Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How And Why President Obama Won Re-Election

President Obama won because he focused on the needs of average working class Americans. The President talked about jobs, women rights, MediCare and MediCaid.

Mitt Romney and the far right wing Republicans, such as Fox News focused on trying to muddy the President’s integrity with lies about what transpired in Benghazi, Libya.

The right wing haters took Americans as outright fools. Everyday, commentators like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Michael Salvage and the rest of the President Obama haters had nothing to report other than speculation in regards of events in Benghazi, Libya.

As a Vietnam Marine veteran, my condolences are heart felt for the four Americans who lost their lives serving their country in Benghazi, Libya.

On the other hand, nothing came close to the outrage by President Obama haters when the deaths of over 4,000 of our soldiers died in Iraq; perpetrated by an outright lie from the tongue of George Bush.

It’s a reason why Republican Congress members such as Bob Dold (R-IL), Judy Biggert (R-IL), Chip Cravaack (R-MN), Joe Walsh (R-IL), Nan Hayworth (R-NY), Frank Guinta (R-NH), Ann Marie Buerkle (R-NY), and the complete UNCLE TOM Allen West (R-FL).

Clear thinking Americans rejected the hate these people spewed out of their filthy mouths. GOD Bless America, and thank GOD for President Barack Hussien Obama.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

President Obama’s Debate Performance

As much as it pains me to admit it, I honestly believe Mitt Romney’s articulation surpassed the President. With that said, most pundits want to say how the President oratorical qualities are superior to Mitt Romney’s; we all agree on that accord.

The media are bombarding us with how the Independent voters will decide the outcome of who will be President in November. I refuse to believe the majority of Americans view it that way. First of, the majority of Independents are run away Republicans. Secondly, most Americans will not vote for a person (Mitt Romney) by him simply stating, “Just trust me, I have a plan but you will not here any specifications on how I will make my plan better for America.”

The President needs to explain to his constituents’ why he didn’t show vigor on Mitt Romney’s 47% comment.

The President needs to explain to his constituents’ why he wasn’t adamant about Mitt Romney’s comment on women rights.

The President needs to explain to his constituents’ why he didn’t challenge Mitt Romney on his views regarding Medi-Care.

The President needs to explain to his constituents’ why he didn’t challenge Mitt Romney on his views in regards to Social Security.

The President needs to explain to his constituents’ why he wasn’t forceful on confronting Mitt Romney’s comments on the Auto Industry.

The President needs to explain to his constituents’ why he didn’t convey to Americans his success in regards to foreign policy.

I could go on and on about what the President didn’t say, but we all need to focus on is what Mitt Romney said without any specifics. We all can say things, but when the question is asked, “Ok, exactly how that’s going to work, and how are you going to fund it” Mitt Romney has no answer.

In my brain, Mitt Romney’s presentation was superior to the President. Will Mitt Romney’s performance convince me to vote for him, Hell no.

The President even allowed Mitt Romney to get away with saying he’ll do away with PBS.

I’ll end with this, the news media know for a fact that Mitt Romney is trailing the President by a large margin. The news media job is to come-up with something that’s interesting so their viewers don’t grab the remote and click on The Young and the Restless.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Madonna Labels President Obama a Black Muslim

Some right-wing Republicans are labeling President Obama as a Black Muslim. Madonna, performing at a recent concert in Washington said, “We have a Black Muslim in the Whitehouse.” Madonna issued a statement via her spokesperson stating that she knows the President isn’t a Muslim, but what if he was. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell under President George W. Bush and National Security Adviser under President Ronald Reagan made a similar statement by saying, “So what if he is a Muslim.”

The bottom line is this, when the Ku Klux Klan goes out and murder innocent people of color, spew hatred racist rhetoric, and claim they’re devout Christians; I don’t see anybody complaining.

We all know there’s a false narrative since Barack Obama became President in regards to race relations in America. And please, don’t even try to exert the lie most Republicans put to any and everybody who’ll listen; “Both sides does it, Democrats and Republicans.” Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blacks in a White Arena

Intelligent people have a dialogue based on an unwritten principal to agree or disagree without malice. The only thing I see are so called conservative Blacks buying into the rhetoric that conservative Whites like and appreciate you. Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Here’s what I know for a fact, the number one thing White people with power fear the most are Black men with intelligence and power. What I’m saying is this; Whites have discovered that they have an adversary that refuse to accept themselves as second class citizens.

