Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madonna Labels President Obama a Black Muslim

Some right-wing Republicans are labeling President Obama as a Black Muslim. Madonna, performing at a recent concert in Washington said, “We have a Black Muslim in the Whitehouse.” Madonna issued a statement via her spokesperson stating that she knows the President isn’t a Muslim, but what if he was. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell under President George W. Bush and National Security Adviser under President Ronald Reagan made a similar statement by saying, “So what if he is a Muslim.”

The bottom line is this, when the Ku Klux Klan goes out and murder innocent people of color, spew hatred racist rhetoric, and claim they’re devout Christians; I don’t see anybody complaining.

We all know there’s a false narrative since Barack Obama became President in regards to race relations in America. And please, don’t even try to exert the lie most Republicans put to any and everybody who’ll listen; “Both sides does it, Democrats and Republicans.” Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blacks in a White Arena

Intelligent people have a dialogue based on an unwritten principal to agree or disagree without malice. The only thing I see are so called conservative Blacks buying into the rhetoric that conservative Whites like and appreciate you. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Here’s what I know for a fact, the number one thing White people with power fear the most are Black men with intelligence and power. What I’m saying is this; Whites have discovered that they have an adversary that refuse to accept themselves as second class citizens.

Every time Fox News broadcast a segment on how President Obama is bad for America, they bring a TOKEN NIGGER on their show to exemplify; “It’s not us Whites, we have NIGGERS to show how bad President Obama is as CEO of the United States of America!” That last phrase is what have so many Whites pissed-off, President Obama is the CEO of America.

I worked at one of the largest corporations in the world as Project Manager. A piece of poor white trash said, “Aint no NIGGER gonna tell me what to do.” The next day, that piece of white trash was without a job.

We have Black ministers who are brainwashed like Allen West (R-FL) and members of the National Black Republican Association (NBRA); Republicans have openly said they hate Black people, and you stupid NIGGERS continue to be the bearer of their hatred.

We have the Congressional Black Associates (CBA), the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), the Gay Rights Group, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Hispanics-Latino Groups, the TEA Party, and each and every group are demanding President Obama to fix whatever it is that they have issues with. Where were all of these people when George Bush was President? President Obama is the President of the United States of America, not the President of a certain group. President Obama job is to govern in a way so every American can benefit. It really doesn’t matter whether you was kidnapped from Africa, or came here as an indentured servant on the Mayflower; the point is this; you’re here right now today! It’s time for everybody to drop their little petty hang-ups and try to make America all it can and will be.

I said all of that to say this, Republicans are openly informing members of NBRA that they don’t like you, and don’t want you; but still you ignorant NIGGERS cling to the people that openly show you hatred. It makes me ashamed to be a member of a race of people who will allow and accept themselves to be second class citizens.

Monday, September 17, 2012

President Obama Weak on Foreign Affairs

I understand and get it why some of you will not comment on some of my political views. Some probably will feel retribution if it’s known to their employers or some of their white friends, that they’re reading such things in regards to the political spectrum. Whatever it is, everybody needs to know the truth.

October 23, 1983 the Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War, two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing American and French military forces, killing 299 American and French servicemen; The Islamic Jihad organization claimed responsibility for the bombings. The death toll was 241 American servicemen: 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, and three Soldiers. This represented the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima of World War II.

I said all of that to say this, at the time of the bombing Ronald Reagan was President. At no time did anyone of the Republican racist pigs brand President Ronald Reagan as being weak on foreign affairs. The only reason the Republican racists’ pigs are trying to depict President Obama as being weak on foreign affairs is because he’s Black, plain and simple.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Right Wing Lying Machine

All of the right wing nuts have congregated to blame President Obama for the recent storming of America’s Embassies in the Middle East, branding the President weak on foreign policy; even John McCain joined in on the negative stupidity.

We all know why John McCain is a President Obama hater, when Barack Obama made history by becoming the first Black President, John McCain made history by becoming the first white man to be defeated by a Black man for the presidency of the United States.

The rest of the right wing nuts are just pissed-off because President Obama is Black; Oh I forgot, the Black right wing nuts such as Allen West (R-FL) are just a handful of brainwashed fools.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrat Convention (2012)

Everyone has an opinion; please allow me to give my opinion in regards to the Democrat Convention.

Right wing Republicans like the Fox News family are in full attack mode with their response to the Democrat Convention. These shallow brain people have the audacity to call the Democrat Convention dishonest. As for dishonesty is concerned, one have to think the right wing crowd didn’t attend the Republican Convention.

Gov. Patrick Deval (D-MA) said it best with his speech, “Democrats need to get a back bone.” As Democrats we need to show that we’re enthusiastic about President Obama being re-elected to a second term. The only thing that have the ability of us as a people to not regress and keep going forward, are ourselves.