Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Faces of Real "UNCLE TOMS"

The National Black Republican Association (NBRA) has a warning on their website stating, "Warning! A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for Socialism." They continued with a quote from Confucius, "an oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger." In essence these people are saying under an Obama Presidency, Americans will be under Socialist rule and oppressed. Typical Republican scare tactics, seems as if the UNCLE TOMS learned well from their Republican masters.

This is Shelby Steele a prominent member of NBRA who is an author, columnist, documentary film maker, and a research fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Mr. Steele specializes in the study of race relations, multiculturalism, and affirmative action. Although Mr. Steele benefited from affirmative action, now he feels it's time for Blacks to pull themselves up by their own boot-straps. Actually I agree with Mr. Steele in regards to Blacks pulling themselves up by their own boot-straps, I just disagree with the way Mr. Steele think Blacks should go about doing it.

One problem I have with Mr. Steele is that he think, from reading his writings Whites are actually victims of Blacks; and Whites should take care to protect themselves. Mr. Steele has used his wisdom and knowledge to break Blacks down into two categories, 'Bargainers and Challengers'. Mr. Steele writes, 'Bargainers' are people like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Sidney Portier strike a "bargain" with White America in which they say, I will not rub America's ugly history of racism in your face if you will not hold my race against me. 'Challengers' Mr. Steele writes, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton "challenge" whites by charging them with inherent racism and then demand that they prove themselves innocent by supporting black-friendly policies like affirmative action and diversity.

I vehemently disagree with Mr. Steele's opinion of the intelligence and morality of both Blacks and Whites. Mr. Steele seems to think Blacks are perverse and dependent victims reduced to trading on their moral blackmail of Whites who are eager to be blackmailed in exchange for absolution. The main problem I have with Mr. Steele is his belief that Obama can't win, as depicted in his book titled, A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama And Why He Can't Win. I've given my opinion of Mr. Shelby Steele, I'll leave it up to the readers of Mr. Steele's book to voice their opinion.

This is Michael Steele a prominent member of NBRA who was the first African American to serve in a Maryland state-wide office and the first Republican Lieutenant Governor in the state since the position was created in 1970. At the time Michael Steele was the highest ranking elected African American Republican in the United States; it was rumored Michael Steele was being considered John McCain's running mate for the Presidency. I must admit I never thought I would be mentioning Michael Steele in this category until it was obvious Barack Obama would win the Democrat Primary for President. Mr. Steele went on Fox News and said some of the most vile things about Obama that I thought he didn't have in him; I was wrong.

This is Larry Elder a prominent member of NBRA a former lawyer who became a major figure of right wing talk radio in Los Angeles, CA. Basically Mr. Elder is a guy who people on Fox News like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly invite on their shows when they want to trash Barack Obama. Mr. Elder wrote a book titled 'Stupid Black Men', proceeds from Mr. Elder book went to the Jewish World Review which is highly critical of Barack Obama. Mr. Elder has far too many flaws for me to try and list them here, I suggest readers of this blog visit Mr. Elder's website to get the full jest of this guy.

This is Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson a prominent member of NBRA who attacked the African American holiday Kwanzaa as a racist, pagan, Marxist holiday. Rev. Peterson said the founder of Kwanzaa, Maulana (Ron) Karenga is a racist who wants to get rid of GOD. Rev. Peterson is quoted as saying, "the United States has no need for Kwanzaa because we are a Christian nation, and we already believe in Christ." Rev. Peterson has said he believe if Barack Obama become President, he will push legislation for Kwanzaa to replace Christmas as a national holiday. What Rev. Peterson fail to say or just ignorant to the fact that Kwanzaa is merely a celebration of African heritage, and has nothing to do with attempting to replace Christmas or Christianity.

This is Star Parker a prominent member of NBRA who believe a Presidency under Obama will allow the clergy of Biblical conviction to be slandered by a salacious media that will swim in the sewer to destroy our Christian cause. What Ms. Parker forgot or refused to mention is that it was the clergy masquerading their Biblical convictions as Christians who were participating in acts that violated our children that real Christians trusted to be alone with our children.