Every time Fox News broadcast a segment on how President Obama is bad for America, they bring a TOKEN NIGGER on their show to exemplify; “It’s not us Whites, we have NIGGERS to show how bad President Obama is as CEO of the United States of America!” That last phrase is what have so many Whites pissed-off, President Obama is the CEO of America.

I worked at one of the largest corporations in the world as Project Manager. A piece of poor white trash said, “Aint no NIGGER gonna tell me what to do.” The next day, that piece of white trash was without a job.

We have Black ministers who are brainwashed like Allen West (R-FL) and members of the National Black Republican Association (NBRA); Republicans have openly said they hate Black people, and you stupid NIGGERS continue to be the bearer of their hatred.

We have the Congressional Black Associates (CBA), the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), the Gay Rights Group, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Hispanics-Latino Groups, the TEA Party, and each and every group are demanding President Obama to fix whatever it is that they have issues with. Where were all of these people when George Bush was President? President Obama is the President of the United States of America, not the President of a certain group. President Obama job is to govern in a way so every American can benefit. It really doesn’t matter whether you was kidnapped from Africa, or came here as an indentured servant on the Mayflower; the point is this; you’re here right now today! It’s time for everybody to drop their little petty hang-ups and try to make America all it can and will be.

I said all of that to say this, Republicans are openly informing members of NBRA that they don’t like you, and don’t want you; but still you ignorant NIGGERS cling to the people that openly show you hatred. It makes me ashamed to be a member of a race of people who will allow and accept themselves to be second class citizens.

Monday, September 17, 2012

President Obama Weak on Foreign Affairs

I understand and get it why some of you will not comment on some of my political views. Some probably will feel retribution if it’s known to their employers or some of their white friends, that they’re reading such things in regards to the political spectrum. Whatever it is, everybody needs to know the truth.

October 23, 1983 the Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War, two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing American and French military forces, killing 299 American and French servicemen; The Islamic Jihad organization claimed responsibility for the bombings. The death toll was 241 American servicemen: 220 Marines, 18 Sailors, and three Soldiers. This represented the deadliest single-day death toll for the United States Marine Corps since the Battle of Iwo Jima of World War II.

I said all of that to say this, at the time of the bombing Ronald Reagan was President. At no time did anyone of the Republican racist pigs brand President Ronald Reagan as being weak on foreign affairs. The only reason the Republican racists’ pigs are trying to depict President Obama as being weak on foreign affairs is because he’s Black, plain and simple.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Right Wing Lying Machine

All of the right wing nuts have congregated to blame President Obama for the recent storming of America’s Embassies in the Middle East, branding the President weak on foreign policy; even John McCain joined in on the negative stupidity.

We all know why John McCain is a President Obama hater, when Barack Obama made history by becoming the first Black President, John McCain made history by becoming the first white man to be defeated by a Black man for the presidency of the United States.

The rest of the right wing nuts are just pissed-off because President Obama is Black; Oh I forgot, the Black right wing nuts such as Allen West (R-FL) are just a handful of brainwashed fools.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Democrat Convention (2012)

Everyone has an opinion; please allow me to give my opinion in regards to the Democrat Convention.

Right wing Republicans like the Fox News family are in full attack mode with their response to the Democrat Convention. These shallow brain people have the audacity to call the Democrat Convention dishonest. As for dishonesty is concerned, one have to think the right wing crowd didn’t attend the Republican Convention.

Gov. Patrick Deval (D-MA) said it best with his speech, “Democrats need to get a back bone.” As Democrats we need to show that we’re enthusiastic about President Obama being re-elected to a second term. The only thing that have the ability of us as a people to not regress and keep going forward, are ourselves.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican Convention (2012)

Let’s face facts, both Republicans and Democrats put on these Conventions year after year that resemble a pageantry more than conveying a message to constituents on how their life will be better if you the voter choose me.

