Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Republican Debates

I watched the debate tonight (November 22, 2011). One has to come to the conclusion that the majority of Americans are complete fools if they buy into the rhetoric and ignorance the Republicans are trying to push. The more debates the candidates for the Republicans have, the more the American public should view these people are nothing more than puppets on a stage performing for their corporate masters. If we as a people allow these court jesters to get away with their pathetic performances, we deserve what we get.

Before I go any farther I got to let Democrats know, especially those who deem themselves staunch President Obama loyal supporters (notice I addressed our President as President Obama) need to stop bowing down to the media and Republicans acting like Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska). I could go on and on talking about this piece of garbage faking as a Democrat (Senator Ben Nelson D-Nebraska), but the few of us who are true to our President need to get on to better things and leave this piece of trash on the ground.

One thing everybody should know, there’s no secret why the Tea Party and Republicans just outright hate this President; it’s as plain to me as White and Black. The sprinkling of the brainwashed coloreds in the Tea Party just happen to be something the ‘The Queen of the Underground Railroad’ had to deal with.

This President (President Obama) has proven he’s above viable when it comes to foreign affairs, but yet the haters on the Republican side degrade our President and continuously call him Obama; and worst Mr. Obama, these haters (racists) refuse to acknowledge this man as Mr. President. Let’s switch the script and touch on the ‘Occupy Wall Street and the 99% protesters.”

When I watched the University of California police pepper spraying the students for exercising their civil rights to protest in a peaceful manner it brought back memories of the Kent State University students protesting against the Vietnam War. For those of you who don’t know, or to busy trying to be popular with your little clicks; May 4, 1970 our National Guard, who was created to protect the citizens of this country, opened fire and massacred students for exercising their civil rights.

I’m pissed because Democrats are talking under the radar, and Republicans and the Tea Party are boisterous about how the ‘Occupiers and the 99%’ need to bathe and get a job. There’s no sense in me trying to lie about it, I’m ashamed to appendage myself to the cowardly Democrat Party.

It’s a reason why the majority of Americans view Democrats as weak, Republicans are throwing bombs and the cowardly Democrats are throwing rocks. No doubt about it, it’s going to take strong people to stand-up to these people, Republicans are devout in their beliefs, they’re willing to kill for what they believe in; take a look at the abortion doctors that have been murdered for the right of a woman to choose (Roe V. Wade). Democrats bow down and are willing to negotiate with people who don’t want to negotiate.

Please allow me to get rough and raw before I close. It’s time for Democrats to show some balls and stop caving to Republicans, stand-up for what you believe in, the real “LIBERALS” got your back.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

President Barack Obama and the Pretenders

Give me a minute, I’m trying to figure out how can I put it to light weights without them taking it personal what I’m about to say, or hurting their little fragile feelings. With that said, I already know I’m gonna step on some toes; but man up and woman up, and take this dose of mental medicine, just might learn something.

I’m a start with the Latino community, you guys need to stop going on nation wide TV complaining about Obama hasn’t upheld his campaign promise to bring undocumented people out of the shadows.

I watch supposedly representatives of the Latino community on TV allowing White people to talk to them like they got a tail between their legs. I challenge any Latino spokesperson the next time a White person question their legitimacy to be in this country, to challenge their legitimacy to be here.

I wasn’t around back in the day, but I’m willing to bet any and everything that the true Americans asked the indentured servants (White people) why are you here, and asked them to leave because they’re here illegally? It amazes me how people who were banished from England, came to America uninvited, and got the audacity to question another people legitimacy to be in this country.

President Obama got ‘Women’s Rights’ groups complaining about he hasn’t done enough in behalf of their cause.

The President got the ‘Gay Community’ complaining about how he hasn’t kept his campaign promise to them.

The ‘Congressional Black Caucus’ got their panties in-a-bunch complaining about how the President haven’t done enough for the Black community.

We got people like myself pissed-off at the President for continuously trying to negotiate with people who have vowed to do any and everything to make sure his Presidency fail. This is equivalent to a run away slave trying to negotiate with a slave owner after being captured.

Here’s what I’m perplexed about, the President made no campaign promises to the ‘Native American’ community; and they’re the only people not complaining.

After all of the negativity bouncing off the President’s brain, we have the ‘Tea Baggers’ and the outright racists hating the President just because he’s a NIGGER who doesn’t know his place.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Comparing Common Sense to Disrespect

To any and everybody I was wrong, for some stupid reason I had this phantom belief that Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith were the only true people at Fox News who tried to uphold the lie that Fox News was ‘Fair and Balanced’.

The Sunday morning talk show Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace proved to me that not only is Fox News not ‘Fair and Balanced’ they’re rude and crude. I disagree with 99.99% of everything Congresswoman Michele Bachmann believe in, but I disagree 100% of anybody disrespecting someone just to upgrade their ratings.

When Chris Wallace asked Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are you’re a flake, it let the world know exactly where Fox News is coming from, and I don’t like the woman; but I dislike people disrespecting people even more. And then trying to clean it up a week later with a statement, “I messed up” was really ‘FLAKY’.

For those of you who aren’t paying attention, this is the second week in a row Mr. Wallace has ‘Messed Up’; he messed up big time trying to match wits with Jon Stewart. When Jon Stewart put it to Mr. Wallace rough and raw and told the world that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed people who ever watched any news show; the only people who was in shock and awe was the misinformed Fox News viewers. Everybody else said, “tell the truth and shame the devil.”

