Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rep. John Lewis Denounces McCain-Palin Campaign For Racist Scare Tactics

Rep. John Lewis said the tactics the McCain-Palin campaign are applying remind him of the tactics segregationist and racist Gov. George Wallace used by creating an atmosphere of hate which led to the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four little Black girls while attending Sunday school.

John McCain and Sarah Palin know exactly what they're doing, they're employing the same scare tactics Republicans resort to every election. During the 2004 Presidential campaign George Bush used scare tactics with the help of the swift boat liars by telling the American people he will protect us against terrorist attacks, and John Kerry won't. Now today in the 2008 Presidential campaign McCain and Palin stole a page out of George Bush playbook and telling the American people they should be scared of Barack Obama. The McCain-Palin campaign are sending the message that because Obama along with prominent Republicans served on an education board with someone who committed horrendous acts when Obama was eight years old somehow makes Obama a terrorist.

To McCain's credit he has made an effort to stop the racist and hatefulness of his campaign, but the racist and hateful ads haven't stopped. I agree with Rep. John Lewis the rhetoric by the McCain-Palin campaign compares with that of Gov. George Wallace. We all hear the code words about who is Obama and he pals around with terrorists, some people hearing these things believe it and are scared. I honestly believe the racist and hatred rhetoric by McCain and Palin is actually a slap in the face and total disrespect to the law abiding Arab and Muslim Americans by insinuating if you're Arab and Muslim we should be scared of them. I'll tell you what I'm scared of, some crazy person thinking they're doing the country some good and harming Obama. If that happen I believe it would set off something that would make the race riots of the 70's look like an elementary grade school fight. The irresponsibility of the McCain campaign could start something that rivals the Civil War. History has proven hatred leads some people to do dumb stupid things, let's all pray the rhetoric from the McCain campaign doesn't lead to history repeating itself.

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