Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fox News And The New Black Panther Party

Strap your thinking cap on, it’s time to rant. I intend to cover everything from Fox News problems with the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). What I’m about to say is not for the meek, this is about people who can agree to disagree; it really doesn’t matter if you’re jet Black or White as snow. The prerequisite of reading this article is that you have to be a critical thinker; light weights need not to apply.

Let’s start with Megan Kelly of Fox News with her infatuation of the NBPP intimidation of voters in 1998. I heard this woman say on national TV (Fox News) that she has nine years of legal knowledge and a few years of journalism under her belt. She proclaim that a whistle blower testified under oath that the Obama administration has a document stating that if it’s a Civil Rights claim against a Black by a White; they will not prosecute. Sounds like reverse discrimination to me, but neither Megan Kelly nor the whistle blower can produce any evidence that a document by the Obama administration exist to coincide with their ridiculous claims. What this woman and Fox News are trying to imply is that the Obama administration has an agenda geared towards taking care of Black people, and White people are second on President Obama’s agenda. These people actually think clear thinking Americans are too dumb to see through their subliminal racism.

I said all of that to say this, the dumb bitch, Megan Kelly of Fox News who touts herself as a journalist failed to check and see that it was Attorney General Michael Bernard Mukasey, a George Bush nominee, who decided that it was insufficient evidence to prosecute members of the NBPP of voter intimidation. What other evidence we need to know that (1): This is a dumb racist bitch; and (2): This is an ignorant bitch masquerading as a journalist. Here’s what’s really happening, Bill O’Reilley came to Fox News with incendiary rhetoric in regards to progressive Americans, and became one of the top right wing heroes. A little punk like Sean Hannity picked up on it and decided, if Bill O’Reilley can be successful at it; why not me. Shortly afterwards, along comes an outright nobody by the name of Glen Beck and piggy-backed off of the aforementioned ass-holes, and walla, all of a sudden he’s famous. Now we have this dumb bitch by the name of Megan Kelly thinking she can do the same thing by lying about the facts in regards to the NBPP.

The NAACP calling racist remnants out within the Tea Party movement. My question to the NAACP, what the hell took you so long? It’s like the cop said in the Casablanca movie, “I’m shocked, I didn’t know gambling was going on in here.” Once again Fox News is at the forefront trying to act like what’s the big deal, so what if it’s a little racism going on within the Tea Party. Not one of the NAACP spokespersons says anything about the whole of the Tea Party is racists. The NAACP went out of their way to point out that the leadership within the Tea Party needs to do a better job to repudiate racism within their ranks. But yet Fox News tried to make it seem as if the NAACP painted the whole Tea Party as racists. The complete fools at Fox news refuse to say President Obama, they always say Obama or Mr. Obama.

News flash to people of color, you can sit on your ass and act like everything is KOOL and all good; but you better wake up and get a grip, and realize that a smile is just a frown turned upside down.

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Anonymous said...

Say it loud, I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD ! Indeed I am. Fox is not a news channel ! It is there only to lie. Specifically for the repulican't party, and against BLACKS and the Democratic party. This indeed is an outrage. Before the ink was dry on your post we see fox(fake) news is at the lies again. Now they use another phony video of the likes of which were used to take out Van Jones and led to the defunding of ACORN. Videos that were later proven to be cut and out of context, with footage added, just completely phony. Now they use it to take out a civil servant of the USDA Shirley Sherrod. A woman who's own father was killed by the kkk.This is an outrage!Once again with false footage they manage to cause her to lose her job. I thought fox(fake)news was just against President Obama because he is a Democrat, but now you cannot help but to see this network is totally and completely rascist.If you need anymore evidence then you are part of the problem.Why anyone would take time out of their day to watch anything on fox is beyond me. I say it is time to boycott that network, and we should all do it immediately.Fake and fox are synonymous. Hopefully this latest episode will finally do them in, and it should.Not another Politician, or civilian should allow themselves to be seen or their likeness showed on this network.The time has come!Fuck fox and it fake ass news. Ghetto Blaster