Those of you who are not convinced at this point, the only thing you have to do is wake-up early one morning and tune in to cspan’s Washington Journal call-in show, any complete fool can differentiate the Fox News viewers from the rest of the non-brainwashed people.

Anybody who believe word for word what Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity say day after day got to be a misguided fool.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner and the Democrat Party Leadership

What Anthony Weiner did was childish and foolish; any Representative should know his/her game should have been tighter than that. Regardless of how any of us felt about Weiner’s actions, the people Anthony Weiner represents should have decided his political fate. I’m a firm believer that the same people who voted him into office should have the opportunity to vote him out of office.

I’ve been a stanch Democrat my entire adult life, but I’ve never felt so disillusioned towards my party as I am today. There have been issues that definitely disappointed me in the past, such as our leadership caving on the ‘Single Payer’ provision in the Health Care Bill.

I was frustrated when President Obama signed a bill cutting taxes for the rich, even though taxes are at its lowest since the 1970’s.

When Republican Governors initiated their Union busting tactics in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan, thousands flooded the streets in protest. It took weeks for any Democrat in a leadership position to speak out against those Governors tactics.

If we go by the way the debates are going in the House and Senate, it wouldn’t be far fetched to believe Democrats will cave on deregulating the Financial Institutions, which led to the worst economic climate since the 1930’s.

The straw that broke the camel back for me that led to my decision not to involve myself in politics this political season was the way my Democrat Leaders treated Anthony Weiner. As I said earlier, Anthony Weiner’s actions were childish and foolish, but not impeachable in my opinion. David Vitter broke the law by soliciting prostitutes; there wasn’t an outcry for impeachment and he continues to serve as a Senator today. By throwing Anthony Weiner under the bus, Democrats have banished a man who spoke as passionate about the causes Democrats believe in as Teddy Kennedy.

When I hear what I consider just outright brainless rhetoric coming from people saying it was the pictures that did Anthony Weiner in, it makes my blood boil. What these complete idiots are really saying is, if we break the law or do something stupid without pictures, we’re ok.

Until we as Democrats rid our Party of the ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ Republicans will always bully us into accepting policy that all real Democrats are against.

If a fundraiser contacts me in behalf of Democrats this political cycle, they’re wasting their time; the Democrat Leadership has demotivated me. And if Michele Bachmann wins the presidency, I’m leaving the country.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Republican Presidential Debate

For some odd reason every pundit is lining up to praise the Republican presidential candidates on how they looked, and how civil they were to each other. Not one pundit will say the obvious, there was no there, there, nothing new on issues Americans really care about.

We heard nothing about how to create jobs but the same old tired story line Republicans have robotically stuck to since Ronald Reagan, cut taxes for the rich. George W. Bush took over the presidency in 2001, and immediately gave tax cuts to the rich. Mr. Bush repeated his ridiculous welfare giveaway to the rich in 2003 with dismal results for job creation on both occasions. It amazes me how Republicans continue to push the exact same lie year after year, and no one in the media will check them on it.

I suggest every politician and every member of the media check before going public with their lies.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Something is Wrong in America

Today (06/06/2011) 5 Americans were killed in Iraq, marking one of the deadliest days for our troops in 2 years.

The nation’s unemployment rate is 9.1%, while the unemployment rate for Blacks sits at 19%. Then we have to face the fact that Black-on-Black crime isn’t going to diminish anytime soon.

Our political leaders are debating whether or not to cut funds for Head Start programs, which are vital to our underprivileged youths.

The politicians want to cut funds for the Meals-on-Wheels program, which are vital to our senior citizens.

Our elected officials want to cut funds for Medicare, which are vital to seniors and disabled Americans.

The people we voted into political office want to cut funds for Planned Parenthood, which is the number one program to deter abortion.

I could go on and on about the wrongs our elected officials have perpetrated on their constituents, but the crime of the century is what the media is doing.

Out of all the facts mentioned above, every media outlet number one story is about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s photos on twitter!

It’s a reason why our children lag far behind most industrialized nations when it comes to education. The people who have a platform to reach the masses are dedicated to feeding us sensationalism.

Conservatives are busy demonizing Liberals, and Liberals are busy demonizing Conservatives; for some reason it’s always a morale struggle when it comes to the left and right wing way of thinking.

What complete fool can’t understand that it’s to our advantage to come together to figure out a way to leave a life for our children better than the life we lived?

Demonizing each other, dam sure aint gonna get the job done; and believe me, there is a job at hand. The question is, who’s ready to go to work?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Graduation Time is Upon Us

Somewhere today on earth our children are preparing themselves to face this cold, cold world we call society. Those of us who think we’ve done our due diligence to make sure the young people we care about got the message that put wrinkles in our forehead to give them the support that others gave us; don’t relax, we still got work to do.

I want to put it to you so the dumbest person in the class can get it. The reason I’m gonna say what I’m about to say, is because I didn’t read this in a book; I lived it, I’m a breathing witness.

Our young people have done everything we’ve asked them to do. OK, OK, I got it, some of you are quizzing your brain and saying, “Yeah JD, but what about the things you did to go against the things your Mom and Dad put their due diligence in to make sure you took the correct path in life when you came to the fork in the road?” I gotcha, your point is well taken. The only thing I say about that is this, everybody got a RESUME; these days they call it issues. I feel ya, but I got to get back to my point.

