Thursday, October 9, 2008

John McCain Desperately Trying To Link Barack Obama And 60's Radical Bill Ayers Together

The McCain-Palin campaign are on a daily desperation attempt to connect Barack Obama and Bill Ayers together. Bill Ayers is a former 1960's anti-war activist who co-founded the radical organization The Weather Underground which conducted a campaign of bombing public buildings during the 1960's and 1970's while Barack Obama was still in grade school. In 1977 all charges were dropped against Mr. Ayers, and he has never been convicted of any terrorists acts. Today Bill Ayers holds the title of Distinguished Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education.

Recently while seeing his poll numbers drop, McCain and Palin have embarked on a daily barrage of negative attacks against Barack Obama. The McCain-Palin campaign are desperately trying to convince the American people that Barack Obama must be a terrorist, or have terrorist ties because both Barack Obama and William Ayers served on the board of an anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago between 1999 and 2002. The Woods Fund of Chicago was absorbed by the Chicago Education Board in 2001. McCain and Palin are continuously calling for Obama to explain exactly when did he become aware that Bill Ayers was a radical who was involved in criminal activities in the 1960's. This probably will surprise some readers of my blog, but I actually agree with McCain and Palin question; I think the question is fair game. I also believe it's fair game for McCain and Palin to ask Leonore Annenberg president, chairperson, and sole director of The Annenberg Foundation who endorsed the McCain-Palin ticket and a staunch Republican, when did she and her board members learn of Mr. Ayers actions in the 1960's. Here's the real deal, William Ayers was hand picked by Ms. Annenberg and her board of directors to become a board member of The Woods Fund of Chicago long before Barack Obama became a board member. My point is this, if McCain and Palin is making the argument about Obama palling around with terrorists, can't the same point be made about one of McCain's most staunchest supporter palling around with the same terrorist. The bottom line is this, McCain-Palin want us to believe that a woman who can sneak up behind a moose and shoot it in the back of the head, and field dress the moose is ready to be Vice President. McCain-Palin want us to believe that a woman who is a hockey mom and a Joe six-pack guy is ready to be Vice President. Does this mean the football moms and the Joe shot of Hennessey guys are not represented by this woman? Give me a break, this is not a time for somebody who is ready for the job as the local librarian, which Sarah Palin is qualified for, this is a time for experienced and critical thinkers to step up to the plate.

A little bit about Cindy McCain, when Michelle Obama was out on the campaign trail making statements, the media and everybody else was saying, if she's out there campaigning then she's fair game. Not one time did Michelle Obama attack John McCain, all of her campaign speeches was about what Barack Obama would do as President. Cindy McCain for the first time questioned Barack Obama's patriotism, Cindy McCain said Obama voted against a bill to fund our troops; she was right. Obama did vote against a bill to fund the troops, two weeks before that John McCain voted against a bill to fund our troops. The bill Obama voted against was a bill put forth by Republicans that didn't have a timeline for our troops to leave Iraq. The bill McCain voted against was a bill put forth by Democrats that had a timeline for our troops to leave Iraq. In actuality both men votes cancelled out each other's vote. Now that Cindy McCain has spoken out on the campaign trail and attacking Obama, I believe it's fair game for Cindy McCain to explain to the American people why she stole drugs from people who desperately needed those drugs their lives depended on. Before we knew Cindy McCain was a drug addict, she gave speeches about how much she loved the people who she stole drugs from to feed her drug addiction. Turned out Cindy McCain loved her drug addiction far more than any of the people who relied on the drugs to get through their everyday lives. When Cindy McCain suggested Barack Obama should change shoes with her for just one day, Obama should have shot back and told her he don't wear bitch shoes. But Barack Obama character is above such mortifying behavior.

The McCain-Palin campaign has gotten to the point that they're willing to say and do anything to save their campaign. This is equivalent to the fight between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield when Mike Tyson realized he was losing and took a bite of half of Holyfield's ear; anything to win. So when McCain tell the American people he's all about country first, I think he got it twisted, with McCain it's campaign first and America second. Watch out Barack, shake his hand but no hugging, protect your ear.

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