Monday, July 20, 2015

Donald Trump VS John McCain

As a veteran I want to make it crystal clear that I disagree with 99% of any and everything Donald Trump and John McCain stands for. As always Donald Trump seems to place himself in a stupid place whenever he speaks. Mr. Trump disrespected all veterans with his comments in regards of whether or not John McCain is a hero; with that said, I need to say the following:

It amazes me how everyone and all media outlets have their panties in a bunch because of the stupid comments Donald Trump made about John McCain. The media has turned this into an everyday headline leading story.

Where was all of this outrage when sitting members of Congress were accusing President Obama of being a terrorist, comparing him to Hitler, accusing him of not being a citizen, and calling him a liar while the whole world was watching during a State of the Union Address?

To me the difference is as clear as BLACK and WHITE, to those who refuse to see the difference, are just as abysmal as those who perpetrate the offense.