Every person mentioned in this article can be googled and read for themselves about these people, and readers of this article can make their own opinion whether or not I've depicted these people fairly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin's $150,000 Wardrobe

I have no problem with anybody upgrading their appearance, but when one does it at the expense of tax payer dollars while campaigning they're for the Walmart shoppers and they're shopping at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, strikes me as hypocritical. What really pisses me off is the way they tried to clean it up, stating the clothes will be donated to charity. Most McCain-Palin donors thought they were donating so the campaign could advertise and have money to pay for their bus and air travel. All this talk about the clothes will be donated to charity, what if I was pro-life and somehow the donated clothes end up benefiting a pro-choice organization? I believe the majority of us know how to donate our money to a charitable organization, we don't need the McCain-Palin campaign to do it for us. I'll be willing to bet 'Joe The Plumber' have never shopped at Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue. As a matter of fact Gov. Palin said, she's more comfortable in hunting and construction clothes. The only thing this proves is the McCain-Palin campaign will say one thing to their donors and supporters, and do the opposite.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Scurrilousness Of The McCain-Palin Campaign

The McCain-Palin campaign has sunk to an all time low in American politics. Just the idea of insinuating that being Muslim is a bad thing, insinuates that the McCain-Palin campaign are prejudice towards Muslims. To make the claim that by giving the working middle class tax cuts, and rolling back the tax cuts George Bush gave to the wealthiest people in America is somehow socialism is ludicrous. To insinuate there are two Americas claiming there are parts of America that is pro-America, and other parts of America are anti-American; is in essence an anti-American statement within itself.

Let's discuss this Muslim thing the McCain-Palin campaign has so scurrilously thrown around. We have two wars going on in Muslim countries, and we're trying to convince the people of those countries to be more like us; a Democracy. Just think for a minute what's going through their mind when they hear the McCain-Palin campaign, who could become the most powerful people in the world insinuate that being a Muslim is a bad thing. We have Muslims in our military fighting and dying to give the McCain-Palin campaign the right to voice their opinion that Muslims are bad people. I think it would be a good idea for the McCain-Palin campaign to visit the Arlington National Cemetery and see for themselves the thousands of headstones of Muslims who died fighting for this country.

The McCain-Palin campaign has suggested there are parts of America that's pro-America and parts of America that's anti-America. I think Gov. Sarah Palin's association with the Alaskan Independent Party (AIP) allowed her heart to get in the way of her judgement with her pro-American statement. Now we have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota branding Barack Obama as anti-American. The Congresswoman went on to say she believe every Democrat in Congress should be investigated to find out if they're pro-Ameican or not. I think Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should be investigated to find out if she's sane or not. Just today Pat Buchanan said the endorsement by Colin Powell of Barack Obama was done because both men are Black. The behavior by the Republican party is true insanity, what the Republicans don't understand, the rest of the world are watching and remember America's past history in regards to people of color.

We go all over the world preaching to other countries how they should be like us, with the behavior of the McCain-Palin campaign, what country in their right mind would want to be like us?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fox News And Their Subliminal Racism

Fox News has been highly successful with people like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and now Mike Huckabee. One main ingredient Fox news employ to make them so successful is the exploitation of Black people who allow themselves to be used to give credence to their racist views. Before I go on I need to clarify something, when I used the word subliminal in my title, I'm referring to Bill O'Reilly and Mike Huckabee; Sean Hannity doesn't try to hide his racism at all. I'm not about to sit here and place 100% of the blame on Fox News in regards to exploitation, ignorant dumb Blacks definitely shoulder some blame.

Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity made themselves famous on Fox News by inviting Black guests on their shows when a segment was about trashing Barack Obama or any other Democrat. Recently Mike Huckabee got into the act by inviting two young Black people, Mercedes Maggit and Freddie Johnson to explain how workers from Acorn held a gun to their head and made them register to vote over 100 times. As for Fox News exploiting Black people, I think Joe the Plumber, Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher is the first White person Fox News has exploited.

My question to Fox News is this, Bill O'reilly, Sean Hannity, and Mike Huckabee careers has excelled by exploiting Uncle Tom Blacks by inviting them on their shows to debase other Blacks, when will the Uncle Tom Blacks who have been exploited by Fox News get their own show? Recently Fox News have ran special after special about Barack Obama questioning who is this guy. What is his relationship with Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright?