Rhetoric is one thing, but real talk (facts) is another; sharp people (heavy weights) need to know how to differentiate the two.

Fact: President Barack Obama has done everything in his power to pass legislation for the benefit of the working class Americans.

Rhetoric: We have poor white trash like ‘Joe The Plumber’ (Samuel J. Wurzelbacher), going against the President knowing the President’s policies will benefit him; but steadfast because the President is Black.

Fact: There are more than a few members of Congress who have disrespected President Obama on the floor of ‘The House and the Senate’.

Example: Rep. Joe Wilson (R-South Carolina) yelling out that the President is a liar while the whole world was watching. I know for a fact some liberals said negative things about former President Bush; but it never got to the level of disrespect as Rep. Joe Wilson’s diatribe.

I can go on and on about how anyone would be committing mental suicide by voting for a Republican, if you really want to know the truth; I hope President Barack Obama lose, then all of you stupid ignorant muf@#kers will get exactly what your dumb asses deserve.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black People

When I write articles on my blog, I know sometimes I piss people off; sorry about that. One thing about it is this, every time you piss somebody off; you please another mutherf@#ker. Just tuck this under your cap, every man freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, or vice versa.

I’m driven by a need, not a want; I need to know the people who are incessantly f#&ked over by the powers that be understand the people who are f#&king them. If you don’t get that, stop reading now and get back to the insignificant sh#t that you usually do.

I want say most, but it’s damn sure a lot of Black people have proven to themselves, people who care about them, and society that they’re willing to allow themselves to be f#&ked over.

Elaboration time: Let’s just take the beating of Rodney King by racist white cops. Everybody knows there were Black cops at the seen of the crime; but those punk ass UNCLE TOM NIGGERS stood there and did nothing to intervene. But here’s the kicker, during the inquiry in regards to the Rodney King beating; these same UNCLE TOM NIGGERS chose to stay silent. These ignorant NIGGERS hold the color of blue above the color of Black.

I look at Black-on-Black crime, and it impels me to ask the question, “When you look in the mirror, do you hate yourself that much?” The stupid sh#t got to stop, that’s if we want to succeed as a people competing with others who already got a ‘Head Start’.

I’ll end with this, all of you ignorant NIGGERS out there thinking things are hard now, if President Barack Obama lose, you don’t even want to look at your world; especially if you’re young and Black. It’s a new game in town, better get up on it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden and Mitt Romney

There are a bunch of lies floating around and some ill-informed people who try to purport themselves as President Obama supporters are believing the lies, or just too naïve to know when they’re being lied to.

There are some people (Black People) who are scared to say what’s on their mind, or just don’t give a f@#k. I for one, aint scared to say what’s on my mind; and I pity the cowards who are.

Here’s the point, Vice President Joe Biden made a comment in regards to Wall Street, “Back in Chains”. I thought the comment was in bad taste, and the Vice President was thoroughly criticized on it. However, the Obama camp was widely accused of playing the race card.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney made this comment, “No one’s asked to see my birth certificate, people know I’m from Michigan.” Nearly all with an exception of a few viewed Mitt Romney’s comment as a joke.

Is it a joke when we have sitting members of Congress questioning if President Obama is a legitimate citizen?

Is it a joke when Mitt Romney makes a dastardly comment, and meets regularly with known birthers like Donald Trump?

Everybody knows why the Tea Party movement is so ubiquitous, most of these people are nothing more than ‘Poor White Trailer Trash’ with a few brainwashed coloreds intertwined; which led to some racist members of the Republican Party who picked-up on it and exploited their dumb uneducated asses.

My question is this, why are so many Black people and other people of color scared to let the racist people know what you already know?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hank Williams Jr.

Country music star Hank Williams Jr. hates President Barack Obama, that’s a fact; but this time the racist pig went too far. At a recent country music concert at the Iowa State Fair, Hank Williams Jr. said, “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”

We all know Hank Williams Jr. is 100% Republican, what perplexes me is why some twisted minded brainwashed Blacks are Republicans. Are these people outright UNCLE TOMS, or just too naive to the fact that they’re being mentally manipulated?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rodney King Death Should Mean Something

Rodney King was beaten to an inch of death by racists white cops, while Black cops stood there and looked, and did nothing.

