Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Judge Blocks Parts of Arizona's Immigration Law

I think it was a good thing Judge Susan Bolton blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration law. However, I have strong positions on both sides of the law; I’ll get to that later. The aspects of the law the judge blocked was clearly a form of racial profiling. Everyone should speak-out against racism and discrimination where ever and when ever it occurs; especially those of us who have been a victim of it.

We have politicians like Senator John McCain (R-Arizona), who have jumped all over the map on the immigration issue. Any direction the political winds are blowing, so goes McCain. Congressman Darrell Issa (R-California), says he’s all for comprehensive immigration reform, but he’s against amnesty; exactly what that mean, who knows. Does it mean no pathway to citizenship, and the government just round-up approximately 15 million people and send them back to their country of origin? Does it mean the illegal immigrants who have been here 20 years and their children was born here, do we kick the parents out and allow their children to stay?

Everybody with common sense knows what this is about. For those of you who prefer to play the dumb role, let me lace your boots. All of this is about the Tea Party members, Republicans, and the outright racists trying to scare other Whites into believing people of color are trying to take over the country. If people of color do succeed in becoming prominent in leading roles in this country, are you scared they will enslave you? This is the same argument White South Africans made when apartheid was abolished, it didn’t happen? This country had 400 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow, 18 months of a Black President, and now all of sudden, be scared White people, the people of color are coming; give me a break.

Some politicians who play to the crowd says, secure the border first, and then deal with immigration reform. My question is this, why can’t we do both simultaneously? All this talk about securing the border is equivalent to having to do what German guards did at the Berlin wall standing guard with Uzi machine guns. Until politicians clearly define exactly what they mean when they say no amnesty; nothing will be done in regards to immigration reform.

Here are my strong positions regarding immigration, legal and illegal. Every city and state in this country is plagued with Spanish gangs, Black gangs, Asian gangs, Indian American gangs, and Aryan gangs. I’m going to focus on Spanish, Black, and Aryan gangs to make my point. Everyday we either see or hear about Spanish gangs and Black gangs killing each other. It’s as if when they go to buy guns and bullets, they ask for the guns and bullets to kill Spanish and Black people only. Oh I’m sure the Aryan gangs do their amount of damage also, but we never hear about that. While Spanish and Black gangs are killing each other, Aryan gangs are sitting back hating both of you dam fools; what’s worse, they’re laughing at your dumb asses.

The question to both of you ignorant stupid ass fools (Spanish and Black gangs), why do you hate each other so much?

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