Thursday, January 30, 2014

Atlanta Snow Storm

People are outraged because the Mayor and other government officials in Atlanta Georgia didn't act fast enough to keep their citizens everyday life flowing normally, so they wouldn't be stranded because of a snow storm. Think about that for a minute; now think about Georgia being one of the core states of ‘Tea Party’ members.

The Tea Party is this group preponderated by mostly racist whites and brainwashed people of color. These people are stanch believers that government should not play a role in their way of life. Here’s what I want to know, when Atlanta’s government officials finally made the decision to send government workers to rescue people stranded because of the snow storm; how many Tea Party members turned the government rescuers away because they don’t want government help? I think it’s a fair question.

With the troubles Governor Chris Christy are experiencing in New Jersey with the Bridgegate scandal, we all knew it wouldn't be long before the powers that be would find a Black government official (Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta) to blame hardships of the snow storm Atlanta’s citizens experienced.

I know some will ask, “Why everything got to be about race with you?” I think it’s a fair question, and the person or people asking, deserve an answer. The answer is this, pretty much everything in America today is about race, ask the first Black President of the United States of America. I doubt if the President would answer, but if he didn't have to play the role of President of all the people and hindered by having to be political correct; he would tell you the exact same thing.

I would be shocked and amazed if any of the media pundits make the distinction between the bridge shut down in New Jersey, and the snow storm in Atlanta; people are asking who should be held accountable for both.

The majority of the time in our society, we have the tendency to over-think a simple solution. The New Jersey incident was man made, the Atlanta incident was an act of nature. Could both incidents could have been dealt with better, of course, everything could be dealt with better when it’s analyzed after the fact.

I sure wish all of these accountability questions would have came up when no ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ were found in Iraq; and the worst economic disaster that most of us experienced in our life time occurred.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why I hate Democrats

Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and other conservative Democrats (Blue Dogs Democrats) always go on camera and have something to say disparaging about President Obama.

When asked about the President’s comments on Executive Orders, Sen. Manchin replied, “I wish the President hadn’t said it so forceful, he made it seem like it was his way or the highway.” The problem I have with Sen. Manchin is the gutless coward failed to take into consideration that President Obama has used the Executive Order less than any President in history. Democrats do far more damage to President Obama than any Tea Party Republican.

Republicans are branding the Seahawks defensive player Richard Sherman a thug for showing exuberance after the victory over the 49ers. I’m not surprised, the same racist pigs and a few Uncle Tom niggers called Travon Martin a thug.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) threatened a reporter with bodily harm after the SOTU speech for asking a question about him being investigated for fund-raising violations; not one Republican or Democrat brand him as a thug. If being excited after a big win and being murdered by a racist skin head deems one a thug, I can understand why so many punks feared Tupac Shakur (2 Pac). I hate Democrats.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R- OK) Invites Charles Woods to SOTU Speech

Charles Woods is the father of Ty Woods, one of the Navy Seals killed during the attack on the American Consulate September 11, 2011 in Benghazi, Libya.

As a Vietnam Marine veteran, I believe it’s a good thing Rep. Bridenstine is honoring the former Navy Seal by inviting his father to the State Of The Union Address. However, Rep. Bridenstine has ulterior motives and their all about politics. The Congressman antics are all about sending a political message about the President and Mrs. Clinton dropping the ball in Benghazi.

Rep. Bridenstine is using the tragic death of Ty Woods to push a failed despicable Republican agenda. How about this Congressman, take one or perhaps a few of the more than 4,500 men and women troops who died in Iraq survivors to the George Bush library. Anybody wonder why Rep. Bridenstine or any other Republicans are not demanding someone to be held responsible for the lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq; the silence on that one is deafening.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Is it the NSA or Just Obama Haters

All of a sudden all of the supposedly Civil Libertarians are complaining about the NSA eavesdropping on their phone conversations, emails, or anything else these people consider their privacy. Where was all this concern about violating your privacy when George Bush was President? Oh well, as usual it’s a Black thing; some people will complain about any and everything President Obama does. They just can’t accept the fact it’s a Black man living in the White House.