The graduates are leaving school with a 4, 6, 8, and more years’ degree in hand looking for society to award them for their hard academic achievements. We as a people of which society is made of, have nothing but gloom and doom to hit them in the face with rhetoric about the way the economy is going today. I know for a fact I’m about to piss some people off right now, but the truth will unshackle your brain.

I watch CSPAN on a daily basis paying close attention to what our Congress and Senate are doing in our behalf. I’ve come up with one conclusion and one conclusion only, the majority of these people are looking out for their personal future, Republicans and Democrats. I already know some of you are asking, “JD where are your facts to back-up the rhetoric you’re spewing?”

Ok I feel ya, here are some facts, I really want to get back to the dilemma of the education of our children. But I know there are people out there with the ‘Joe the Plumber’ attitude. These people view life, even if it’s helping them, they’re still against it because in their brain there is no way a Black guy know what’s right for them. Am I playing the race card? Hell yeah! I’m playing the race card because the race card is played each and every moment of our lives; whether or not we as a people want to acknowledge that simple fact, it’s really up to the individual to keep their eyes wide shut.

Our problem as a nation is that we have both Democrats and Republicans looking out for their own personal interest. We have so called conservative Democrats (Blue Dogs), but no liberal Republicans. Where the hell are the Red Dog Republicans? The Blue Dog Democrats vote with Republicans 90% of the time, why don’t they just switch parties? I know why the cowardly Blue Dogs won’t switch parties. This is no secret; these cowards are in districts that will do any and everything to kowtow to their Billionaire donors. These cowards care less than a dam about their poor and working class constituents. The politicians we vote for prove to us that they’re willing to give tax cuts to the rich while making sure people like ‘Joe the Plumber’ finance the monies going in the rich people coffers.

The bottom line is this, we can come up with a solution to the problem, or we can come up with a conclusion to the problem. What’s your flavor? The solution is all of us, Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Turquoise or Green need to put our head together and network with each other for some kind of common ground all of us can be comfortable with. The conclusion is everybody get strapped and war with each other, and the winner of the shoot-out take all. Once again, what’s your flavor?

If we as a people can’t figure out a way for our children to have a better life than the life we lived, make no mistake about it, we have failed as so called PARENTS and role models.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

President Obama Middle East Speech

I watched Fareed Zakaria GPS this morning (Sunday, May 22, 2011); I paid particular attention to the segment with the panel of young Arab Activists explicating their views on President Obama’s speech regarding Israel and Palestinian peace talks. Each one of those very astute young persons’ had negative comments about Obama’s stance on the peace process.

Before I let everybody know how I really feel, because this really pisses me off; I got to say up-front, I believe every human on this earth deserve to have their GOD given rights to have the same opportunities as any other human being on earth. This doesn’t mean someone, or the government has to give you anything, it means that all of us deserve to play on an equal playing field, rich or poor.

The only knowledge I gained from the President’s speech is that he pissed off both, Israel and Arabs. Seems this man can’t please nobody, the people of color in America are pissed off because they feel the President isn’t doing enough in behalf of their interest; and Israel and Arabs doesn’t feel the President is doing enough in their interest.

It’s a good thing I’m not President, because I’d tell all of you, “”F” all of you, I’m the President of the United States for all the people of the United States. As for the people outside of the United States, I’d boldly state, “I’m the President of the most powerful nation on earth, I’m trying to make it possible for all to come away from the table with something all of us can live with in peace.” If you can’t live with that, then look forward for all the welfare dollars to stop going to foreign countries at the expense of American taxpayers; this goes for all foreign countries, barring none!”

I need to get back to the young Arab Activists I watched this morning. Here’s where I get rough and raw.

During the Civil Rights Movement in the 50’s and 60’s when Black Americans was fighting for their GOD given rights, I don’t remember Black Americans begging any Arabs, Israelis, Germans, Russians, Australians, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or any other nationality on earth to fight for us. Oh yeah, just in case you don’t know history, during this time the KKK and others was still lynching Blacks.

My point is simple, freedom that’s given to anybody isn’t worth what one would owe to the freedom givers; ask the American Indians, they’ll tell ya. Real freedom has to be fought for to come with any credence of respect after you gain your so-called freedom.

The bottom line is this, oh yeah, before I forget, there was one German that spoke out about the plight of Blacks in America. Hitler did say, “Americans treat Blacks and American Indians as sub-humans, but has the audacity to lecture Germany on how we contend with German Jews.” Is anybody beginning to get my point now?

To gain your freedom, if you’re not willing to give-up blood, sweat, tears, and death, your freedom aint worth it; that’s it in a nutshell. Take it from somebody who lived it, I didn’t read this in no book.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Democrat Traitors

Senate Democrats tried Tuesday to channel public anger at $4-a-gallon gasoline into passing a bill to repeal federal tax breaks and subsidies for five major oil companies, but they fell short.

After bashing Big Oil in a hearing last week, Senate Democrats mustered fewer than the 60 votes they needed under Senate rules to move the bill to a final vote. The final count was 52 - 48. Three Democrats - Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Mark Begich of Alaska and Ben Nelson of Nebraska - voted against the measure. Only two Republicans - Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins - voted for the bill.

