Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona New Immigration Racial Profiling Law

The state of Arizona recently passed a law that in effect says, if your skin color is anything other than White, the Arizona police have the power to stop you and ask if you're in America illegally. This new Arizona law is nothing more than the state of Arizona lawmakers are passing laws akin to South Africa’s Apartheid legislation.

We can all discuss the merits of whether or not Arizona’s new Immigration law is draconian or not, but I want to focus on Hispanic and Black relations in America. We all know there are numerous Black, Hispanic and Latino gangs in America; there’s no missing it, we see it on the news on a daily basis. What we don’t hear on a daily basis, are all of the different Aryan, Skinhead, and White supremacist gangs in America. First of all, anybody can go on an across America trip, make stops in every major city, what you will see is a heavy dose of Blacks, Hispanics, and Latinos at outright war with each other.

Here’s the stupid part about the whole thing, while people of color are in a steady mode of killing each other, the people who hate them the most are passing laws that take us back to the Apartheid era. The racist White gangs that I mentioned are sitting back and taking all of the people of color killing each other as ammunition for their cause. If this dense trend of people of color continue killing each other, all the Aryan nation and other racist gangs will do is swoop in under the guise of some kind of government militia and save the day for America. It will be just like the KKK was portrayed in the movie “Birth of a Nation.”

The final word is this, if one fail to recognize who the true enemy is, the only thing you’re doing is helping the people who really want to destroy you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Media Coverage of the Tea Party Movement

I know people who read my blog are sick of me writing about the Tea Party movement. It probably seems as if I’m infatuated with these people, I’m not. However, I am confused in regards to the reaction to the Tea Party movement by Democrats and President Obama supporters. I’ll get to the Democrats and the so called President supporters later.

I got to begin with a few words about the media coverage of the Tea Party. The March on Washington organized by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan attracted a crowd of approximately a million people, based on the theme for African American men to clean up their lives and rebuild their neighborhoods. Dr. Martin Luther King speech, “I Have a Dream” attracted a crowd of approximately 250,000. On the other hand, recent Tea Party rallies attracted a crowd of only 1,500 at any of their recent events, this tally comes from Tea Party organizers; but yet the media are touting these people as game changers in upcoming elections.

As I’ve written before, the Tea Party movement is nothing more than a small bunch of White racist people pissed off because the President of the United States of America is a Black man; this is as clear as Black and White.

To the Democrats and the so called President Obama supporters, the silence is deafening. It’s either the President’s supporters are outright cowards, or they woke up on the morning of November 5, 2008 and asked themselves, “did I actually vote for a Black guy yesterday.” To be truthful, there are a few President Obama supporters protesting in behalf of the President; but the media refuse to cover those people. Make no mistake about it, Republicans and their racist followers are not the only people who want the President to fail; a vast number of media outlets share the same view.

I’ll end with this, if the Black community think that just because Barack Obama is a smart sharp guy, then therefore all we have to do is sit on the sidelines and do nothing and everything will be fine; we’re fooling ourselves. White America is mobilizing against this man, and we as Black people are just sitting there doing nothing to counter these people; tomorrow will be too late, we need to act now.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Enthusiasm of the GOP...

The media is noticing the GOP enthusiasm, and the vehemence of the Teabaggers. The question is being asked, where is the same passion from the Democrats? I would actually be disappointed if I witnessed Democrats participating in rallies clutching signs with racial epithets, making threatening phone calls to Republican politicians, throwing bricks through the windows of politicians they disagree with, and hysterical Black protesters spitting on white politicians because they voted for a bill they disagreed with. Some media outlets are touting groups like the Teabaggers as passionate patriots, people who are afraid of government takeover, and they just want their country back.

First of all, the majority of these people are just plain racists, pure and simple. I agree they’re afraid, but it’s definitely not of government takeover; these people are afraid of a Black President succeeding. As for these outright racists wanting their country back, which part of the country are they talking about? Are they talking about the part of the country they stole from the American Indians, or are they talking about the part of the country they stole from the Mexicans? I agree these people are passionate patriots, my question is passionate patriots to what, it’s definitely not America. Militia groups have grown over 200% since the Oklahoma bombing. Everyone in these militia groups are white people arming themselves to overthrow the government for one reason and one reason only; we now have a Black man as President.

