Thursday, July 29, 2010

Was it a Sinister Ploy by White People?

I know on its face this seems far fetched, but stay with me on this one. Let me state up-front, I’m not big on conspiracy theories. However, after certain events over the past year and a half, I thought it was a question worth asking, and a subject worth discussing. Let’s face facts; President Obama received 85%-90% of the Black vote for President. The President could have received 100% of the Black vote, but without a large number of the White vote; he would not be the first Black President, that’s a fact.

Since Barack Hussein Obama became President, the Tea Party has gained strength and recognition. We have angry mobs (98% White people), marching up and down the streets of American cities with hideous hate banners of the President shouting they want their country back. Exactly who took their country from them before they stole it from the American Indians; that’s anybody’s guest. The angry mob also proclaim they don’t want the government anywhere in their lives, but they’re out there everyday complaining about how the government haven’t created jobs for them; maybe they’re just schizophrenic. White people are making claims that the Obama administration circulated memos instructing his Civil Rights Division not to pursue claims brought by Whites against Blacks. Keep in mind that there haven’t been any documents produced to support such a racist accusation, but the media gave us a daily dose of this crap anyway, solely on the word of a right-wing plant. Since Barack Hussein Obama became President, race relations in America have definitely deteriorated. One of the main reasons race relations have nose-dived, is because some White people are angry simply because the President is Black. Anybody with a clear thinking brain knows for a fact if the President was White, race relations wouldn’t be as incendiary as it is today.

When you look at what has transpired since Barack Hussein Obama became President, it’s not easy to dismiss the thought that some Whites knew with Obama having at least 85% of Black voters under his belt, and if a large number of Whites voted for him also; it was a cinch for him to win. Therefore, perhaps some Whites hatched a sinister plot to put a Black man in the White House, just so they could do any and everything to make sure he failed. This would allow some devious Whites to proclaim that Blacks shouldn’t be in charge of anything. Think about it, with what have materialized since January 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day), perhaps it’s not far fetched.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judge Blocks Parts of Arizona's Immigration Law

I think it was a good thing Judge Susan Bolton blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration law. However, I have strong positions on both sides of the law; I’ll get to that later. The aspects of the law the judge blocked was clearly a form of racial profiling. Everyone should speak-out against racism and discrimination where ever and when ever it occurs; especially those of us who have been a victim of it.

We have politicians like Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), who have jumped all over the map on the immigration issue. Any direction the political winds are blowing, so goes McCain. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-California), says he’s all for comprehensive immigration reform, but he’s against amnesty; exactly what that mean, who knows. Does it mean no pathway to citizenship, and the government just round-up approximately 15 million people and send them back to their country of origin? Does it mean the illegal immigrants who have been here 20 years and their children was born here, do we kick the parents out and allow their children to stay?

Everybody with common sense knows what this is about. For those of you who prefer to play the dumb role, let me lace your boots. All of this is about the Tea Party members, Republicans, and the outright racists trying to scare other Whites into believing people of color are trying to take over the country. If people of color do succeed in becoming prominent in leading roles in this country, are you scared they will enslave you? This is the same argument White South Africans made when apartheid was abolished, it didn’t happen? This country had 400 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow, 18 months of a Black President, and now all of sudden, be scared White people, the people of color are coming; give me a break.

Some politicians who play to the crowd says, secure the border first, and then deal with immigration reform. My question is this, why can’t we do both simultaneously? All this talk about securing the border is equivalent to having to do what German guards did at the Berlin wall standing guard with Uzi machine guns. Until politicians clearly define exactly what they mean when they say no amnesty; nothing will be done in regards to immigration reform.

Here are my strong positions regarding immigration, legal and illegal. Every city and state in this country is plagued with Spanish gangs, Black gangs, Asian gangs, Indian American gangs, and Aryan gangs. I’m going to focus on Spanish, Black, and Aryan gangs to make my point. Everyday we either see or hear about Spanish gangs and Black gangs killing each other. It’s as if when they go to buy guns and bullets, they ask for the guns and bullets to kill Spanish and Black people only. Oh I’m sure the Aryan gangs do their amount of damage also, but we never hear about that. While Spanish and Black gangs are killing each other, Aryan gangs are sitting back hating both of you dam fools; what’s worse, they’re laughing at your dumb asses.