Read more:

Let’s face facts, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D Louisiana) was one of the few Democrats who felt as though the Obama administration was too harsh on BP after the massive oil spill in the Gulf that left eleven people dead, and the ecosystem devastated.

Sen. Mark Begich (D Alaska) along with Sen. Mary Landrieu (D Louisiana) has big oil interest in their states. As Sen. Begich stated it, "I don't have a problem saying what's on my mind," he added. "If (the bill) hurts Alaska, they're going to hear from me."

What both of these Senators don’t understand is that they think they’re hoodwinking the people of America by pretending they’re looking out for their constituents; but instead they’re protecting the interest of their biggest donors to their re-election campaign. Do these people think the American people is that stupid?

Sen. Ben Nelson (D Nebraska) always vote with Republicans, I honestly don’t know why this guy will not just change parties and become a Republican.

What really bothers me is that I see Tea Party members and Republicans pushing their misguided agendas to benefit the richest of the rich, while laying all the blame on Firefighters, Police Officers, and School Teachers for the economic down-turn in America today.

Where are the supposedly outraged Democrats, one would think after silencing the birthers at least the Obama supporters would say something; but yet, once again they’re silent.

One would think after President Barack Hussein Obama showed he had more courage than his predecessor to go after those who threaten the citizens of America with deadly force, his supposedly supporters would be campaigning in his behalf in the likes of the Tea Party supporters campaigned in behalf of the birthers; but yet, once again they’re silent.

Can you imagine if it was a Republican president that ended the rein of Osama Bin Laden? Of course there would’ve been dancing in the streets that we saw in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and all over the world rejoicing the killing of the person who masterminded the murder of just as many Muslims as he did the infidels. But the Republicans would’ve played it like, “We told you Democrats was soft on protecting the American people, we’re the only ones who can keep you safe.” But yet, Democrats are silent.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Democrats are cowards, or they are part of those who just can’t stand to see the first American Black President succeed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gop Right Wing Lies

The Obama administration has finally brought the mastermind (Osama Bin Laden) of 9/11 to justice, but one wouldn’t know it if they listened to the lies from Fox News and other right wing media.

Everyone from Dick Cheney and his ill-informed daughter, to the lowest fool on the Bush administration totem pole are singing the praises of how George Bush leadership lead to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. It’s amazing how arrogant and conceited these people are.

The Bush administration hangers-on want us to believe the people who got everything wrong, from ignoring The Richard Clarke memo urging the Bush administration about Al-Qaeda on January 25, 2001, to lying to America about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; now these same people want us to believe it was their intelligent savvy that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. If anything, these people should be charged with the murder of Saddam Hussein.

Everybody else can scratch their heads and wonder why these people are so pompous, or should I say scornful; but I already know whatsup withem.

The bottom line is this, if Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, or any other white person was President, this kind of scrutiny wouldn’t be happening. Don’t get it twisted, the right wing fools would definitely be searching for anything they can find wrong to criticize a Democrat President; but not on this level.

The racists dogs just can’t accept the fact that it will be written in history all over the world, that the most wanted man in American history was brought to justice by the first Black American President; that’s it in a nutshell.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of the beautiful women in my life, and Happy Mothers Day to all of the handsome men in my life. I already know some of the men are saying WTF!

Keep your JC Penney shirt on, the same way real men can recognize beautiful women; Real men with no hang-ups with their manhood in tact can recognize handsome men. The same way I can say Happy Mothers Day to a woman, I’m man enough to say Happy Mothers Day to a man; I’m showing him and his Mother respect.

My point is this, if your Mother is still with you; you owe it to yourself to show some love.

I know for a fact I’m one of the lucky ones because I still got my Mom. I encourage every man, woman, and child to just give thanks to each and every Mother.

It really doesn’t matter whether or not she was a good Mother or a bad Mother, a child was born; so just for this one day, show some love for the Mother and the child.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Somebody is Making Too Much Money

The majority of us really don’t think about the real things that affect our lives until it’s on our doorstep. All of a sudden it’s the Teachers, Firefighters, Police, and anybody that just happen to have a job that their paycheck are coming from taxpayer dollars are demonized.

Did the Firefighters who rushed to Ground Zero on 9/11 in the face of collapsing buildings were paid too much?

Does the Police Officers make too much when he or she answer a 911 call rushing to save a rape victim, a murder victim, or any victim who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Does the Teacher make too much not knowing whether or not little Johnny got a loaded gun in his backpack while he or she’s trying to get him to pay attention to the math?

Does the Postal worker make too much when we as a society are stuck on the phrase, “the mail must get delivered, rain, sleet, or snow?”

Does the NURSES and DOCTORS at veteran hospitals make too much when they do any and everything to make sure our wounded men and women returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan are given everything they deserve; while 97% of Americans sat at home watching the wars on their surround sound TV?

Do the people who protect the Congress members and the Senate get paid too much making sure some crazed person can’t just walk into their office and exercise their right to bear arms anytime they want to? That will be a good question to ask Congresswoman Gifford when she returns.

I could go on and on with this, when did it become KOOL for someone to put their life on the line for minimal wages for someone whose making MILLIONS and BILLIONS just because they’re contributing to your re-election campaign?

