Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arizona New Immigration Racial Profiling Law

The state of Arizona recently passed a law that in effect says, if your skin color is anything other than White, the Arizona police have the power to stop you and ask if you're in America illegally. This new Arizona law is nothing more than the state of Arizona lawmakers are passing laws akin to South Africa’s Apartheid legislation.

We can all discuss the merits of whether or not Arizona’s new Immigration law is draconian or not, but I want to focus on Hispanic and Black relations in America. We all know there are numerous Black, Hispanic and Latino gangs in America; there’s no missing it, we see it on the news on a daily basis. What we don’t hear on a daily basis, are all of the different Aryan, Skinhead, and White supremacist gangs in America. First of all, anybody can go on an across America trip, make stops in every major city, what you will see is a heavy dose of Blacks, Hispanics, and Latinos at outright war with each other.

Here’s the stupid part about the whole thing, while people of color are in a steady mode of killing each other, the people who hate them the most are passing laws that take us back to the Apartheid era. The racist White gangs that I mentioned are sitting back and taking all of the people of color killing each other as ammunition for their cause. If this dense trend of people of color continue killing each other, all the Aryan nation and other racist gangs will do is swoop in under the guise of some kind of government militia and save the day for America. It will be just like the KKK was portrayed in the movie “Birth of a Nation.”

The final word is this, if one fail to recognize who the true enemy is, the only thing you’re doing is helping the people who really want to destroy you.

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