Thursday, July 22, 2010

Andrew Breitbart Dishonest Hit Tape On Shirley Sherrod

I know some of you will read this article and say, “This is old news.” I won’t waste your time talking about what a racist blogger did; instead I’ll focus on what the media is doing now.

News organizations for the past few days have shifted from demonizing Fox News and racists like Andrew Breitbart for their dishonest hit peace on Shirley Sherrod, to trying to make President Obama culpable for the actions of what a racist right wing blogger did. I agree Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the Obama Administration acted too quickly by firing Shirley Sherrod on the word of a racist blogger and Fox News. However, I do believe the same news organizations would have branded the Obama Administration as showing racial bias in favor of Blacks if the administration hadn’t acted quickly. Especially in light of whistleblower and far right-wing plant, former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams testifying to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission implying the Obama Administration has (instituted a policy against protecting the civil rights of White Americans).

If you watched the news for the past couple of days, you would think President Obama posted the edited tape on YouTube to embarrass Shirley Sherrod; and then turned around and fired her. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter what this President does, some in the media will hate him no matter what.

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