Monday, June 28, 2010

President Obama Strategy on Afghanistan

Recently there have been pundits in the media and Congress questioning President Obama’s strategy in regards to the war in Afghanistan; especially since the Rolling Stone article about General Stanley McChrystal. President Obama has stated July, 2011 we will begin a gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan. But yet we have pundits from every spectrum with their own agenda. I’m talking about Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and now, yes we have the Tea-Party.

From my perspective, I think the President will make a drastic mistake if he tries to appease all of these people. I know the President is a sharp guy, but sometimes the sharpest of people allow themselves to be overwhelmed by trying to win the crowd, instead of staying the course and paying attention to priorities.

Here’s something for all of you who want the President to pull all of the combat troops out of Afghanistan immediately, and those of you who want the President to stay in Afghanistan until victory is declared.

Let’s start with those of you who want the President to get out now. Say for instance we just up and leave Afghanistan today, or gradually draw down. Once we leave, what will keep the Taliban and Al-Qaeda from regenerating and doing a do-over of 9/11? I don’t know the answer to that, and I’m sure neither does you; so until you come up with a viable answer, shut the fuck up.

To those of you who want to just fight on until we achieve victory, I’ve heard all of the talking heads talk about what victory will look like. Forget about what you think victory will look like, think about this. I wrote an article approximately two years ago about how the same troops are going on three and four tours back and forth to war zones. As a Vietnam Veteran (9th Marines, 3rd Marines Division) I feel I’ve earned the right to speak this way. If you honestly believe we should fight until we in somebody eye perceive we can get to victory; then I say bring back the draft. There is no way one half of one percent of the population of this country should be sacrificing their life and neglecting their family for the rest of us. Those of you who campaign to fight on until victory, but don’t campaign for the draft; you’re bull-shitting yourself, and others who listen to the bull-shit you’re advocating.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

President Obama’s Approval Numbers are Dropping, and the Oil Spill is Rising and Getting Worst

The President approval rating is dropping at a rapid pace, while the Gulf oil spill is spreading into Florida. If we listen to the pundits at MCNBC (Chris Matthews and his guests), Fox News (Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity), CNN (Anderson Cooper and John King), and other talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, one would think President Obama came up with some kind of sinister plan to make sure the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) didn’t work, and caused the oil spill just because he had something against the people who live and work on the Gulf Of Mexico.

I haven’t heard but two people say something that made sense that actually said something that placed the oil spill and the President’s role in this into proper prospective. The two people I’m speaking of are Fareed Zakaria and Bill O’Reilly; I was really taken aback when I heard Bill O’Reilly ask the question, “What more could the President have done to stop the oil spill?”

With the President’s job approval ratings dropping, I sit back and wonder, does any of you out there remember when the Republicans proclaimed, “If President Obama fail we win.” But yet, some poles show that Americans rather have Republicans in charge of Congress instead of Democrats. I already know why that is, Republicans just want the President to fail, and the Blue Dog Democrats did everything to side with Republicans when it came to Health Care Reform. Why is it that we have Conservative Democrats (Blue Dog Democrats), and none, absolutely not one Liberal Republican? Are the Democrats this dumb, or they just don’t know when they’re being played?

Today (06/24/2010) Republicans voted down the extension of unemployment checks to millions of Americans for the eighth time, but most of Americans, according to pole numbers would like to have Republicans running things. We have Republicans like Rep. Joe Barton apologizing to BP because the President negotiated a deal with BP to put $20 Billion up to help the people who have lost their lively-hood because of the oil spill. But yet we have the majority of Americans, according to the poles would rather have Republicans running things instead of Democrats.

For some reason, the people who would rather have the Republicans running things instead of the Democrats; evidently don’t know the Republicans are the people who got us in the mess we’re in today. I wonder did any of the pole takers, pole any of the millions of Americans who will lose there unemployment benefits because the Republicans voted against it, because Republicans deemed unemployment as WELFARE? Democrats will need every Democrat to vote this November, even those who have never voted in a mid-term election. If that doesn’t happen, we are probably looking at President Obama as a one term President.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Will The Real Supporters of President Barack Hussein Obama Stand Up?

This is not for those of you who suffer with faint of heart, this is for critical thinkers only; so slow muther-fuckers get the fuck out of the way.

Two questions, when and how are you bitch as punk muther-fuckers gonna stand-up? The silence from the supposedly Obama supporters is deafening. We have members of Congress apologizing to BP because the President did something for the people who are suffering because BP fucked-up.

We have members of the Black Caucus complaining about the President haven’t done enough for the inner-city Blacks who are suffering because of the iron hands of White people.

We have the AFL-CIO complaining about the President haven’t done enough to appease union members.

We have members of the GAY community complaining about the President haven’t done enough about, “Don’t ask don’t tell.”

We have members of the Hispanic community complaining about the President haven’t done enough to address their concerns.

