Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Breathing While Black in Florida

When you take things into consideration, I know for a fact a man like me can not play the role of Travon Martin father. Before I say another word, by no means my point is to try to disparage a man who lost a son. I refuse to act like I understand how Travon Martin dad feels; I’ve never lost a child, which makes me a light weight in this subject matter.

Here’s what I think what I would do, take notice that I said think; which means I think and/or believe what I would do if I was burdened with the fact a person murdered my son because he got caught breathing while BLACK. I said all that to say this, if Travon was my son, there is no way the murderer of my son can be somewhere and I know where that person is; and that person is still breathing, aint gonna happen.

It’s a new White murderer on the block, Mr. Michael David Dunn murdered 17-year-old Jordan Davis because Mr. Dunn didn’t like the way the young Mr. Davis was kicking the lyrics with his music. Take a minute and think about this shit, a young Black man was murdered because a White man didn’t like the music Mr. Davis was playing.

I’m mad as shit about this, but you know what; I’m angrier with Black people most of all. I’m trying to figure out why Black people are not outraged about this. What does it have to take for you bitch NIGGERS to say enough is enough; I’m talking about Black men staying silent on shit while these racists’ dogs murder our children.

I can understand when people say, “I just don’t want to get involved.” I gotcha little ity bity point, but here’s what I don’t understand; It’s inconceivable to me to understand a man with a child aint head gasket hot about the shit that’s transpiring right in front of our face.

I’m outraged the way certain White people disrespect the first Black President, for some reason Black people aint mad about that. The outright haters have gotten to the point to be so bold to say, “The nothing NIGGERS aint gonna say nothing about the way we disrespect their Black President, let’s just go murder their male children so another NIGGER will be too scared to be a President.”

If Black men aint mad about this shit, I got to say, I’m ashamed to be a part of the Black race. It’s hard for me to understand how the strongest specie on earth can accept being second to anything living or dead.

One thing I’ve noticed about us (Black Men), we as strong men are far too quick to accept failure as an obstacle to see it’s just a speed bump and not an overwhelming mountain of whatever in life we as strong people can’t get there.

When the first Black President ran on a campaign of “Yes We Can” I was saying, “Yes we got to.” I said that because I knew if we don’t, our children can’t.

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