When will Fox News or any other media organization do a special to find out the relationship of G. Gordon Liddy and John McCain? Since plumbers are in the news these days, G. Gordon Liddy was the chief operative for the White House Plumbers unit during the Nixon administration. Mr Liddy masterminded the first break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate building in 1972, which led to President Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974. G. Gordon Liddy served four and a half years in prison for his role in the burglary. Mr. Liddy has said, "as a child growing up in a German-American community that included many admirers of Adolf Hitler, and listening to Hitler's speeches made me feel a strength inside of me I never knew before."

When will Fox News or any other media organization do a special to find out the relationship of Gov. Sarah Palin and the first dude with the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP)? The AIP goals were to remain a territory, become a separate and independent nation, wanted to have commonwealth status, and become a state with no ties to the United States of America. The AIP was founded by Joe Vogler who stated, "I hate America, I'm an Alaskan not an American, I have no use for America or her damned institutions." Mr. Vogler went on to say, "the fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred of the U.S. government, and I won't be buried under their damn flag. When Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home."

When will Uncle Tom Blacks finally realize they're being exploited by Fox News with their subliminal racism?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe The Plumber vs. Joe Six Pack

Mr. Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber became an instant celebrity during the Presidential debate last night. Mr. Wurzelbacher is a plumber who just happens to be a registered Republican conservative with aspirations to own a plumbing business who confronted Barack Obama at a rally about Obama's plan to raise taxes on people earning $250,000 or more. It wouldn't surprise me if Mr. Wurzelbacher was a plant by Republicans designed to show up at one of Obama's rally and confront him about his tax plan. But since I don't have any proof of that, I'll leave that up to the readers of this blog to decide.

Let's deal with some facts, at the moment Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack are one and the same. Which means their earnings are between $47,000 and $50,000, this means Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack will get a tax cut under Obama's tax plan. So in essence Joe the Plumber is complaining about something that doesn't even affect him, actually Joe the Plumber is complaining about something that would benefit him under Obama's tax plan. First of all, Joe the Plumber doesn't even possess a plumbers license, not only does he need a plumbers license, he also needs to be bonded.

One thing for sure, we've heard time after time during John McCain's stomp speeches and his town hall meetings stating, "one thing I guarantee, I'll make you famous." Well John McCain definitely kept his word on that one, Joe the Plumber is famous now. As a matter of fact, he's so famous the IRS are now contacting him about back taxes he owe. I think Joe the Plumber should send John McCain a thank you card for making him famous.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

THE $700,000,000,000 CON GAME

It almost seems as if the only way the general public will understand our government $700 Billion dollar bail out package, is for it to be explained by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show or Steven Colbert of the Colbert Report. Ever wondered why with the majority of the American people against the bail out package, the people we voted for passed a bill to bail out millionaires and billionaires anyway?

Remember when Henry “Hank” Paulson the United States Treasury Secretary and George Bush a few weeks ago introduced a three page bill telling us if we don’t act immediately, there will be people in food lines worst than the Great Depression when the Stock Market crashed in 1929? Turns out we the taxpayers were lied to, the urgency was to keep the rich guys rich. The expediency was really because the fat cats knew the American people became aware of the $700 Billion bail out package had nothing to do with them.

Just think if the people we voted for would have listened to their constituents and passed a bill to bail the taxpayers out. It definitely couldn't have done worse, since the bail out of the financial institutions the Stock Market has lost more in the history of the Stock Market. But instead the people we took time off from work to vote for said amongst themselves, we just don’t understand. So since our Congress and Senate representatives assumed we just don’t get it, they gave the $700 Billion bail out to the people who got us in this economic crisis in the first place.

The bail out package for the taxpayers would have enabled people to pay their bills and have some kind of leverage to negotiate with financial institutions on their mortgage. I know some people would have spent the money on things like drugs and other stupid things, but the majority would have spent the money responsibly. The banks and businesses would've had money flowing which would have led to liquidity of cash within the financial community, everybody would've benefited.

Here’s the real reason why the taxpayers were ignored by the politicians, even those who say we should get away from the trickle down effect. Financial institutions make their money on the distribution of money, so when money is distributed the interest rates kick in. For those of you who are fortunate enough to be able to pay cash for big ticket items, ever noticed how financial institutions always tried to talk you out of paying cash and go on a payment plan. When we go on a payment plan, we usually wind up paying three times as much for the listed price of the item.

This is insanity, take a look at the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) notice the word fair is nowhere to be found. The agreement was never meant to be fair, because if you’re fair exploitation is off the table. This means you can’t exploit slave labor from countries like China. My biggest surprise is how the American population is not outraged about how the middle class has been destroyed by the exploiters. In reality there is no more middle class in America today; you’re either rich or poor.

