this, some government members have their brain fixed on cutting Police Officer’s pay. If as a law abiding citizen something happen that you need help for; we all know you aint gonna call ‘Ghost Busters’.

If a hurricane hit, a tornado hit, or whatever disaster that hit that’s man-made or GOD created; we have people in our government who want to cut the pay of those who are at the front line to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

I refuse to leave out  School Teachers who we as parents send our bad ass children to watch over while we’re at work, or doing whatever it is that we do while our most precious possessions are in their care.

If you have a voice, let it be heard!!!