Friday, January 16, 2015

The Movie ‘Selma

After watching Selma, it kinda made me proud to be Black in America. The reason I used the word kinda, is because I’m not all the way there yet. When I watch what’s happening in today’s society in America, the movie depicts something a world apart from what’s taking place today.

As a person raised in the South in the early 1950s’, I witnessed things that let me know America has progressed in a big way since those days; however, the journey still have a long way to go.

Since Barack Hussein Obama became President, race relations in America have deteriorated. This deterioration by know means is the fault of President Obama, this deterioration became prevalent because the acts of a few who just couldn't live with the fact that a Black man is living in the White House.

During the push for equal rights for every American to vote, the majority of Americans were down with that; Whites stood shoulder to shoulder with Blacks. However, there are some today trying to turn the wheels of progress backwards.

I believe one of the most important actions that can bring this backward progress to an immediate halt, is for Black people to focus more on derailing Black on Black crime.

Let me go a little deeper on why I used the phrase, “I’m kinda proud to be Black in America.” I see White people participating in, and using racists terms and not cognizant of their actions. I see Black people not mindful that they are participating in acts, and saying things allowing Whites to believe that they accept themselves as second class citizens.

I believe if we as a people, I’m talking Blacks and Whites can come up with a dialog to respect the right to agree to either of us disagreeing; I think we can brake through this level of hate that a few have been successful at.