Hitler’s Germany Holocaust wouldn't have been successful if the people would have spoken up about what was happening right in front of their eyes. The Slave Trade in America wouldn't have been successful if people would have spoken up about what was happening right in front of their eyes. And lastly, over 4,000 of our brave troops wouldn't be dead if people would have questioned our experts about what they were telling us. How long are we to accept the words of supposedly experts before we wake up?

Rep. John Lewis Denounces McCain-Palin Campaign For Racist Scare Tactics

Rep. John Lewis said the tactics the McCain-Palin campaign are applying remind him of the tactics segregationist and racist Gov. George Wallace used by creating an atmosphere of hate which led to the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four little Black girls while attending Sunday school.

John McCain and Sarah Palin know exactly what they're doing, they're employing the same scare tactics Republicans resort to every election. During the 2004 Presidential campaign George Bush used scare tactics with the help of the swift boat liars by telling the American people he will protect us against terrorist attacks, and John Kerry won't. Now today in the 2008 Presidential campaign McCain and Palin stole a page out of George Bush playbook and telling the American people they should be scared of Barack Obama. The McCain-Palin campaign are sending the message that because Obama along with prominent Republicans served on an education board with someone who committed horrendous acts when Obama was eight years old somehow makes Obama a terrorist.

To McCain's credit he has made an effort to stop the racist and hatefulness of his campaign, but the racist and hateful ads haven't stopped. I agree with Rep. John Lewis the rhetoric by the McCain-Palin campaign compares with that of Gov. George Wallace. We all hear the code words about who is Obama and he pals around with terrorists, some people hearing these things believe it and are scared. I honestly believe the racist and hatred rhetoric by McCain and Palin is actually a slap in the face and total disrespect to the law abiding Arab and Muslim Americans by insinuating if you're Arab and Muslim we should be scared of them. I'll tell you what I'm scared of, some crazy person thinking they're doing the country some good and harming Obama. If that happen I believe it would set off something that would make the race riots of the 70's look like an elementary grade school fight. The irresponsibility of the McCain campaign could start something that rivals the Civil War. History has proven hatred leads some people to do dumb stupid things, let's all pray the rhetoric from the McCain campaign doesn't lead to history repeating itself.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

John McCain Desperately Trying To Link Barack Obama And 60's Radical Bill Ayers Together

The McCain-Palin campaign are on a daily desperation attempt to connect Barack Obama and Bill Ayers together. Bill Ayers is a former 1960's anti-war activist who co-founded the radical organization The Weather Underground which conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960's and 1970's while Barack Obama was still in grade school. In 1977 all charges were dropped against Mr. Ayers, and he has never been convicted of any terrorists acts. Today Bill Ayers holds the title of Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education.

Recently while seeing his poll numbers drop, McCain and Palin have embarked on a daily barrage of negative attacks against Barack Obama. The McCain-Palin campaign are desperately trying to convince the American people that Barack Obama must be a terrorist, or have terrorist ties because both Barack Obama and William Ayers served on the board of an anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago between 1999 and 2002. The Woods Fund of Chicago was absorbed by the Chicago Education Board in 2001. McCain and Palin are continuously calling for Obama to explain exactly when did he become aware that Bill Ayers was a radical who was involved in criminal activities in the 1960's. This probably will surprise some readers of my blog, but I actually agree with McCain and Palin question; I think the question is fair game. I also believe it's fair game for McCain and Palin to ask Leonore Annenberg president, chairperson, and sole director of The Annenberg Foundation who endorsed the McCain-Palin ticket and a staunch Republican, when did she and her board members learn of Mr. Ayers actions in the 1960's. Here's the real deal, William Ayers was hand picked by Ms. Annenberg and her board of directors to become a board member of The Woods Fund of Chicago long before Barack Obama became a board member. My point is this, if McCain and Palin is making the argument about Obama palling around with terrorists, can't the same point be made about one of McCain's most staunchest supporter palling around with the same terrorist. The bottom line is this, McCain-Palin want us to believe that a woman who can sneak up behind a moose and shoot it in the back of the head, and field dress the moose is ready to be Vice President. McCain-Palin want us to believe that a woman who is a hockey mom and a Joe six-pack guy is ready to be Vice President. Does this mean the football moms and the Joe shot of Hennessey guys are not represented by this woman? Give me a break, this is not a time for somebody who is ready for the job as the local librarian, which Sarah Palin is qualified for, this is a time for experienced and critical thinkers to step up to the plate.