We have weak ass muther-fuckers thinking the only way they can get ahead in life is to fall on their knees and ask GOD for it. Some time you ignorant dumb muther-fuckers need to get the fuck up and do something on your own. It ain't the President fault becuase you fucked up.

We got people who are willing to strap bombs on themselves to kill us; but yet stupid muther-fuckers have the nerve to ask the question, “Why those people hate us so much?” Then you have an even dumber muther-fucker like Glenn Beck answer those stupid muther-fuckers and say, “They hate the freedom we enjoy in America.” Yeah right, like the terrorists who bombed churches while little girls were attending Sunday school; is that the fucking freedom you racist muther-fuckers are talking about?

We have networks like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, and numerous radio idiots saying dumb shit like, “when is the President going to take charge and clean the oil spill up.” A week before the oil spill, these same stupid muther-fuckers was campaigning about keeping the government out of any and everything. Any clear thinking person would say, “these muther-fuckers are schizo.

I could talk about the teabaggers and the White people who voted for the President and woke up the next morning and asked the person who slept next to them, “Did I actually vote for a NIGGER yesterday?” But fuck them; they don’t even deserve a response to their ignorance.

I could go on and on about you scared ass NIGGERS who talked down about Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, and other people of color who stood up for their rights while the rest of you bitch NIGGERS set down and acted as if you was sedated. And muther-fuckers have the nerve to ask me, “JD why are you so damn mad about shit.”

I’m mad because people of color accept their status; I can’t fight no fucking one man army. You silly muther-fuckers sit on your worn out sofa watching White people coming to rallies against the President with guns. These people are manning up and gunning up to take anybody of color in their blood out; shit Hitler did it. OK, no more fucking sweet talk. I hate to say this, but some time people of color make me think about a person who sit on the fucking TV and watch the sofa; that’s how dumb you muther-fuckers act some time.

If people of color don’t stand up for what they believe in, there’s only one answer; you ignorant muther-fuckers will become slaves once again while the minority of people rule your dumb asses by mind control. All I see today are Blacks doing Black on Black crime, it’s as if you stupid muther-fuckers went to the store and asked for bullets labeled with Blacks only to kill. Am I the only person to notice that people of color need to step-up to the plate and let our younger men and women know that we can settle disputes with each other with out killing each other? How long do we have to stay dumb, do we have to become extinct like the damn buffalo; ask the American Indians?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

President Barack Hussein Obama And The Magic Wand

President Obama comes out on the front lawn of the White House, and appears to have a Moses like wand in his hand; and all of a sudden he exclaims while waving the wand, "Behold! Oil spill in the Gulf begone!!!" To the astonishment of the media and the dismay of the Teabaggers, the Gulf waters became pristine immediately. I know it's fiction, but it's also fiction when these same racists bastards campaign about they don't want government involved into anything. On the flip side, these same racists bastards are campaigning for the government to take over BP and clean up the oil spill. These schizophrenics want to have their cake and eat-it to.

Where do I start, the reason I'm contemplating is because I know the light weights gonna get it twisted. With that said, it’s time to vent; I already know some of you will say DAM! “What the hell is REAL TALK mad about now.” To keep it short and simple, I’m mad because I don’t see any Black people stepping up to the plate to take a swing at what’s really keeping us as second class citizens. Now that I've tried to break it down so the dumbest MUTHER-FUCKER in class can get it, let me get rough and raw.

Black people, when the sharpest, smartest, the most articulate President we ever had in the history of this country serve out his EIGHT years of serving us as our President; NIGGERS gonna suffer. I already know the light weights reading this, are saying to themselves, “What the hell is REAL TALK talking about.” Boots lacing time!

I see Teabaggers marching up and down the streets of America everyday complaining about any and everything. On the flip side, I don’t see any Black people marching in behalf of our President. The point is this, closed mouths don’t get fed. Speaking out to let people know how I really feel, I already know some of you punk MUTHER-FUCKERS are saying, “I don’t want to be associated with him, some KKK member or an Arian Nation person can take him out at any minute.” Unlike the rest of you cowards, I’m willing to die for what I believe in. Real men suppose to stand up and pee, all I see these days are NIGGERS sitting down. We need real soldiers to step up to the plate, that's the only way we will be successful as a people.

We as Black people sat silent while a fag MUTHER-FUCKER by the name of J. Edgar Hoover gave the order to murder any Black Panther member you see. Oh yeah, we’ll look at the media Black and White clips when the Panthers was strapped; but nobody will not mention the fact that those same brothers created the Head Start program. These Brothers fed under privileged children, and our elder citizens; but yet you punk MUTHER-FUCKERS sit on the side line silent.

I could go on and on about why I’m mad or pissed off, or what ever phrase another punk MUTHER-FUCKER want to use. My question is this, why in the FUCK Black people are so scary. I’ll end with this, if I was White, I would enslave your Black dumb ignorant ass. The reason why, because as a White person; I know your punk bitch ass will accept it.