Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greta Van Susteren of Fox news is Questioning Gwen Ifill of PBS Professionalism

Gwen Ifill is the moderator for the Vice Presidential debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden. Gwen Ifill is a Black professional woman who seems to support Barack Obama because she's proud a Black man is in position to be President. Fox News has chosen Greta Van Susteren to take the lead in being the attack dog on Gwen Ifill because Fox News thinks a Black person moderating the debate when there is a Black person who is one of the debaters, just doesn't have the professionalism to do her job in a non-partisan way. Does this mean Fox news shouldn't host any debates because the whole world knows Fox News are Republican partisans? The only person at Fox News who can claim any credibility as a fair and balanced reporter is Chris Wallace.

A little tidbit about Greta Van Susteren, I decided to visit her blog after she interviewed Bill Clinton and asked him what's the difference between Rev. Wright and David Duke. It was obvious to me Ms. Van Susteren was trying to equate the two men. Before I go farther, a little fact about Rev. Wright and David Duke. Even though Rev. Wright sermons were incendiary, the majority of what he said was true. The only thing I disagree with Rev. Wright is when he said AIDS were deliberately placed in the Black community to destroy the Black community. The only reason I disgree with Rev. Wright on the AIDS comment is because it can't be proven; I definitely don't put it pass the powers that be. But when Rev. Wright made the comment stating that one can't perpetrate terrorism on a people, and when terrorism land at your door you have the audacity to be appalled; I agree 100% with him. What Rev. Wright was saying is this, the first terrorist who introduced themselves to America was the KU KLUX KLAN, who terrorized Black people for decades in America. I'll even go further to say, he also was trying to convey for all of the Bible toters, don't throw rocks and act like you're an innocent bystander in this game. David Duke is a member of the KU KLUX KLAN, to the people who feel that I should say more, I say to you, do not expect me to resuscitate your intelligence. I will say this about Ms. Van Susteren blog, I've visited a number of blogs and some of them are just outright racist and mean; Ms. Van Susteren blog is one of them (

I'll end with this, Fox News seems to think that they have a patent on spewing racist remarks subliminally. What pisses me off more than anything is when someone think they can bamboozle me, and believe they're talking above my intelligence. What pisses me off even more is when a racist talk show host bring a Black person on as a guest to agree with them to give their racist views credence. I would go on, but I'll leave that to another posting on how a Black person can show their worthiness without appearing as an UNCLE TOM.

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Anonymous said...

Fox news is fair and balanced! There are people who believe that a lie can't be told or the truth can't be twisted by a news reporter/anchor. I cautiously call them reporters or anchors. Sean, Neil, Rush, Greta, Bill, Geraldo, etc. (also Wolf on CNN). They don't report, they have talking points.

The comment made by Rev. Wright wasn't so far fetched. There are many mysteries about the AIDS virus. The virus only seems to be attracted to Blacks and Latinos (regardless of where they are around the world, AIDS magically finds them). Who were the guinea pigs for the syphilis experiments? Who were/are the guinea pigs for AIDS, Ebola, Bird Flu? I'm just saying!!! No proof in the mainstream media... these guys (government black ops) cover their steps better than that. What are the reasons behind public officials having their documents suppressed for 25+ years or more after leaving public office? JFK case, MLK case among others. What are they hiding? What can't anyone access important info until years later? What's the secret... national security? Laugh!

How many generations must go by before we stop under estimating our conquerors?

Even the middle class whites are getting it now. I think it's population control. Kill the whites with cancers (viewed as a low risk lifestyle disease). Kill the people of color with AIDS (viewed as a high risk lifestyle disease). Both do the job well.

The melting pot of the world... has been represented by 43 different leaders with two things being consistent 1) white & 2) male. Only descendants from the caucus mountains qualify for the job? Depends who you ask!