A little bit about Cindy McCain, when Michelle Obama was out on the campaign trail making statements, the media and everybody else was saying, if she's out there campaigning then she's fair game. Not one time did Michelle Obama attack John McCain, all of her campaign speeches was about what Barack Obama would do as President. Cindy McCain for the first time questioned Barack Obama's patriotism, Cindy McCain said Obama voted against a bill to fund our troops; she was right. Obama did vote against a bill to fund the troops, two weeks before that John McCain voted against a bill to fund our troops. The bill Obama voted against was a bill put forth by Republicans that didn't have a timeline for our troops to leave Iraq. The bill McCain voted against was a bill put forth by Democrats that had a timeline for our troops to leave Iraq. In actuality both men votes cancelled out each other's vote. Now that Cindy McCain has spoken out on the campaign trail and attacking Obama, I believe it's fair game for Cindy McCain to explain to the American people why she stole drugs from people who desperately needed those drugs their lives depended on. Before we knew Cindy McCain was a drug addict, she gave speeches about how much she loved the people who she stole drugs from to feed her drug addiction. Turned out Cindy McCain loved her drug addiction far more than any of the people who relied on the drugs to get through their everyday lives. When Cindy McCain suggested Barack Obama should change shoes with her for just one day, Obama should have shot back and told her he don't wear bitch shoes. But Barack Obama character is above such mortifying behavior.

The McCain-Palin campaign has gotten to the point that they're willing to say and do anything to save their campaign. This is equivalent to the fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield when Mike Tyson realized he was losing and took a bite of half of Holyfield's ear; anything to win. So when McCain tell the American people he's all about country first, I think he got it twisted, with McCain it's campaign first and America second. Watch out Barack, shake his hand but no hugging, protect your ear.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Race Relations in America Today

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the subject matter, I have to share my naivete on the subject. I knew race relations wasn't at the point that every American could say, "when it come to race, we as Americans don't trip on things like that." But I have to admit, I didn't know things were as bad as they are. Until Barack Obama ran for President, and got this close to becoming President, I was totally oblivious how rampant racism was in America today. I remember when I worked in a high rise building on the 24th floor in the financial district of San Francisco and held conversations with my White co-workers at the water cooler and at lunch about how our families should get together and just get to know each other. I was the only person of color in the Engineering Division, my naivete led me to believe these White people were sincere. Now after seeing Barack Obama coming close to becoming President, and O.J. Simpson being convicted of robbery because an all White jury played the get even card; I now know some of my White co-workers were bullshitting me with the smiles at the water cooler and at lunch. I refuse to sit here and paint every White person as a racist, if I did that, that would prove I'm ignorant when it comes down to accepting each individual on their merit and eliminate me as possessing a KOOLBRAIN. What I will sit here and say, I believe the majority of Whites if they look forward at a 90 degree straight angle, when they look at a Black person their vision of sight and mentality will go down instead of up. This does not make them a racist, it just means their fear of something or somebody different overwhelms their capability of intelligence.

If Blacks and Whites could sit sit down and have a grown up conversation with each other about race relations in America today, I'm still a believer that common sense will rule. The operative word is common sense, but I've also noticed, the majority of us don't exercise common sense the majority of the time. Even though I cling to the belief that common sense will rule the day, I continue to see ignorance prevailing over everything we cherish.