I definitely understand the fact that the knowledgeable people are vastly out-numbered by the ignorant. A guy like ‘Joe the Plumber’ proves that to all knowledgeable people every time he’s given a platform to speak. But as a people, we can make a difference by letting the few know that we will not stand idly by and allow our freedom to be trashed by the elite few.

The real problem is that the people who’re being demonized by the real elite, seems to be winning with the outright ignorant people like ‘Joe the Plumber’. It really hurts me to even have to mention a guy like joe the plumber; but hey, we can’t be oblivious to the stupid ones who can inflict damage while being pawns to the elite.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Acting White and Acting Black

I got a problem just trying to word this without stepping on somebody toes. But I got to go with what my heart is telling me, and every time I do that, toes will get stepped on.

It’s this crazy thing circulating in our society today where as we as humans are acting, and/or pretending to be other than our real selves.

When you get right down to it, it really doesn’t matter what color you are. What actually matters is whether or not one has the ability to deal with life how it is; forget about the part of how life suppose to be. When we dwell on how life suppose to be, the majority of us slip into faking it to please the people who just can’t accept life the way it is. When we go there, we’re lying to ourselves, and to anyone listening to the stupid rhetoric coming out of our mouth. At this point some of you are saying, “JD get to the point”, OK I feel you.

Will somebody, anybody, I’m not asking, I’m begging to get an explanation on how in the hell if any human act stupid, ignorant and dumb; they’re trying to act Black. On the other hand, if any human in our society display that he/she is knowledgeable and have the ability to coincide with others intelligently; they’re acting White.

Here’s where the squeamish should stop reading, right about now I’m gonna get rough and raw. Keep your JC Penney shirt on, I will adhere to my sister request to not inject vulgarity to get my point across.

Have anybody noticed that on Wall Street, if you’re in the Black you’re making money. Here’s where the real brainwashing come in, if you’re knowledgeable you’re acting White. If you’re ignorant, you’re acting Black; marinade on that for a minute.

The cold part is this, people of color are preached to accept no matter what you do, you’re a looser. If you’re intelligent the haters gonna call you an UNCLE TOM. If you’re ignorant the haters gonna call you GHETTO.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to send your son or daughter to a private school; if you’re gonna accept society brainwashing your children, you’re throwing your money away. You might as well tell your son to drop out of school and stand on the corner and sell drugs. You might as well tell your daughter to drop out of school and hang out on the whore strole.

My main point is this, if we as a people allow society to tell us Michael Vick is wrong for killing dogs, but it’s ok for Sarah Palin to kill a moose and call it a sport; then we as a people have accepted that it’s ok for other people who just happen to have a different color of skin to make the American Indian extinct. If we as a people allow this, guess whose next? Think about it, when was the last time you walked down the street and bypassed an original American Indian?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wisconsin's Scott Walker Goes Too Far

By Edward Koch

I’m back in the office after a 16-day cruise from Buenos Aires in Miami. Preceding the trip, I wondered what I would do on such a long voyage, and assumed I would go crazy from boredom. Someone once said that being on a boat is like being in jail, with a chance of drowning.

But no. The cruise was a delightful and perfect vacation. While away I kept up with current affairs by reading The New York Times, which was faxed daily to the ship.

During my 16 days abroad, the world went crazy. We saw revolutions, minor and major, take place in a number of Arab countries. Some have been successful in turning out their authoritarian leaders, e.g., Egypt and Tunisia, and others are seeing the fight go on, e.g., Bahrain and Libya. More Arab countries may yet be involved.

The other revolution is taking place here in the United States, started in Wisconsin by its governor, Scott Walker. He wants to eliminate some collective bargaining rights for city and state employees in Wisconsin.

Collective bargaining for employees in the private sector in the United States goes back to 1886.

Wikipedia states, “The industrial revolution brought a swell of labor organizing in the U.S. The American Federation of Labor was formed in 1886, providing unprecedented bargaining powers for a variety of workers. The Railway Labor Act (1926) required employers to bargain collectively with unions. In 1930, the Supreme Court, in the case of Texas & N.O.R. Co. v. Brotherhood of Railway Clerks, upheld the act's prohibition of employer interference in the selection of bargaining representatives. In 1962, President Kennedy signed an executive order giving public-employee unions the right to collectively bargain with federal government agencies.”

At its high point in the private sector, unions represented 35 percent of American workers. In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that union membership in the U.S. was approximately 12 percent of all workers, of which more than half are in the public sector. How the mighty have fallen.

In most jurisdictions, government workers who are permitted to unionize do not have the right to strike. The Taylor Law in New York imposes severe penalties for striking. Workers are charged two days’ pay for each day on strike or on slowdown, and unions can be precluded from having the municipality deduct union membership fees from salary checks. Many workers won’t pay their dues without the benefit of this deduction.

One of the greatest blows to government workers’ unions was delivered by President Ronald Reagan when PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) illegally struck in 1981 and he fired all of the controllers. I thought he should have given them one more opportunity to return to work or be fired, but he did not. Nevertheless, on reflection, and because I served as mayor and had to contend with illegal strikes, I agreed with the president’s action.

