Monday, March 7, 2011

Acting White and Acting Black

I got a problem just trying to word this without stepping on somebody toes. But I got to go with what my heart is telling me, and every time I do that, toes will get stepped on.

It’s this crazy thing circulating in our society today where as we as humans are acting, and/or pretending to be other than our real selves.

When you get right down to it, it really doesn’t matter what color you are. What actually matters is whether or not one has the ability to deal with life how it is; forget about the part of how life suppose to be. When we dwell on how life suppose to be, the majority of us slip into faking it to please the people who just can’t accept life the way it is. When we go there, we’re lying to ourselves, and to anyone listening to the stupid rhetoric coming out of our mouth. At this point some of you are saying, “JD get to the point”, OK I feel you.

Will somebody, anybody, I’m not asking, I’m begging to get an explanation on how in the hell if any human act stupid, ignorant and dumb; they’re trying to act Black. On the other hand, if any human in our society display that he/she is knowledgeable and have the ability to coincide with others intelligently; they’re acting White.

Here’s where the squeamish should stop reading, right about now I’m gonna get rough and raw. Keep your JC Penney shirt on, I will adhere to my sister request to not inject vulgarity to get my point across.

Have anybody noticed that on Wall Street, if you’re in the Black you’re making money. Here’s where the real brainwashing come in, if you’re knowledgeable you’re acting White. If you’re ignorant, you’re acting Black; marinade on that for a minute.

The cold part is this, people of color are preached to accept no matter what you do, you’re a looser. If you’re intelligent the haters gonna call you an UNCLE TOM. If you’re ignorant the haters gonna call you GHETTO.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to send your son or daughter to a private school; if you’re gonna accept society brainwashing your children, you’re throwing your money away. You might as well tell your son to drop out of school and stand on the corner and sell drugs. You might as well tell your daughter to drop out of school and hang out on the whore strole.

My main point is this, if we as a people allow society to tell us Michael Vick is wrong for killing dogs, but it’s ok for Sarah Palin to kill a moose and call it a sport; then we as a people have accepted that it’s ok for other people who just happen to have a different color of skin to make the American Indian extinct. If we as a people allow this, guess whose next? Think about it, when was the last time you walked down the street and bypassed an original American Indian?

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