Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Enthusiasm of the GOP...

The media is noticing the GOP enthusiasm, and the vehemence of the Teabaggers. The question is being asked, where is the same passion from the Democrats? I would actually be disappointed if I witnessed Democrats participating in rallies clutching signs with racial epithets, making threatening phone calls to Republican politicians, throwing bricks through the windows of politicians they disagree with, and hysterical Black protesters spitting on white politicians because they voted for a bill they disagreed with. Some media outlets are touting groups like the Teabaggers as passionate patriots, people who are afraid of government takeover, and they just want their country back.

First of all, the majority of these people are just plain racists, pure and simple. I agree they’re afraid, but it’s definitely not of government takeover; these people are afraid of a Black President succeeding. As for these outright racists wanting their country back, which part of the country are they talking about? Are they talking about the part of the country they stole from the American Indians, or are they talking about the part of the country they stole from the Mexicans? I agree these people are passionate patriots, my question is passionate patriots to what, it’s definitely not America. Militia groups have grown over 200% since the Oklahoma bombing. Everyone in these militia groups are white people arming themselves to overthrow the government for one reason and one reason only; we now have a Black man as President.

According to David Axelrod, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, the GOP has made bipartisanship impossible. Mr. Axelrod went on to state, “We mistakenly believed that in the midst of a crisis that both parties would come together and the Republicans would say, this is a time of national crisis, we want to work with you where we can.” Republican Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky told his Republican caucus, before the President was even sworn in to office, “We’re not going to cooperate with him on anything because we think if he fails, we win.”

In a nutshell, the Obama Administration made a mistake to believe the Republicans would actually work with them on anything. While trying to appease the Conservative Democrats (Blue Dogs), the Administration made themselves appear weak by trying to be bipartisan with Republicans. Now that the mistake has been made, the question is whether the lesson has been learned, not just by the White House, but also by congressional Democrats. The best way to get political opponents to work with you is to let them know you're willing and able to go it alone.

Let’s just face facts, people of color in America if you don’t see what’s happening in this country; then you are destined to be a slave one way or another. I could go on a rampage about how I feel about America’s relationship with Israel (racism between Israelis and Palestinians), but that’s another subject for another day. Today, I’m talking about these racist Teabaggers and the people at Fox News, and the other outright haters on right wing talk radio shows. Newt Gingrich knew exactly what he was talking about when he mentioned the President’s basketball ability. I’m sick and tired of these racist bastards thinking they can spoon feed us with subliminal racism. I know I jumped all over the place with issue after issue, but believe it or not, some white people woke up the next morning after voting for Barack Obama, and asked themselves, did I just vote for a Black guy. Wake up people of color in America and realize the people who look like you are not your enemy.

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