Rodney King death should mean that we have UNCLE TOM NIGGERS amongst us who are willing to sit silently by, and allow the racists to have free reign to do whatever they want to do to people of color.

I know for a fact none of you UNCLE TOM NIGGERS want to hear this, especially that NIGGER from Florida, Congressman Allen West. Saddle-up NIGGERS, here I come.

I have family members telling me, “Jackie you need to stop writing articles with that kind of incendiary talk, at some point they gonna come and get you.” My reply is this, I refuse to be a silent NIGGER, as a matter of fact, whoever they be, I’ll send them my address with the zip code; I aint hard to find. The difference from me and other punk ass NIGGERS, I’m willing to die for what I believe in.

This message is for all yaul racists mutherfuckers out there, marinade on that!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breathing While Black

Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law has become law in 24 other states throughout America. Most people are unaware of what this law is really about and what it entails. For the most part the law was designed to create an atmosphere for law abiding citizens to protect themselves against aggression.

Unfortunately, with the success of the ‘Tea Party’ crazies, society has allowed the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law to become a license to kill. Here’s the problem, most of the people being killed in regards to the law are people of color by Whites.

I don’t think for one second that Whites in general are on a campaign to gun down people of color. However, since President Obama became ‘Commander in Chief’ there has been an up-tick in negative racial discourse. Just recently, Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center (DWOC) in Gainesville, FL lynched President Obama in effigy.

I’ll end with this, I refuse to sit by silently and allow the mantra of a few racists’ pigs to dictate what laws will be enacted to murder people of color.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) Survives Recall

For the brain dead this recall election was actually more important than the Presidential election coming up in November. I know for a fact the light weights will miss my point, that doesn’t surprise me. What have my brain fluttering, are the people who think they understand what’s really going on; those are the people who really piss me off.

Gov. Scott Walker didn’t win because he spent far more money than his Democrat opponent, Gov. Scott Walker won because Republicans and Tea Partiers are far more passionate about what they believe in than Democrats. Republicans come to the battlefield armed with bombs, Democrats show up armed with spit balls.

What happened in Wisconsin is the reason I hope President Obama lose. Democrats and every liberal special interest group don’t deserve a man like President Obama. All of you cowards deserve Romney as a President. You complete fools think you got it bad now, wait until you see what Governors do state to state for the working class Americans.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some Governors try to re-enact slavery; especially with outright UNCLE TOM NIGGERS like Congressman Allen West (R-FL) saying any and everything to help the racist pigs.

I hope President Obama lose because Democrats have proved to me that they’re too ignorant, or too weak to thoroughly explain to people like ‘Joe The Plumber’ that President Obama’s policies would actually help him.

When Democrats rid themselves of ‘Blue Dog Democrats’, then perhaps real Democrats will show the enthusiasm they showed in 2008.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Hope President Obama Lose

Enough is enough, when will the cowardly Democrats stop acting like the scared little kid on the school yard, and stop allowing Republicans to bully them? I hope President Obama lose so Blue Dog Democrats like former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., former Gov. Ed Rendell, former President Obama’s Economic Adviser Steven Rattner, and Mayor Corey Booker can get what they and other turn-coat Democrats deserve. Like I’ve said in the past, until Democrats rid their party of Blue Dog Democrats, Republicans will continue to use them to block anything the President try to accomplish. Although Mayor Corey Booker tried to clean his nauseating comment mess-up, the damage was already done; you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

The abovementioned Democrats appear on right wing shows like Morning Joe and allow Joe Scarborough to sit there and outright lie about how President Obama is against Venture Capital and Private Equity. Nothing can be farther from the truth, as a matter of fact, the President explicitly pointed out the fact that Private Equity is good for America. The President went on to explain how the job of the President has to be more than just making profits for a few, but leading so every American can get a fair shot at being successful as Mitt Romney.

Here’s the part that really gets my blood boiling, during the Republican primaries every candidate vying to be the Republican nominee, Newt Ginghrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachman, Gov. Rick Perry, and even Jon Huntsman, Jr. used the phrase ‘Vulture Capitalism’ when referring to Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital. Where were the nauseating sentiments when Republicans used the exact verbiage to describe Romney during the Republican debates? That’s ok, I’ll answer my own question, I know where the nauseating sentiments were during the Republican debates; White people said it.

