Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden Debate, Who Won?

I will not get into who won or who lost the debate, I prefer to leave that to the readers of this blog. Oh by the way, I'm working on placing a radio button in my blogs so when I ask a question equivalent to the title's question, a reader will have the ability to vote and receive real time poll results; I'm working on it, I appreciate your patience.

I love writing about the events that effect our everyday lives, it really doesn't matter whether an event happened across the globe or across the street. If it affect our everyday lives, I'm more than willing to offer my insight about the events. Here's when writing become a job to me and not a love affair. When I feel it's my duty to write something about the results of a debate, I have to strain my brain to come up with something to say. I'm the type of person who prefer spontaneous replies to questions, not some rehearsed dialogue that have been practiced with handlers for weeks. Here's my example of spontaneity, or the lack of. We've all asked or said someting to our children, a friend, a co-worker, or spouse, and their immediate response is "huh, what did you say." We all know they heard what was said or asked, the response they gave was to give their brain time to come up with a reasonable response. Hopefully I gave some kind of insight why I hate writing about who won and who lost a rehearsed scripted debate.

I'll cheat and say one small thing about the debate. When Joe Biden showed emotion when talking about how he as a single man raised his children and continued to do his job was powerful to me. The bottom line is this, for Gov. Sarah Palin to lose the debate she would have to have a Katie Couric moment. For Sen. Joe Biden to lose the debate he would have to have a Katie Couric moment. Joe Biden's Katie Couric moment was when he made an attempt at explaining how Presidents handle a crisis. Joe Biden said, "when the stock market crashed in 1929, Franklin D. Roosevelt got on the TV and told the American people what was happening." Joe Biden's gaffe was Herbert Hoover was President at the time and the TV was introduced to America ten years later in 1939. For the sake of time and space, I'll just list this one Gov. Sarah Palin's gaffe. Gov. Sarah Palin couldn't name a single major Supreme Court decision other than Roe V. Wade. She could've mentioned Dred Scott V. Sanford (1857), Plessy V. Ferguson (1896), Brown V. Board of Education (1954), United States V. Richard Nixon (1974). I have to admit I did research, evidently Gov. Sarah Palin didn't.

I said I wouldn't get into who won the debate, but I did watch the debate. While watching the debate it appeared to me as if Gov. Sarah Palin was performing for an interview to become the head of the local library. I have to admit, it's scary to me to entertain the thought that this woman could become the most powerful person in the world. Not that she's a woman, it's the lack of intelligence of this woman. For those of you who continue to be drunk with the girl power stuff are willing to place the country in the hands of a person who doesn't have a clue how the government or world affairs are suppose to go, then go for it.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion the debates are nothing more than scripted entertainment. Many of the talking points are written by someone else (think tanks, etc). Most of us have taken a trip to the circus during some point in our lives. The animals are well trained and perform clever tricks for the audience. Every four years we have the opportunity to witness a three ring circus with well trained politicians. So get out and vote.

Both parties are truly for the American workforce. I laugh. The Demon-crats and Repo-clans have done all they can from 1938-2009 to raise the minimum wage from $0.25 to $7.25. Again, I laugh. It has only taken them 71 years to raise the wage by seven dollars, accounting for future increases. Good government progress! Oh, don't forget they need to help out Wall Street with $700,000,000,000. Man, is this really funny? I know everyone isn't making $6.55, but you get the point.

You/Me (71 years to get $7.25 per hour )
Wall Street ( ? days/weeks to get $700,000,000,000)

Don't apologize for doing research. We are in this predicament due to misinformed, know it all, blind faith having, go along with the crowd, American citizens. Many agree that we must have government. I agree only because laws are needed to maintain some type of order. However, we don't hold our politicians accountable to anything. It's like unhealthy food, you can only eat it for so long until it kills you. Let's change our diet, elect government officials that are healthy for you!!!