A city is different from a private business. It cannot close down and move elsewhere. It must continue to deliver essential services — fire, police, water, education, etc.
I believe that union leadership has gotten much, but not all of the message, which is that the public is fed up with union excesses, particularly in their resistance to their members paying a reasonable part of their pension and health costs, as do most private sector workers.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Walker has succeeded in getting the unions’ attention, and most of the people in Wisconsin are behind him. Pension and healthcare costs are key factors in that state’s huge budget deficits, as they are in many others, including New York City and state.

Union leadership in Wisconsin has agreed to the copayments the governor has demanded. But his ongoing attempts to end their right to collectively bargain with city or state employers on pensions, benefits, and working conditions — permitted in the private sector — goes much too far.

According to The New York Times of Feb. 25, 2011, “A USA Today/Gallup poll found that 61 percent of the 1,000 adults they surveyed on Monday opposed laws taking away the bargaining power of public-employee unions.”

The goal for each of us should be justice. When it comes to labor unions, justice, in my view, means preserving the right to collective bargaining for state and city employees, coupled with laws prohibiting and penalizing illegal strikes.

Now, back to the Arab revolutions taking place in the Mideast.

These uprisings clearly demonstrate that it is not the issue of Israel that is rocking the Arab world, but the presence of arbitrary and repressive regimes.

Of course, we should all hope and pray for peaceful outcomes and a victory for democratic governments, yet to be formed. However, we should not forget that Arab countries have never had real democracies and that many fanatical religious opposition groups long to fill the void left by the departed dictators.

These groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that is the ideological forebear of al-Qaida, seek to re-establish a caliphate from Spain to Indonesia, incorporating more than one billion Muslims under the leadership of one religious leader — the caliph — who would impose on everyone Muslim religious law: Shariah, with its barbaric penalties that include death for offenses such as adultery and amputations for stealing.

But we are living in extraordinary times. There is danger in the air, but there is also hope that real and positive changes are taking place.

I’m rooting for the spread of democracy in the full sense of the term, which includes not only free and fair elections, but also democratic institutions and the protection of individual liberties.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Union Workers vs Teabaggers

I’ve written profusely about the cowardly Democrats and so called liberals. The latest outbreak of protests by Union Workers in Wisconsin just proves my point. What I really want to point out is this, Republicans and Teabaggers acknowledged that their Teabagger darling, Gov. Walker was in trouble. Republicans and Teabaggers jumped into action, they bused Teabaggers into Wisconsin to counter the Union Workers protesters.

Here’s my problem, it’s outright unheard of for Democrats and Liberals to bus people to counter Republicans and Teabaggers protesters. Even when far right wing Teabaggers appeared at President Obama’s speaking engagements with guns, Democrats and Liberals was slow to show their disdain; so when I say cowardly Democrats, I mean it.

When did Liberalism become a bad thing? If it wasn’t for liberalism there wouldn’t be a ‘Head Start Program’ for underprivileged children, Black or White, immigrants legally or illegally.

I’m willing to bet the majority of the Teabaggers are in America illegally. They don’t have any papers to show that their ancestors left them any papers to prove when they sailed to America as indentured servants that they showed to the American Indians when they took they’re little boat ride.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism slavery would still be accepted in America today.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a program in place to take care of our elderly citizens.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law by the name of ‘Freedom of Rights’.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law by the name of ‘Due process of law’.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law by the name of ‘Probable Cause’.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a woman cherished for not giving-up her seat on the bus.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism the late great Dr. Martin Luther King wouldn’t have sacrificed his life to adhere to GOD that every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD are created equal.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be such a thing as an eight hour work day.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law in place in America to protect our children from the way China and other countries force their children to work under horrific conditions to make Nike Shoes executives Billionaires.

If it wasn’t for Conservatives no one would have to live in poverty. Conservatives firmly believe that the rich should get richer and the poor should get poorer. If you don’t believe me take a look at the documentary on the History channel: Black Diamonds.

The only people I see that push back on what I said are ignorant dumb ass poor White trash hillbillies.

What has happened is that the Blue Dog Democrats masquerading as Democrats who are too scared to run as Republicans have pushed true Liberals in a corner like the Teabaggers have pushed moderate Republicans in a corner. From my point of view, the Blue Dog Democrats have done far more damage to the Democratic Party than the Republicans and the Teabaggers combined. It’s just like a bad son or daughter, it’s time to cut them lose. It’s called tough love. Anybody noticed, the Blue Dog Democrats don’t have a contact button on their website, which lets me know they’re cowards in hiding.

All of you so called President Obama supporters can show your weakness by staying in the comfort of your home and/or shallow brain, and try to convince your friends and neighbors you support the President. I don’t believe in preaching to the choir, I believe in action; and if you don’t believe in action, get the hell out of the way.

We hear all the rhetoric from politicians on both sides talking about leaving debt to our children and grandchildren because we as Americans refuse to take the hard hits to make the hard choices to leave our children and grandchildren in a better America that we lived in.

What we don’t hear from politicians on both sides with a strong voice is why is it that middle class working Americans have to sacrifice while our government continues to give tax cuts of Millions and Billions of dollars to the rich. The trickle down effect from the rich to the middle-class has been in place since former President Ronald Reagan; and all I’ve witnessed since then is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What really gets me is that poor White trailer trash hillbillies like ‘Joe The Plumber’ and brainwashed people of color, aint got a clue of what’s happening right in front of their face.