The majority of these people have no problem going on the internet and placing everything they ever thought of on some social media site, but got a problem with their so called personal business being inadvertently picked up by the government while trying to keep these fools from being blown into another world.

It’s amazing how some White people have the audacity to entertain the thought that the majority of Black people voted for Obama just because he’s Black. Just for conversation, say we did, those White people fail to realize from George Washington to George Bush; Black people didn't have a choice but to vote for a White man, this time we had a choice and we chose the Black guy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hesitant to Vote Democrat

There are numerous reasons not to vote for any Democrat; but here are just a few:

Democrats say Bridgegate, Republicans say Benghazi; after that, Democrats say nothing. Here’s the problem with Democrats, for some reason Democrats refuse to feed.

Every time Republicans say anything about Benghazi, the IRS targeting Conservatives, Iraq, and/or “If you like your Health Plan, you can keep it”; every Democrat should be shouting at the top of their collective lungs, “What about ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ (WMD) in Iraq”, and George Bush declaring, “Mission Accomplished” aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. That will never happen because Democrats refuse to grow balls.

Charles Krauthammer of Fox News went on a rant about how it’s President Obama’s fault because Iraq is out of control, mainly because the President withdrew troops from Iraq. Every cowardly Democrat should be reminding Mr. Krauthammer, if it wasn't for him and his Republican cohorts lying about WMD; Iraq being out of control wouldn't be an immediate problem for any American. Democrats are too gutless to tell the truth about it’s because of Republicans why thousands of our troops died in Iraq.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Bill O’Reilly of Fox News is on a campaign to stop the legalization of marijuana. I’m not gonna sit here and vilify the guy because of his ignorance; all of us should understand that ignorance only mean that a person just don’t know. What that mean is all of us have experienced some form of ignorance during our inhaling and exhaling on earth.

Here’s a simple way to negate the ignorance out of this conversation.

Allow the chemists at the University of California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, or any place that you think or know got knowledge of the subject matter to do a study of the ingredients in marijuana, cigarettes, liquor, cocaine, and heroin; and I’m willing to bet marijuana got the least harmful ingredients.

Articles of Impeachment

Brand new year and the Obama haters are out in full force; these complete fools are campaigning for the impeachment of President Obama. Why would Republican Tea Party members in 2014 campaign for the impeachment of the first Black President; if you didn’t know, keep reading you’ll know.

President Obama should be impeached because he didn’t bring Democrats and Republicans together like he campaigned on; nope, that aint it.

President Obama should be impeached because he chose Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State; nope, that aint it.

President Obama should be impeached because he allowed Senator Max Baucus to cave and give Republicans everything they wanted in the negotiations of the Affordable Care Act; nope, that aint it.

President Obama should be impeached because he didn’t fight hard enough for single payer in the negotiations of the Affordable Care Act; nope, that aint it.

President Obama should be impeached because he didn’t provide enough protection at the Embassy in Benghzi; nope, that aint it.

President Obama should be impeached because he gave the ok to the Navy Seals to take Osama Bin Laden out; nope, that aint it.

President Obama should be impeached because Republicans and all of their white trash followers just can’t accept the fact that a Black man and his family live in the White House; that’s it, period, point stop.

I don’t have a problem with the white haters, my brain tied up in a Boy Scout knot trying to figure out how organizations like Fox News roll through their rolodex, and pick the perfect UNCLE TOM to show up on nation wide TV to carry their weight when it comes to maligning President Obama.

I need somebody to tell me how those nothing NIGGERS sleep at night and/or look at themselves in the mirror.


If President Obama allows any of our ground troops to go to Iraq, he should be impeached. The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki refused to share power with Sunnis, and now it’s a full blown revolt.

Guess who made it possible for this fool to be in power, the shot callers of America. Now we have Senators campaigning to send troops to Iraq to bail this dam fool out. None of our brave men and women should have to contribute a drop of blood to give solace to those who got everything wrong with the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ that wasn’t there.

Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham yelling about how Al-Qaida has taken over the Province of Anbar, and controlling the streets of Falllujah, those two Senators should be praying and thinking the fools who voted for them that Al-Qaida don’t control the streets of New York City.

Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham need to retire and let new young brains bring things to the table that aren’t out-dated.

Iraq Is Blowing Up

People like Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham want to blame the degrading of Iraq on President Obama. Aren't these the Senators that sent our men and women to Iraq based on a lie under President George Bush; how in the fuck all of sudden it’s President Obama fault because Iraq is fucked up today?

I already know what’s gonna piss me off, I’m gonna see UNCLE TOM niggers go on Fox News and say George Bush was right with his decision on Iraq.

Everybody knows why John McCain mad every time he looks in the mirror, the crazy cracker made history when Barack Obama made history. John McCain made history because he is the first White man lost to a Black man for President.

Iraq is fucked up today because people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham campaigned on an outright lie. If John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to get Iraq straight, tell them old muthafuckers to send their children and grandchildren to Iraq. If they’re unwilling to do that, then somebody needs to tell both of those old pieces of White trash to shut the fuck up.

Iraq is fucked up today because of the people who hate on President Obama everyday.

Unemployment wouldn't be at the level it is today if poor White trash didn’t hate on President Obama.

WalMart wouldn't have to have a food drive for their employees if the haters didn’t hate President Obama.

The good paying jobs wouldn't be on the other side of ocean if the haters didn’t hate President Obama; just because I can’t lie about it, President Clinton share blame for that also.

If the haters didn't hate on our President, everybody life would be better. The only reason working men and women coming up short on things that keep a family flowing is because haters hate on President Obama.

There shouldn't be no reason in this GOD given world that a man and a woman go to work everyday and have to choose between putting food on the table or heating the house so their children can stay warm or be hungry; if that aint fucked up, then tell me what is fucked up.

I promised my sister and my son I wouldn't use vulgar language no more in my postings, but I’m mad about shit GOD should be mad about right now.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bible Toters

Please allow me to say up-front; I have no problems with those who hold their beliefs close to their heart. I got a problem with people trying to force what they think is true on others that is nothing more than a theory. All of us know, and if you don’t know you should know a theory is something in your brain that hasn't been proven.

I deal with facts and facts only, if your brain doesn't have the capacity to know how to differentiate facts from theorist thoughts; stop reading now and go do things light weights do. Only mental heavy weights are invited to share in this conversation; thoroughbreds only, swayback nags need not to apply.

Bible Toters, when I look at things that happen in real time that change real people lives at that particular moment; faith is out the window, you got to come up with something to turn your negative to positive. The only people know how to do that are heavy hitters, trail me close; I need this to stick to your brain.

Heavy hitters are those who know for a fact what light weights feel when they feel pain. Here’s why it’s a fact, heavy weights has already witnessed pain up-close and in person. When a heavy weight come to your rescue, this is not something that person read in a book; this is something the heavy weight is sharing with you that He/She lived in real life so you don’t bump your head in the same place you bumped your head yesterday.

Here’s the point, if you know something for a fact can’t anybody take that away from you. However, if you believe in something that you haven’t touched, smelled, or tasted; you’re dealing with a theory; you’re placing your life in the hands of your faith. If that’s how you want to inhale and exhale, then do what you do to make your life comfortable to you.

I’m not sitting here questioning GOD, my brain is trying to see how religion and science can fit in the society we live in today.

Critical thinkers will see my point; light weights will probably try to turn it into an argument.

Do whatcha do.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brand New Year

Just because it’s a new year, that doesn’t mean your dumb ass got to act like you’re new. This is a time for all of the fake people to get real about what your dumb asses procrastinated about what you should’ve done last year.

This is the year (2014) to do big things for yourself and the people you proclaim you care about.

This is the time to run on tracks set forth for thoroughbreds, and let swayback knags know there is no need to apply.

This is the time to tell yourself that you refuse to allow anybody and anything to be an obstacle to stand in your way to reach the goals in your life that you know will place you in a state of mental, physical, and moral comfort with the person in the mirror.

The Defense Rest Your Honor!!!