Thursday, January 30, 2014

Atlanta Snow Storm

People are outraged because the Mayor and other government officials in Atlanta Georgia didn't act fast enough to keep their citizens everyday life flowing normally, so they wouldn't be stranded because of a snow storm. Think about that for a minute; now think about Georgia being one of the core states of ‘Tea Party’ members.

The Tea Party is this group preponderated by mostly racist whites and brainwashed people of color. These people are stanch believers that government should not play a role in their way of life. Here’s what I want to know, when Atlanta’s government officials finally made the decision to send government workers to rescue people stranded because of the snow storm; how many Tea Party members turned the government rescuers away because they don’t want government help? I think it’s a fair question.

With the troubles Governor Chris Christy are experiencing in New Jersey with the Bridgegate scandal, we all knew it wouldn't be long before the powers that be would find a Black government official (Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta) to blame hardships of the snow storm Atlanta’s citizens experienced.

I know some will ask, “Why everything got to be about race with you?” I think it’s a fair question, and the person or people asking, deserve an answer. The answer is this, pretty much everything in America today is about race, ask the first Black President of the United States of America. I doubt if the President would answer, but if he didn't have to play the role of President of all the people and hindered by having to be political correct; he would tell you the exact same thing.

I would be shocked and amazed if any of the media pundits make the distinction between the bridge shut down in New Jersey, and the snow storm in Atlanta; people are asking who should be held accountable for both.

The majority of the time in our society, we have the tendency to over-think a simple solution. The New Jersey incident was man made, the Atlanta incident was an act of nature. Could both incidents could have been dealt with better, of course, everything could be dealt with better when it’s analyzed after the fact.

I sure wish all of these accountability questions would have came up when no ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ were found in Iraq; and the worst economic disaster that most of us experienced in our life time occurred.

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