Thursday, June 24, 2010

President Obama’s Approval Numbers are Dropping, and the Oil Spill is Rising and Getting Worst

The President approval rating is dropping at a rapid pace, while the Gulf oil spill is spreading into Florida. If we listen to the pundits at MCNBC (Chris Matthews and his guests), Fox News (Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity), CNN (Anderson Cooper and John King), and other talking heads like Rush Limbaugh, one would think President Obama came up with some kind of sinister plan to make sure the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) didn’t work, and caused the oil spill just because he had something against the people who live and work on the Gulf Of Mexico.

I haven’t heard but two people say something that made sense that actually said something that placed the oil spill and the President’s role in this into proper prospective. The two people I’m speaking of are Fareed Zakaria and Bill O’Reilly; I was really taken aback when I heard Bill O’Reilly ask the question, “What more could the President have done to stop the oil spill?”

With the President’s job approval ratings dropping, I sit back and wonder, does any of you out there remember when the Republicans proclaimed, “If President Obama fail we win.” But yet, some poles show that Americans rather have Republicans in charge of Congress instead of Democrats. I already know why that is, Republicans just want the President to fail, and the Blue Dog Democrats did everything to side with Republicans when it came to Health Care Reform. Why is it that we have Conservative Democrats (Blue Dog Democrats), and none, absolutely not one Liberal Republican? Are the Democrats this dumb, or they just don’t know when they’re being played?

Today (06/24/2010) Republicans voted down the extension of unemployment checks to millions of Americans for the eighth time, but most of Americans, according to pole numbers would like to have Republicans running things. We have Republicans like Rep. Joe Barton apologizing to BP because the President negotiated a deal with BP to put $20 Billion up to help the people who have lost their lively-hood because of the oil spill. But yet we have the majority of Americans, according to the poles would rather have Republicans running things instead of Democrats.

For some reason, the people who would rather have the Republicans running things instead of the Democrats; evidently don’t know the Republicans are the people who got us in the mess we’re in today. I wonder did any of the pole takers, pole any of the millions of Americans who will lose there unemployment benefits because the Republicans voted against it, because Republicans deemed unemployment as WELFARE? Democrats will need every Democrat to vote this November, even those who have never voted in a mid-term election. If that doesn’t happen, we are probably looking at President Obama as a one term President.

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