I know people who read my blogs on a regular basis are sick and tired of me blaming Blacks as major contributors to the plight of Black Americans. I'll say this one thing, and just get on with the subject matter of this article. Until Blacks cease to accept themselves as second class citizens, we shouldn't expect others to view us as equals. There's a group of Black people who identify themselves as the National Black Republican Association (NBRA). I honestly believe it's a good thing for diversity to be a part of both Republicans and Democrats. With that said, for some reason the members of NBRA feel that it's their duty to be attack dogs on Barack Obama for the Republicans. I recently viewed a forum by NBRA on cspan, I was prepared to hear members of the panel talk about what Blacks should do to strengthen the Black community. What I heard from Star Parker, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Angela McGowan, Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, Frances Rice, Alphonso Jackson, Rev. LeRoy Thomas, Dr. Thomas Sowell, Michael Steele, and Dr. Shelby Steele was the trashing of Barack Obama and why Whites should fear Blacks. Dr. Shelby Steele went so far as to place certain Blacks into certain categories. Dr. Shelby Steele went into a long dialogue about how Blacks like Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan manipulate Whites one way, and how Blacks like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton manipulate Whites another way. What Shelby Steele conveyed to his predominately White audience was whether it's elite rich Black people like Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods, or social Blacks like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton; Whites are the real victims in America today. I sat there in a daze watching these people go on and on about how dangerous Barack Obama and Black people are to Whites. The more these people talked, the more it was as if I was watching some science fiction movie. I watched in shock when the all Black members of the panel took questions from the predominantly White audience; the majority of the questions were how can we protect ourselves from the Black predators. Instead of the NBRA using their platform sending a message how Black fathers should be more a part of the children they fathered, instead of the NBRA using their platform to talk about the escalation of teen pregnancies and the high school dropout rate in the Black community, instead of the NBRA using their platform to address the continuous insanity of Black on Black crime; the NBRA used their platform to trash Barack Obama and explain to their White audience how they are victims of Blacks. When I watch Sean Hannity of Fox News bring on Black guest like Larry Elder and Deroy Murdock to help deliver his trashing of Barack Obama give some kind of credence to his racist rants; that's enough proof to me that we as Black people have gotten to the point that we have become cannibalistic, we devour our own.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

O.J. Simpson Found Guilty On All Counts

The conviction of O.J. Simpson of Robbery should be a lesson to every Black person in America. It doesn't matter if you're Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, or Joe Blow the street guy; if you're Black in America, White America will never fail to let you know from their perspective you're still a NIGGER. Just like Clarence Thomas said during his confirmation hearing to the Supreme Court, "this is nothing more than a modern day lynching."

When I learned the state prosecutors and the presiding judge had formed a coup and served O.J. Simpson and his co-defendant Clarence Stewart an all White jury, I knew O.J. chances of acquittal would fall lower than the Stock Market fell September 29, 2008. Las Vegas has a population of over 1.8 million, and they want us to believe they couldn't find one person of color who was capable of serving on the jury; yeah right. It's astounding how we as Blacks allow ourselves to continuously be suckered into actions that we know, or should know, when things go awry the deck is stacked against us. The guilty verdict of O.J. was nothing but pay-back to Blacks by Whites for the not guilty verdict in O.J. murder trial thirteen years ago. We all know Whites never forgot the celebrations that took place on college campuses and bars by Blacks after O.J. acquittal for the double murder of Nichole Simpson and Ron Goldman. One of the worst things about the whole sequence of events, complaints were made to the police and the FBI days before this fake robbery took place regarding O.J. stolen property, the complaints were ignored. In my opinion, the charges and the guilty verdict was a miscarriage of justice.

What's worse than White America playing the get even card, are Blacks who help them achieve their goals. I've noticed for years how we as Blacks have proven that we are our worse enemies, but time after time I managed to convince myself it wasn't true. It's as if we're cannibalistic, we devour our own. With the people O.J. and Michael Vick consider friends, who in the hell do they consider as enemies? O.J. and Michael Vick managed to associate themselves with the lowest of life forms, fake friends. Both men affiliated themselves with people who they thought was down with it and tough guys, but both men learned they surrounded themselves with a bunch of punks. The people who O.J. and Michael Vick thought was tough guys are the type of guys a real man would spit in their face and dare them to do something about it.

If Blacks don't wake up, we will become extinct and the only evidence of Blacks ever being a part of mankind will be discovered by some geologist centuries from now preserved in amber fossil. And poor Clarence Stewart, he's what the military call collateral damage.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden Debate, Who Won?

I will not get into who won or who lost the debate, I prefer to leave that to the readers of this blog. Oh by the way, I'm working on placing a radio button in my blogs so when I ask a question equivalent to the title's question, a reader will have the ability to vote and receive real time poll results; I'm working on it, I appreciate your patience.