When there are two completely different stories regarding one event, one of the stories has to be wrong. The Democrats and Liberals say the poll numbers on this link is right:

The Republicans and Teabaggers say the poll numbers on this link is right:

Anybody with a brain can see that one of these people has to be wrong. I’ll leave it up to whoever read this article to make their choice. It really doesn’t matter whether you inject your biasness or not.

One thing I will give Fox News credit for, they did say thousands of pro-Union protesters showed up on Saturday (02/19/2011) in Wisconsin, and a few hundred bused-in Teabaggers showed up at the same event. However, Fox News tried to demagogue the pro-Union protesters by pointing out that there were doctors giving out sick slips to teachers for sick days during the protest. One thing about Fox News, they’re fair and balanced when it’s in their interest to be fair and balanced.

Do not trust a wolf in sheep clothing.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt: Can The Same Thing Happen In America

Just look at what the Governor in Wisconsin and other states are proposing to do to Union Workers. If Governors was trying to take a right away from Tea Baggers, almost every Republican Congress and Senate member would be joining them. But when it comes to the cowardly Democrats, not one Democrat Congress or Senate member spoke out about what’s happening in Wisconsin. It’s amazing how Democrats have the nerve to go on TV and speak out about the rights the people in Egypt deserve, but don’t have the guts to speak out about the rights of Union Workers in America. The Republicans and Tea Baggers want working middle class Americans to sacrifice to bring down the deficit, but when it comes to oil companies and the rich; they’re too valuable to help America balance the budget.

There is no doubt that what is happening in Egypt can easily erupt in America. When I look at the purchasing of guns by White people without any background checks, that let me know they’re gearing up to do battle with anybody of color.

These people are not thinking about whether you’re with them or against them; their main goal is to show that they’re pissed off because a Black Man is the President. If you want to know the truth, I’m not shocked with their reactions of a Black Man as President. As a matter of fact I looked forward to it.

The Tea Bagger people and the Fox News faithfuls were in shock when Barack Obama was elected as President. I already know how they’re going to act when Obama run for his second term as President. There will be fools out there dedicated to do whatever is necessary not to allow President Obama second term to come to fruition.

Here’s where real people stand up for what they believe in. I already know the powers that be will do any and everything to take the people out that are outspoken first. When it comes down to the cowards who didn’t stand up; the powers that be will make you all slaves again.

Don’t get it twisted; the powers that be have absolutely nothing to invest in your hourly earning assets. We have people with the mentality of ‘Joe The Plumber’ and the Tea Baggers buying into the garbage that the far right wing are pushing.

For the first time in my life, I finally heard something that I’ve been begging for. Like my late great Grandma use to say, “Trail me close on this one.” I just happened to be watching a cspan segment of a debate with former Gov. Howard Dean and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich that took place on Feb. 1st, 2011 at George Washington University. The debate covered everything ranging from Health Care to Immigration. Let me say up-front, I agreed with some of the things Mr. Gingrich said, and some of the things Mr. Dean said.

The debate touched on Abortion Rights and Gay Rights, but when the debate hit Immigration Rights; Mr. Dean said something that I’ve been begging for anyone with a platform to say. Mr. Dean asked, “Let me see by a show of hands how many of you in the audience are Native Americans?” No hands went up, Mr. Dean went on to say, “This just proves my point, all of us who are not Native Americans are immigrants.”

In my brain I took Mr. Dean statements to mean, when I hear Tea Bagger members yelling at the top of their lungs about they want their country back; my question have to be, what part do you want back. Do you want the part that your forefathers stole from the American Indians, or the part that your forefathers stole from the Mexicans?

I’ve asked this question over and over, especially to the poor white trailer trash hillbillies that the Tea Party elite are exploiting; but for some reason nobody can’t give me an answer. The question is this, where are your papers to show you’re here in America legally? I’m not asking to show your drivers license or your birth certificate; I want to see the papers your forefathers left you when they sailed here on a boat as indentured servants. If you don’t have those documents, then your poor white trailer trash is in America illegally.

To answer my question, ‘HELL YES’ the same thing can happen in America. The reason is plain and simple; people of color have accepted the fact that they’re second class citizens. If we as a people don’t stand up, ‘HELL YES’ all of us will become slaves in the 21st century. Marinade on that.

My main point is this, I definitely disagreed with most of George Bush policies; but I would have issues with someone showing up with a gun at one of his speeches. Apparently, now that it’s a Black man in the White House, its fair game to come strapped to where ever he show up. Everybody knows where all the hate is coming from to divide this country, it’s time for people who have a platform to standup and tell their congregation to stop being SHEEPLES. It’s time for lawmakers to convey to their constituents to stop campaigning on hate just because the President is Black.

If we don’t rise together, we’re guaranteed to fail together.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Barack Hussein Obama Can’t Please Anybody

President Barack Hussein Obama gave the State Of The Union speech tonight, and failed to capitulate to those on the right and the left. Those of us who don’t live a block away from the White House know exactly what I’m talking about.

President Barack Hussein Obama can’t in no way do anything to please people like Mr. Adam Green of the ‘’. I have accepted the point that people like Mr. Adam Green, The Congressional Black Caucus, The New Black Panther Party,, The Nation Magazine, The Huffihgton Post, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Todd, The Gay Community, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan and the rest of the media talking heads that purport themselves as fair and balanced will not in no way give this President the benefit of the doubt; And in my opinion, you shouldn’t if you disagree. Notice that I didn’t name anybody or anything in reference to Fox News, that’s because I already know where they’re coming from.

