Saturday, May 22, 2010

Texas Board of Education New Curriculum

Seems to me the Texas School Board is attempting to change history instead of educating our children. Before I begin my rant, I know many of you are probably saying, “I don’t live in Texas, why should I care about what the Texas School Board curriculum entail. A bit of history for the uninformed, because the state of Texas has 4.7 million public school students out of the 55 million nationwide, many textbook publishers adapt the textbooks after needs of Texas because they are one of the major buyers. In other words, as Texas go, so does the rest of the states when it comes to our children schooling curriculum is concerned. Ok, I tried to break it down so the dumbest person in the world can get it, if you still don’t get it, read on.

What’s happening is this, the Texas Board of Education is on a campaign to exclude certain things that definitely happened in the history of this country, and include certain things that might have happened. Example: The Texas School Board is excluding Dr. Martin Luther King’s memoirs during his time in jail while fighting for freedom for all; BLACK and WHITE. On the other hand, the Texas School Board is implementing Confederate President Jefferson Davis' inaugural address with a lesson on Abraham Lincoln's philosophical views. I know it seems as if I’m jumping back and forth, but for the readers of this article to get the real picture, I got to put it to you as it is. Another example: The Texas Board of Education voted to allow students to disavow the long standing law of Separation of Church and State; I know this definitely made all of you Bible toters happy.

Let me get straight to the point, I’m angrier at Black people far more than White people. I would say hide your kids, because I’m getting ready to rant. But for most of you ignorant mother-fuckers, perhaps you should allow your children to read this; it’s apparent the grown-ups didn’t get it, because if you did, your children wouldn’t be so fucked-up.

One thing I one hundred percent agree with the Texas Board of Education and totally disagree with the liberals on this subject. Some liberal people on the board had a problem with using our President full name (Barack Hussein Obama) in the curriculum. I for one would be proud to use his full name, here’s why, for once in the history of this country, people of color have a person representing them without a slave name.

If people of color don’t get on the band-wagon to show their support for the first President of color, like the Teabaggers got on the band-wagon against the first President of color, then none of you punk mother-fuckers should have no complaints about anything. Like I said before, if I was a White man, I would enslave your punk Black asses, simply because you stupid NIGGERS accept being second class citizens.