I love writing about the events that effect our everyday lives, it really doesn't matter whether an event happened across the globe or across the street. If it affect our everyday lives, I'm more than willing to offer my insight about the events. Here's when writing become a job to me and not a love affair. When I feel it's my duty to write something about the results of a debate, I have to strain my brain to come up with something to say. I'm the type of person who prefer spontaneous replies to questions, not some rehearsed dialogue that have been practiced with handlers for weeks. Here's my example of spontaneity, or the lack of. We've all asked or said someting to our children, a friend, a co-worker, or spouse, and their immediate response is "huh, what did you say." We all know they heard what was said or asked, the response they gave was to give their brain time to come up with a reasonable response. Hopefully I gave some kind of insight why I hate writing about who won and who lost a rehearsed scripted debate.

I'll cheat and say one small thing about the debate. When Joe Biden showed emotion when talking about how he as a single man raised his children and continued to do his job was powerful to me. The bottom line is this, for Gov. Sarah Palin to lose the debate she would have to have a Katie Couric moment. For Sen. Joe Biden to lose the debate he would have to have a Katie Couric moment. Joe Biden's Katie Couric moment was when he made an attempt at explaining how Presidents handle a crisis. Joe Biden said, "when the stock market crashed in 1929, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the TV and told the American people what was happening." Joe Biden's gaffe was Herbert Hoover was President at the time and the TV was introduced to America ten years later in 1939. For the sake of time and space, I'll just list this one Gov. Sarah Palin's gaffe. Gov. Sarah Palin couldn't name a single major Supreme Court decision other than Roe V. Wade. She could've mentioned Dred Scott V. Sanford (1857), Plessy V. Ferguson (1896), Brown V. Board of Education (1954), United States V. Richard Nixon (1974). I have to admit I did research, evidently Gov. Sarah Palin didn't.

I said I wouldn't get into who won the debate, but I did watch the debate. While watching the debate it appeared to me as if Gov. Sarah Palin was performing for an interview to become the head of the local library. I have to admit, it's scary to me to entertain the thought that this woman could become the most powerful person in the world. Not that she's a woman, it's the lack of intelligence of this woman. For those of you who continue to be drunk with the girl power stuff are willing to place the country in the hands of a person who doesn't have a clue how the government or world affairs are suppose to go, then go for it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greta Van Susteren of Fox news is Questioning Gwen Ifill of PBS Professionalism

Gwen Ifill is the moderator for the Vice Presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden. Gwen Ifill is a Black professional woman who seems to support Barack Obama because she's proud a Black man is in position to be President. Fox News has chosen Greta Van Susteren to take the lead in being the attack dog on Gwen Ifill because Fox News thinks a Black person moderating the debate when there is a Black person who is one of the debaters, just doesn't have the professionalism to do her job in a non-partisan way. Does this mean Fox news shouldn't host any debates because the whole world knows Fox News are Republican partisans? The only person at Fox News who can claim any credibility as a fair and balanced reporter is Chris Wallace.

A little tidbit about Greta Van Susteren, I decided to visit her blog after she interviewed Bill Clinton and asked him what's the difference between Rev. Wright and David Duke. It was obvious to me Ms. Van Susteren was trying to equate the two men. Before I go farther, a little fact about Rev. Wright and David Duke. Even though Rev. Wright sermons were incendiary, the majority of what he said was true. The only thing I disagree with Rev. Wright is when he said AIDS were deliberately placed in the Black community to destroy the Black community. The only reason I disgree with Rev. Wright on the AIDS comment is because it can't be proven; I definitely don't put it pass the powers that be. But when Rev. Wright made the comment stating that one can't perpetrate terrorism on a people, and when terrorism land at your door you have the audacity to be appalled; I agree 100% with him. What Rev. Wright was saying is this, the first terrorist who introduced themselves to America was the KU KLUX KLAN, who terrorized Black people for decades in America. I'll even go further to say, he also was trying to convey for all of the Bible toters, don't throw rocks and act like you're an innocent bystander in this game. David Duke is a member of the KU KLUX KLAN, to the people who feel that I should say more, I say to you, do not expect me to resuscitate your intelligence. I will say this about Ms. Van Susteren blog, I've visited a number of blogs and some of them are just outright racist and mean; Ms. Van Susteren blog is one of them (

I'll end with this, Fox News seems to think that they have a patent on spewing racist remarks subliminally. What pisses me off more than anything is when someone think they can bamboozle me, and believe they're talking above my intelligence. What pisses me off even more is when a racist talk show host bring a Black person on as a guest to agree with them to give their racist views credence. I would go on, but I'll leave that to another posting on how a Black person can show their worthiness without appearing as an UNCLE TOM.