The question to both of you ignorant stupid ass fools (Spanish and Black gangs), why do you hate each other so much?

First Black Elected Politician in Russia

(AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)
NOVOZAVIDOVO, Russia — People in this Russian town used to stare at Jean Gregoire Sagbo because they had never seen a black man. Now they say they see in him something equally rare – an honest politician. Sagbo last month became the first black to be elected to office in Russia.

In a country where racism is entrenched and often violent, Sagbo's election as one of Novozavidovo's 10 municipal councilors is a milestone. But among the town's 10,000 people, the 48-year-old from the West African country of Benin is viewed simply a Russian who cares about his hometown. He promises to revive the impoverished, garbage-strewn town where he has lived for 21 years and raised a family. His plans include reducing rampant drug addiction, cleaning up a polluted lake and delivering heating to homes.

"Novozavidovo is dying," Sagbo said in an interview in the ramshackle municipal building. "This is my home, my town. We can't live like this."

"His skin is black but he is Russian inside," said Vyacheslav Arakelov, the mayor.

"The way he cares about this place, only a Russian can care."

Sagbo isn't the first black in Russian politics. Another West African, Joaquin Crima of Guinea-Bissau, ran for head of a southern Russian district a year ago but was heavily defeated. Crima was dubbed by the media "Russia's Obama." Now they've shifted the title to Sagbo, much to his annoyance. "My name is not Obama. It's sensationalism," he said. "He is black and I am black, but it's a totally different situation."

Inspired by communist ideology, Sagbo came to Soviet Russia in 1982 to study economics in Moscow. There he met his wife, a Novozavidovo native. He moved to the town about 100 kilometers (65 miles) north of Moscow in 1989 to be close to his in-laws. Today he is a father of two, and negotiates real estate sales for a Moscow conglomerate. His council job is unpaid. Sagbo says neither he nor his wife wanted him to get into politics, viewing it as a dirty, dangerous business, but the town council and residents persuaded him to run for office. They already knew him as a man of strong civic impulse. He had cleaned the entrance to his apartment building, planted flowers and spent his own money on street improvements. Ten years ago he organized volunteers and started what became an annual day of collecting garbage. He said he feels no racism in the town. "I am one of them. I am home here," Sagbo said.

He felt that during his first year in the town, when his 4-year-old son Maxim came home in tears, saying a teenage boy spat at him. Sagbo ran outside in a rage, demanding that the spitter explain himself. Women sitting nearby also berated the teenager. Then the whole street joined in.

Russia's black population hasn't been officially counted but some studies estimate about 40,000 "Afro-Russians." Many are attracted by universities that are less costly than in the West. Scores of them suffer racially motivated attacks every year – 49 in Moscow alone in 2009, according to the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy Task Force on Racial Violence and Harassment, an advocacy group.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Novozavidovo's industries were rapidly privatized, leaving it in financial ruin. High unemployment, corruption, alcoholism and pollution blight what was once an idyllic town, just a short distance from the Zavidovo National Park, where Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev take nature retreats.

Denis Voronin, a 33-year-old engineer in Novozavidovo, said Sagbo was the town's first politician to get elected fairly, without resorting to buying votes
"Previous politicians were all criminals," he said. A former administration head – the equivalent of mayor in rural Russia – was shot to death by unknown assailants two years ago. The post is now held by Arakelov, a veteran of the Soviet war in Afghanistan who says he also wants to clean up corruption. He says money used to constantly disappear from the town budget and is being investigated by tax police.

Residents say they pay providers for heat and hot water, but because of ineffective monitoring by the municipality they don't get much of either. The toilet in the municipal building is a room with a hole in the floor.

As a councilor, Sagbo has already scored some successes. He mobilized residents to collect money and turn dilapidated lots between buildings into colorful playgrounds with new swings and painted fences.

As he strolled around his neighborhood everyone greeted him and he responded in his fluent, French-African-accented Russian. Boys waved to Sagbo, who had promised them a soccer field.

Sitting in the newly painted playground with her son, Irina Danilenko said it was the only improvement she has seen in the five years she has lived here. "We don't care about his race," said Danilenko, 31. "We consider him one of us."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Recent polls show President Obama’s poll numbers are on a steady decline. The vast majority of the population that the President is losing are White working class men. Recently the support of White women has dropped to an all time low also. Why the steady decline by White people? I’ll share my views on that particular subject in a few minutes; but first a few facts.

