Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Fox News IS NOT Championing Michael Dunn

Everybody knows, or should know that Fox News played a much more superior role than the ineptness of the prosecution team and the jury in the outcome of the verdict in the murder trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Travon Martin.

We all remember how Fox News aired countless interviews with Zimmerman before the trial informing the public of how he acted in self-defense and feared for his life while armed with a gun, weighing-in at close to 200 pounds or better, and having to fight for his life with an unarmed 158 pound Travon Martin.

George Zimmerman’s defense team would have been complete fools to place their client in a position to be cross-examined by the prosecution when Fox News has done all the testifying for Zimmerman; the prosecution can introduce Zimmerman’s interview to the jury, but they can’t cross-examine an interview.

Fox News will not and can not replicate the shenanigans with Michael Dunn they portrayed before and during George Zimmerman’s trial. As racist as the crowd at Fox News are, even they realized Michael Dunn was too stupid to save.

Fox News came to the conclusion with the swiftness that they have a guy who not only fired a weapon in public with innocent citizens present, but continued to fire his weapon at a fleeing vehicle; what a dumb ass.

Here’s the real reason why Fox News can’t be this murderer savior, Michael Dunn after breaking all civil codes of ‘Discharging a Fire Arm in Public’ the first phone call the stupid ass made was to a Pizza Parlor.

The KKK wouldn't defend this guy (Michael Dunn). Don’t get it twisted, Fox News and the KKK wouldn't hesitate to defend this racist pig if they believe this sub-human dog would be beneficial to their misguided causes.

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