The silence the cowardly Democrats portrayed when the same language was used during the Republican debates was deafening. But when the first Black President used the same language, everybody, Republicans and Democrats had the nerve to show phony outrage, as to insinuate that whites can use that kind of language, but not a NIGGER, damn fool don’t know his place; that’s what’s nauseating to me. Until Democrats show some guts and stand with the President, Republicans will continue to piss on Democrats and convince them that it’s raining.

I hope President Obama lose so the Black Community, the Hispanic Community, the Gay Community, the Women Right to Choose Organization, the Bible Toters, and the uneducated ignorant Tea Party members with a few coloreds sprinkled in can get exactly what they deserve.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, He's Back

When I say Rev. Jeremiah Wright is back, by no means I'm implying Rev. Wright is back on his own accord. Rev. Wright is back because the President Obama haters are raising their ugly heads of character assassination. Make no mistake about it, these haters have a loud voice, and a boat load of money to back their hatred up.

Before I let you know what's really going on, please allow me to refresh your memory about a statement and a question I posed to every media outlet approximately four years ago. I made the statement, "Hell yeah some of Rev. Wright's sermons are incendiary." However, I also posed this question to every media outlet, "Please let me know what Rev. Wright lied about?" To this day, four years later, no one has laced my boots to what Rev. Wright lied about.

Hopefully my sisters Lois, Joyce, and Janice will forgive me for what I'm going to say in this article; I promised my sisters that I wouldn't use profanity in my articles anymore, it's getting harder and harder to keep that promise. But like like my beloved Granny use to say to me when she really wanted to get her point across, "Trail me close, because I need this to stick to your brain." Those were the words of wisdom I listened to, I could care less than a damn what others thought or felt about it.

This is gonna get a little lengthy, and I know I have a tendency to jump from one subject to another; but please I beggeth you to bare with me and read the entire article. Thanks in advance for those of you who has put up with my rants through the years.

Here we go!

I know for a fact all President Obama haters will do any and everything to degrade the President; These people have no problem with outright lying about the facts. But for some reason the Black Community, the Spanish Community, the Gay Community, the Right to Life Community, the Bible Toters, and the Equal rights for Women Community doesn't get the fact that these people will do any and everything to degrade the President. It's about time for all of you to stop complaining and help the President get re-elected.

The Black Community: Instead of you complaining about how the President hasn't done enough to address the needs of the Black Community, perhaps you should do something to upgrade yourself and the members in your community. Don't just sit there and degrade the President like the number one UNCLE TOM Rep. Allen West (D-FL). The better approach would be to use your platform to point out the things the President have done for the betterment of the Black Community. We have one of the dumbest and the most ignorant UNCLE TOM niggers, Rep. Allen West (D-FL) in history talking about he's a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. My message to this ignorant nigger is this, take that shit to Fox News.

The Bible Toters: For some reason there are a small group of Black Preachers who are against the President because he spoke out in behalf of gay marriage. These complete tunnel vision Preachers are campaigning to their congregation about having sex with the same sex is a sin; that may be true, I don't know. But here's the ticket, there's something in the Bible about incest being a sin; but there's no outcry about that, and no explanation. If you believe like you say you believe that the only humans in the beginning were Adam and Eve, then where in the hell did all of these other people come from if some brother and sister didn't commit incest? These same Preachers know what the Tea Party rhetoric is, but they sit cowardly by and say nothing to detest their hateful rhetoric.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Make It Make Some Sense

Can somebody, anybody explain to me why is it that we as a people are having civil rights marches in 2012? I want whoever happens to read this to know I aint pissed at white people; I got their point. Don’t get it twisted, I know for a fact all white people are not what I’m about to portray; yawl know who you are. I’m pissed at Black people for taking this long to make their voices heard.

This might get lengthy, but keep your JC Penney shit on; because at this point I really don’t care who feelings I hurt. If I hit everything, it’s gonna take too long, so I’ll just hit what’s crucial.

