Thursday, July 29, 2010

Was it a Sinister Ploy by White People?

I know on its face this seems far fetched, but stay with me on this one. Let me state up-front, I’m not big on conspiracy theories. However, after certain events over the past year and a half, I thought it was a question worth asking, and a subject worth discussing. Let’s face facts; President Obama received 85%-90% of the Black vote for President. The President could have received 100% of the Black vote, but without a large number of the White vote; he would not be the first Black President, that’s a fact.

Since Barack Hussein Obama became President, the Tea Party has gained strength and recognition. We have angry mobs (98% White people), marching up and down the streets of American cities with hideous hate banners of the President shouting they want their country back. Exactly who took their country from them before they stole it from the American Indians; that’s anybody’s guest. The angry mob also proclaim they don’t want the government anywhere in their lives, but they’re out there everyday complaining about how the government haven’t created jobs for them; maybe they’re just schizophrenic. White people are making claims that the Obama administration circulated memos instructing his Civil Rights Division not to pursue claims brought by Whites against Blacks. Keep in mind that there haven’t been any documents produced to support such a racist accusation, but the media gave us a daily dose of this crap anyway, solely on the word of a right-wing plant. Since Barack Hussein Obama became President, race relations in America have definitely deteriorated. One of the main reasons race relations have nose-dived, is because some White people are angry simply because the President is Black. Anybody with a clear thinking brain knows for a fact if the President was White, race relations wouldn’t be as incendiary as it is today.

When you look at what has transpired since Barack Hussein Obama became President, it’s not easy to dismiss the thought that some Whites knew with Obama having at least 85% of Black voters under his belt, and if a large number of Whites voted for him also; it was a cinch for him to win. Therefore, perhaps some Whites hatched a sinister plot to put a Black man in the White House, just so they could do any and everything to make sure he failed. This would allow some devious Whites to proclaim that Blacks shouldn’t be in charge of anything. Think about it, with what have materialized since January 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day), perhaps it’s not far fetched.

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