According to David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, the GOP has made bipartisanship impossible. Mr. Axelrod went on to state, “We mistakenly believed that in the midst of a crisis that both parties would come together and the Republicans would say, this is a time of national crisis, we want to work with you where we can.” Republican Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky told his Republican caucus, before the President was even sworn in to office, “We’re not going to cooperate with him on anything because we think if he fails, we win.”

In a nutshell, the Obama Administration made a mistake to believe the Republicans would actually work with them on anything. While trying to appease the Conservative Democrats (Blue Dogs), the Administration made themselves appear weak by trying to be bipartisan with Republicans. Now that the mistake has been made, the question is whether the lesson has been learned, not just by the White House, but also by congressional Democrats. The best way to get political opponents to work with you is to let them know you're willing and able to go it alone.

Let’s just face facts, people of color in America if you don’t see what’s happening in this country; then you are destined to be a slave one way or another. I could go on a rampage about how I feel about America’s relationship with Israel (racism between Israelis and Palestinians), but that’s another subject for another day. Today, I’m talking about these racist Teabaggers and the people at Fox News, and the other outright haters on right wing talk radio shows. Newt Gingrich knew exactly what he was talking about when he mentioned the President’s basketball ability. I’m sick and tired of these racist bastards thinking they can spoon feed us with subliminal racism. I know I jumped all over the place with issue after issue, but believe it or not, some white people woke up the next morning after voting for Barack Obama, and asked themselves, did I just vote for a Black guy. Wake up people of color in America and realize the people who look like you are not your enemy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers Profit Explode

Hedge Fund Managers raked in a record profit in 2009 ($25.33 Billion), thanks to hard working men and women tax dollars bailing them out because they were too big to fail.

I got to state up-front, I am not a player hater, I’m all for everybody getting a dollar if they’re not breaking the law. I’ll go so far as to say, I’m for getting a dollar even if the uninformed are exploited. With that said, aren’t these the same people who are making record profits doing the same thing that took us to the brink of the biggest depression in the history of mankind?

Maybe it’s me, but if I go gamble with money that I do not have, the person that I lost to don’t want to hear that shit about, “hold on dog, I’ll just borrow it from the tax payers, it’s all good.” One thing the average person don’t understand is this, every time General Motors (GM) post record losses somebody make money, the money don’t just disappear. Every time somebody loses money somebody make money; so in reality there is no money lost, an even swap aint no swindle.

The bottom line is this, I’m kind of sick of hearing people whining about the people who made money when the people who was suppose to be watching the store gave a wink-wink to the people who took advantage of an opportunity. The only reason I’m pissed, is because I didn’t get in on the free money.

Michael Steele And The Gop Sex Scandal Woes

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele Is in hot water because of some kind of mis-guided sex scandal. Then these dumb ass people doubled down on the dumbness and sent out a fund raiser brochure with a phone number to a sex for talk hot line. Keep in mind that these are the same people who believe Sarah Palin is the hottest thing going for the GOP.

I’ll try not to pile on Mr. Steele, but let’s face facts, the only reason Mr. Steele was voted in as GOP Chairman was to counter President Obama’s support in the Black community; the GOP master plan to place a TOKEN as their Chairman failed. This is equivalent to John McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate for Vice President. The thought was to counter Barack Obama choosing Hillary Clinton as his running mate; but he faked them out and chose Joe Biden. By Barack Obama choosing Joe Biden as his running mate left Republicans with one of the most uninformed persons’ on earth for late night TV to boost their ratings. Ok, let’s get back to RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

Not only does Michael Steele have to apologize to an out-right racist like Rush Limbaugh; Mr. Steele problem in my opinion is he’s trying to burn both ends of the candle. One day he’s saying things like, “what’s up dog” the next day he’s on Fox News kissing Sean Hannity’s ass. My question to Mr. Steele, what the fuck is up with you, do you actually think we as Black people are that dumb to allow you to play us like that. I can understand how your judgment could be so mis-guided when I look at the fact how we as Black people are participating in so much Black-On-Black crime. Mr. Steele don’t get it twisted, some of us know who hate our guts just because our skin color is different.

I already know, the local White drunk, the local White drug addict believe he/she is better than the President of the United States of America, simply because he/she is White. These complete idiots actually believe that they have White privilege.