I’m pissed at the media when they use terms like, “Both sides have said things to disrespect the office of the President.” That’s a GOD DAM LIE!

There has never been a Black member of Congress call a sitting President a lie while delivering ‘The State Of The Union’ message.

There has never been a Black Governor of any state confront the President and wag their finger in his face, as to say, “Nigger you better know your place.”

There has never been anybody to come to a white President fundraiser speech and let it be known that he’s strapped.

There has never been a Black person question a white President about whether or not they’re a legitimate citizen.

I know some rappers and others have said things about George Bush when he was President that responsible people deemed inappropriate, but no President in the history of this country have faced the disrespect that President Barack Hussein Obama have faced.

I could go on and on about how President Barack Hussein Obama have been disrespected by mostly white people, but it’s a lot of people of color who have disrespected our President also; especially the so called members of the National Black Republican Association.

It’s a reason why I’m more pissed at Blacks than I am at whites. I’ll use Rev. Wright to prove my point. I’ve said for four years that some of Rev. Wright’s sermons were fiery, some would classify them as incendiary; OK, I agree. But for four years no one can tell me what Rev. Wright lied about.

The bottom line is, I’m approaching a point that I refuse to wear out my breaks and slow down, just so your dumb ass can catch-up. I refuse to dull my blade, just because your dumb ass aint sharp enough.

If we continue to be speechless, it makes Rosa Parks decision meaningless.

I’ll end with this, hopefully whoever read this don’t take it personal, but if the shoe fit put your foot in the glass slipper.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Comparing Republican Cowards

Once again Republican war hawks are campaigning to take us to war; this time it’s Iran. If some kind of twisted way we allow any one of the four Republican candidates to defeat President Obama, we deserve what we get.

For starters, let’s compare these paper tigers. Brace yourself; you will not be overwhelmed with their manly achievements.

Newt Gingrich the most avid campaigner for war received a draft deferment during the Vietnam War, testifying to the fact that he was studying during this era at Tulane University, and he had children. In addition, he was also impaired with short-sightedness and had flat feet (pes planus).

Mitt Romney has never served in the military, although if one was to listen to his fire breathing war mongering rhetoric; you would swear he’s a battlefield hero.

Before joining college, Mitt Romney received a deferment from the draft as a Mormon 'minister of religion' for the duration of his missionary work in France, which lasted two and a half years. At the time, Mitt Romney’s dad worked an agreement between the church and the Selective Service allowing exemptions from the draft for missionaries. Before and After his missionary deferment, Mitt Romney also received nearly three years of deferments for his academic studies; hold-on, there’s more for this fire breathing paper tiger.

In April 1965, Mitt Romney registered with the Selective Service but was not considered readily available for military service until December 1970. When he became eligible for military service in 1970, miraculously he drew a high number in the annual draft lottery and at that time no one drawing higher than 195 was drafted, how convenient.

Rick Santorum has nothing to be found regarding any affiliation with the military. It feels as if I’m desecrating the word military just by mentioning Rick Santorum in the same sentence.

Ron Paul at least participated in active duty with the military, albeit it was as a USAF flight surgeon in the 60’s; in my book he was an honorable military participant and I thank him for his service to our country. Following his Air Force service, Ron Paul enlisted in the Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968.

It’s astonishing how out of the four Republicans vying to be the next leader of the worlds richest and strongest country on earth, the only one not campaigning for war is the only one with military experience, Ron Paul.

Just writing about these paper tigers and knowing their antiquated views in regard to women, one would think these guys hated themselves because of the way they portrayed themselves as women earlier in their lives.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Desecration Of The Quran

Newt Gringrich and other misinformed ignorant Republicans expressed outrage because President Obama apologized to Afghan authorities for the burning of the Quran by U.S. soldiers. The problem with this selective outrage is that it’s not authentic. The only reason for this misguided outrage towards President Obama is because he’s Black.

Proof: Where were Newt Gingrich’s and other racists Republicans outrage towards George Bush when he apologized to Nouri al-Maliki, the Prime Minister of Iraq for an American sniper using the Quran for target practice?

