Friday, April 2, 2010

Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers Profit Explode

Hedge Fund Managers raked in a record profit in 2009 ($25.33 Billion), thanks to hard working men and women tax dollars bailing them out because they were too big to fail.

I got to state up-front, I am not a player hater, I’m all for everybody getting a dollar if they’re not breaking the law. I’ll go so far as to say, I’m for getting a dollar even if the uninformed are exploited. With that said, aren’t these the same people who are making record profits doing the same thing that took us to the brink of the biggest depression in the history of mankind?

Maybe it’s me, but if I go gamble with money that I do not have, the person that I lost to don’t want to hear that shit about, “hold on dog, I’ll just borrow it from the tax payers, it’s all good.” One thing the average person don’t understand is this, every time General Motors (GM) post record losses somebody make money, the money don’t just disappear. Every time somebody loses money somebody make money; so in reality there is no money lost, an even swap aint no swindle.

The bottom line is this, I’m kind of sick of hearing people whining about the people who made money when the people who was suppose to be watching the store gave a wink-wink to the people who took advantage of an opportunity. The only reason I’m pissed, is because I didn’t get in on the free money.

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