Tuesday, June 16, 2020

How Is This NOT Murder

The senseless police shooting of unarmed Daniel Shaver while crying and begging the police officer not to shoot him, was just another example of unqualified individuals who are given a job and a licence to kill. Watch the video, and read what happens after the fatal shooting.

Defund The Police

Every media outlet has branded Democrats as the political party who wants to get rid of law and order in America, giving Republicans a talking point that Democrats created to be used against themselves. Whoever the Democrat politician who made that ridiculous statement, Democrat leadership needs to tell that person to shut the hell up. Every time Democrats have the upper hand of a message that will resonate with the majority of Americans, they say or does something stupid to destroy the message. If Democrats continue to send messages that takes away from the message intended; donald trump is guaranteed to win a second term as president. Get it right, the message is "POLICE REFORM."

Monday, June 15, 2020

One Is Black And One Is White

By now the whole world knows, if you live in America there are two sets of rules by our law enforcement agencies, and judicial systems. One set of rules are used for Blacks, and another set of rules are used for whites; here's proof: A Black man, Rayshard Brooks use a taser against police and he's shot three times in the back while running away, he dies from his gunshot wounds by police. A white man, Mark Antunez use a taser against police, injuring and incapacitating the police officer; the white man is arrested unharmed.

What we saw in the two videos is nothing new, this kind of different behavior when it comes to Black suspects and white suspects were happening long before camera phones. We hear all the time that better police training is needed, if you believe better police training is needed, you have to believe that white police officers and Black police officers undergo different training. The thing is, we never hear of or see a Black police officer fatally shooting a white person in the back while running away. We also hear, "it's only a few bad cops." This video proves that's an outright lie. A 75 year old man was brutally pushed down by police officers, as the the elderly man lay there bleeding out of his ears, a lot more than just a few bad cops walk by while the elderly man lay there critically wounded. This is not a problem that Black people needs to solve, this is a problem that America needs to solve.