Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tea Party Republicans Newest Uncle Tom

Dr. Ben Carson ( has run a successful campaign to become the newest Uncle Tom NIGGER to carry the flag for racist pigs. I've talked to knowledgeable Black people who actually feel sorry for Dr. Carson, I understand where they’re coming from; but for me, I refuse to give a person with intellect the benefit of any doubt while choosing to stay stupid.

The only people of color the Tea Party Republican racist dogs have been successful in their narrow recruitment campaign are people of color who hate GOD because they wasn't born white.

I’ll be the first person to give Dr. Carson the utmost respect for his academic and medical achievements. However, I would be the first to point out Dr. Carson’s shortcomings for allowing himself to be brainwashed by the likes of Heritage Foundation’s Evan Sayet ( Responsible Black men need to speak out on our views about such people; if not for ourselves, at least do it for our younger generation.

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