What’s worse is that the National Black Republican Association (NBRA) acting as if they don’t see the difference; but here’s what’s worst, there are Blacks sitting on the sideline silent acting as if they don’t see the difference!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Are Both Democrats and Republicans Culpable

When I hear pundits say, both Republicans and Democrats engage in dirty politics equally, it really pisses me off. Nothing can be farther from the truth, here’s the proof that this is a false statement.

During the State Of The Union address by President Obama, a Congressman yelled out and called the President a lie. Where is it documented that a Democrat ever showed such disrespect for the Oval Office?

As the ‘Tea Party’ came to prominence, the last time America witnessed racial epithets such as the language and graphics; the KKK had credence. Where is it documented that Democrats depicted such hatred for a White President?

Both the Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum campaign for President has referred to Blacks as ‘Food Stamp’ recipients. Make no mistake about it; there are Blacks on the food stamp program. However, the Census Bureau numbers show that there are far more White people receiving ‘Food Stamps’ than Black people. Where is it documented that Democrat candidates deliberately lied about issues when they knew the facts?

Jeremy Lin the New York Knicks basketball phenomenon had to view racist Asian stereotypical insults from Republican TV hosts and radio broadcaster insiders while placing the New York Knicks back on the NBA map. Where are the same insults from Democrats?

While the Whitney Houston family is in the midst of mourning the lost of a beloved family member, two white racist pigs; John Kobylt and Ken Chiampougo broadcasting on a Los Angeles radio station (KFI AM 640) referred to Whitney Houston as a ‘crack ho’. The two white dogs went on to say, “She finally died, what the hell took her so long.” Where are the same insults from Democrats?

I could go on and on about this, but the point is this, there is no comparison with the hatred being spewed by Republicans towards this Black President as opposed to the dislike displayed towards White Presidents by Democrats.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Whitney Houston

While the Whitney Houston family is in the midst of mourning the lost of a beloved family member; two white racist pigs, John Kobylt and Ken Chiampougo broadcasting on a Los Angeles radio station (KFI AM 640) referred to Whitney Houston as a ‘crack ho’. The two white dogs went on to say, “She finally died, what the hell took her so long.”

I promised members of my family that I would refrain from vulgar statements, but I got to say, it’s a hard thing to do.

What really pisses me off is that the majority of Black people are silent on matters such as this. Most Blacks are silent because they’re wary of what their white neighbors might think of them, or what their white co-workers may perceive how they accept them while they’re working side-by-side. Whatever the reason is, it’s a F’d up situation.

Blacks can continue to play the meek role as Rodney King put it, “can we all just get along.” Hell no! Not as long as the racist Governor of Arkansas, Jan Brewer meets the President and wags her finger in his face; as to say, “nigger you better stay in your place.”

Friday, January 27, 2012

National Black Republican Association

I don’t know how many Americans are aware of this, but we have this organization running around the country labeling themselves as the National Black Republican Association (NBRA). To my amazement, I discovered that these infinitesimal amount of Black people are more dangerous to Black people than the Klu Klux Klan.

Blacks who hold similar sentiments as NBRA members filed a ‘Class Action Racial Discrimination’ lawsuit against President Obama and Democrats, September 12, 2011, (case No. C11-1503) alleging the Democratic Party has consistently refused to apologize for the role they played in slavery and Jim Crow laws and other subsequent racist practices from 1792 to 2011. The lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit are Rev. Wayne Perryman and Mrs. Frances P. Rice, Chair of the NBRA.

What these ill-informed, ignorant UNCLE TOMS failed to mention or was just ignorant to the fact that after the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ successfully challenged ‘Jim Crow’ laws and forms of institutionalized racism, Democrats as a whole came to symbolize the mainstream left of the United States, Southern Democrats defected to the Republican Party which accelerated Republicans to transform the image of Dixiecrats. Republicans can try to put up a façade as though they’re the Party for Black people, but knowledgeable Americans know better.

Here’s the worse part, these brainwashed handful of coloreds follow their fellow Republicans and refuse to address the President as President Obama; they insist on addressing the President as Obama. These people are inflicted with slave mentality, if one of their White Republicans inform them that they’re feeling ill; the first thing come out of their mouth is, “Master we sick.”