According to the Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll, In January 2010, the President’s job approval was 65%. Today, the President’s job approval is 45%; Gallop is pretty much the same. When it comes to White men, 82% disapprove of the job the President is doing; White women disapproval of the job the President is doing is 77%. Although 46% of Americans believe President Obama’s policies will do more to help the economy improve, as opposed to just 29% believe continuing former President Bush’s policies will do more to help the economy improve; we still get mixed messages. Here’s why I ask the question, is this racism or ignorance. A recent poll by Gallop asked, If the election was held today, would you vote for a Democrat or Republican; 46% said they would vote Republican, 45% said they would vote Democrat.

When I read these poll numbers, and dig a little deeper on why these people would vote the way they say they will vote, and why; it actually makes me think that all of these people are suffering from “Joe The Plumber” mentality. After eight years of proof that former President Bush’s policies wrecked the economy, approximately half of Americans want Bush’s policies to return; tax breaks for the rich, and the benefits for the middle class will trickle down. It almost seems as if the pollsters are polling Tea Party members and Independents only. It’s hard for me to believe the people who were put on hold by Republicans for months in regards to passing the bill for extending unemployment benefits for out-of-work Americans, want to vote for Republicans.

So you tell me, is this racism or ignorance?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Dishonest Hit Tape On Shirley Sherrod

I know some of you will read this article and say, “This is old news.” I won’t waste your time talking about what a racist blogger did; instead I’ll focus on what the media is doing now.

News organizations for the past few days have shifted from demonizing Fox News and racists like Andrew Breitbart for their dishonest hit peace on Shirley Sherrod, to trying to make President Obama culpable for the actions of what a racist right wing blogger did. I agree Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the Obama Administration acted too quickly by firing Shirley Sherrod on the word of a racist blogger and Fox News. However, I do believe the same news organizations would have branded the Obama Administration as showing racial bias in favor of Blacks if the administration hadn’t acted quickly. Especially in light of whistleblower and far right-wing plant, former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams testifying to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission implying the Obama Administration has (instituted a policy against protecting the civil rights of White Americans).

If you watched the news for the past couple of days, you would think President Obama posted the edited tape on YouTube to embarrass Shirley Sherrod; and then turned around and fired her. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what this President does, some in the media will hate him no matter what.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Was 9/11 The Worst Terrorist Attack In America's History?

I’m going to try to put this in a way so the dumbest person in the class can get it.

I was surfing through channels and came up on ESPN right at the time Jim Rome was on. Jim Rome has a show on ESPN, which is called Rome Is Burning. One of the things Jim Rome was burning about was Dwayne Wade’s comment, in which he stated, “If we as the new big three lose four or five games in a row, the media will try to act like it’s bigger than 9/11.”

I admit that there is no way that a sporting event can be compared to the tragedy that took place on 9/11. OK, I agree with Jim Rome that Dwayne Wade made a poor judgment in analogy in his comparison with a sporting event and 9/11. However, Jim Rome wouldn’t let well enough do, Jim Rome went on to condemn Dwayne Wade by saying, “The 9/11 event was the worst terrorist attack in America’s history, and for Dwayne Wade to even speak of 9/11 and a sporting event are equivalent, is appalling.”

Real Talk time, first of all, 9/11 was not the worst terrorist attack in America’s history; and hell no, I’m not talking about the Japanese unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. I’m talking about the years of the first and the worst terrorists to hit America. Don’t sit there and act as if you don’t have a clue of who I’m talking about. Everybody in the world know the worst terrorists to hit America was, and still is to this day are the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The terrorist attack on 9/11 murdered approximately 3,000 innocent people. The first terrorists, the KKK to invade this country murdered millions; so it’s inconceivable how the attack on 9/11 can be the worst terrorist attack in America’s history. The main reason 9/11 is continuously being referred to as the worst terrorist attack in this country’s history; is because the media refuse to acknowledge the KKK as a terrorist organization.

A word about the teabaggers. I get the racist ass teabaggers point; they’re just pissed-off because a Black man is the President. What I don’t get are the brainwashed UNCLE TOMS like Ken Blackwell, the former secretary of the state of Ohio. In my opinion ignorant people of color like Mr. Blackwell is actually a form of birth defect.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fox News And The New Black Panther Party

Strap your thinking cap on, it’s time to rant. I intend to cover everything from Fox News problems with the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). What I’m about to say is not for the meek, this is about people who can agree to disagree; it really doesn’t matter if you’re jet Black or White as snow. The prerequisite of reading this article is that you have to be a critical thinker; light weights need not to apply.