Anybody noticed how all of the cowards I named above, when they ask any Republican what government program would you cut; All of them go into a long sentence of nothingness.

My problem with the people I called out is this; these are the same media people who stood silently by while George Bush and Dick Cheney lied our treasured men and women of the military into war.

We as Americans have over five thousand of our brave men and women dead, thousands more maimed to the point that they can no longer contribute to society in a meaningful way. But yet we have complete fools campaigning to send the same young men and women back to combat zones three and four times, while they’re sitting home in the comfort of their Congress and Senate seats.

I for one refuse to sit silently by and allow these cowards to shout about how much they support the troops while they tie ribbons around trees in their neighborhoods. These cowards are contributing nothing but ill-informed rhetoric.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Black, White, Magenta, or Green, we all know why the racial relations in America today are brimming to the point of the 1960’s; It’s because there is a ‘BLACK MAN’ in the White House!!!

I contemplated responding to Rep. Michele Bachmann’s response to President Barack Hussein Obama’s State Of The Union speech; but I reminded myself that I’m above the bullshit.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doctor Martin Luther King Day

It’s Martin Luther King Day, therefore I will focus only on the positive of what I think this day should mean to all.

Everyday should be a day for all of us to respect each other.

I often ask the question, “If all of us do unto others as we wish to be done by, what in the hell we need the other nine Commandments for?”

If we could even come close to 1% of treating each other as we want to be treated, that would be a wonderful thing in the 21st century.

If we could some kind of magical way view everyone as equal to ourselves, that would be a great accomplishment in the 21st century.

I fail to understand why a human being have to show papers to prove they’re somewhere on Earth legally. To the people who are asking for papers of legality, I want to see their papers to prove they’re here legally. I’m not talking about your drivers’ license or your birth certificate; I’m asking for papers that your forefathers left you that they showed to the American Indians when they took their little boat ride.

Back to why I’m happy today, I’m happy today because some of us refuse to accept ourselves as second class citizens.

I’m happy today because I have two gifts that are more valuable than any dollar amount.

I’m happy today because I had the privilege, the right, and the honor to say Good Morning to my Mom and Dad.

I’m happy today because some of us are unhappy about some of the things that are transpiring in our lives today.

To sum all of this up, I’m happy because I’m confident that I will say Good Morning to my Mother, my Dad, my Son and Daughter tomorrow.

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Fault Was It

I decided after hearing all of the pundits give their opinions on the tragic event that occurred Saturday 01/08/2011, trying to say any and everything to make sure their news cycle create news instead of reporting the news; to throw my opinion in the mix.

There is no way I can look myself in the mirror and say it was Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilley, the Tea Party, or anyone affiliated with the right wing, the moderate wing, or the liberal wing (as if there’s a such of thing as a liberal wing of the Republican Party) of the Republican Party are the blame for the atrocious incident on Saturday. There is but one person to blame and that is the misguided young man who committed the murder, attempted murder, and mayhem of others on Saturday.

With that said, the meek and mild should stop reading now; because I know for a fact the light weights gonna get it twisted. None of us are blaming the people mentioned above for the catastrophic incident that occurred on Saturday, but I for one have to say as Bill Oreilley always say, ‘clear thinking Americans’ know who and what set the tone for the vitriol language that has been thrown around since President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as President. We all know who committed the crime of murder, but we also know who set the tone for the brainwashed and the people with the ‘Joe The Plumber’ mentality of our society amongst us to act out their devious deeds.

I refuse to allow commentators on MSNBC with the likes of David Gregory, Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and Dylan Ratigan to continue to get away with the cowardly line of, “Well both sides, Republicans and Democrats need to stop the hate rhetoric.” To me that’s cop-out rhetoric, these are the same so called journalists who stood silently by while former President George Bush sent our young men and women to Iraq based on a lie that he and Dick Cheney knew was a lie. One of the few journalists who had the heart and fortitude to question people of power was Tim Russert, the former moderator of ‘Meet The Press’. Even Luke Russert, Tim Russert son don’t have the mettle to stand-up to Republicans.

The attempted assignation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was the act of a deranged young man. The bombing of a Church by KKK members while little Black girls were attending Sunday school was the act of deranged people, but we all know it was the hate message sent by politicians that led them to believe they could commit such and act and get away with it. Wait a minute; they did get away with it.

I don’t remember a Democrat showing up at one of former President George Bush speeches strapped with guns and bullets, just to express their second amendment rights.

I don’t remember a Democrat murdering a doctor who refused to perform an abortion.

I don’t remember a Democrat murdering a gay person because their religion told them to do so.

I don’t remember a Democrat spitting on members of Congress because they voted for a bill that they disagreed with.

I don’t remember any Democrat member of Congress or the Senate ever accusing any of the mongers of hate mentioned above, of being the cause of a nine year old child being murdered by a crazed gunman.

I could go on and on about how the American media have allowed Republicans to get away with bullying civil members of the Congress and Senate; but yet these same cowards want our military to somehow bring civility to other parts of the world.

If Democrats do as most in the media want them to do, and back-off of calling out those who are in power that are spewing out hatred on the floor of Congress and the Senate, the whole world will view them as a party of cowards; I know I will.