Let’s start with Megan Kelly of Fox News with her infatuation of the NBPP intimidation of voters in 1998. I heard this woman say on national TV (Fox News) that she has nine years of legal knowledge and a few years of journalism under her belt. She proclaim that a whistle blower testified under oath that the Obama administration has a document stating that if it’s a Civil Rights claim against a Black by a White; they will not prosecute. Sounds like reverse discrimination to me, but neither Megan Kelly nor the whistle blower can produce any evidence that a document by the Obama administration exist to coincide with their ridiculous claims. What this woman and Fox News are trying to imply is that the Obama administration has an agenda geared towards taking care of Black people, and White people are second on President Obama’s agenda. These people actually think clear thinking Americans are too dumb to see through their subliminal racism.

I said all of that to say this, the dumb bitch, Megan Kelly of Fox News who touts herself as a journalist failed to check and see that it was Attorney General Michael Bernard Mukasey, a George Bush nominee, who decided that it was insufficient evidence to prosecute members of the NBPP of voter intimidation. What other evidence we need to know that (1): This is a dumb racist bitch; and (2): This is an ignorant bitch masquerading as a journalist. Here’s what’s really happening, Bill O’Reilley came to Fox News with incendiary rhetoric in regards to progressive Americans, and became one of the top right wing heroes. A little punk like Sean Hannity picked up on it and decided, if Bill O’Reilley can be successful at it; why not me. Shortly afterwards, along comes an outright nobody by the name of Glen Beck and piggy-backed off of the aforementioned ass-holes, and walla, all of a sudden he’s famous. Now we have this dumb bitch by the name of Megan Kelly thinking she can do the same thing by lying about the facts in regards to the NBPP.

The NAACP calling racist remnants out within the Tea Party movement. My question to the NAACP, what the hell took you so long? It’s like the cop said in the Casablanca movie, “I’m shocked, I didn’t know gambling was going on in here.” Once again Fox News is at the forefront trying to act like what’s the big deal, so what if it’s a little racism going on within the Tea Party. Not one of the NAACP spokespersons says anything about the whole of the Tea Party is racists. The NAACP went out of their way to point out that the leadership within the Tea Party needs to do a better job to repudiate racism within their ranks. But yet Fox News tried to make it seem as if the NAACP painted the whole Tea Party as racists. The complete fools at Fox news refuse to say President Obama, they always say Obama or Mr. Obama.

News flash to people of color, you can sit on your ass and act like everything is KOOL and all good; but you better wake up and get a grip, and realize that a smile is just a frown turned upside down.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Murder of Oscar Grant III

On January 1, 2009, Oscar Grant III was brutally murdered by Johannes Mehserle, a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police officer. Oscar Grant III was handcuffed behind his back, faced down on the pavement while Officer Johannes Mehserle and another Bart police officer had him fully subdued. Officer Johannes Mehserle stood, withdrew his gun from his holster, and shot Oscar Grant III once in the back. This event was captured on multiple digital and cell phone cameras; it was also captured by Bart station security cameras. In some kind of strange way, the BART station security videos turned up missing. Read about it in detail by visiting the link below.

On July 8, 2010, the jury found Officer Johannes Mehserle guilty of involuntary manslaughter, which means Officer Mehserle could possibly serve less time for murdering a human being than Michael Vick served for killing a dog.

In my opinion, this lets me know that a person of color in America is less important than a dog. For those of you who haven’t noticed, gun sales have increased by more than two hundred percent by whites since President Barack Hussein Obama became president. But yet, the courts of America has ruled that we have the right to show up at a President Barack Hussein Obama rally with a concealed weapon or with a weapon strapped onto our waist.

“Marinate” this on your brain for a few minutes. When the Black Panther Party armed themselves to protect people of color from the first terrorists (The KKK) known to this country because the police wouldn’t protect people of color, J. Edgar Hoover gave the order to FBI agents to murder each and everyone of them on site.

If the rest of you would like to pretend that you’re oblivious to what’s really going on, then I say people of color are destined to repeat history and to become SLAVES once again.