Saturday, February 19, 2011

Union Workers vs Teabaggers

I’ve written profusely about the cowardly Democrats and so called liberals. The latest outbreak of protests by Union Workers in Wisconsin just proves my point. What I really want to point out is this, Republicans and Teabaggers acknowledged that their Teabagger darling, Gov. Walker was in trouble. Republicans and Teabaggers jumped into action, they bused Teabaggers into Wisconsin to counter the Union Workers protesters.

Here’s my problem, it’s outright unheard of for Democrats and Liberals to bus people to counter Republicans and Teabaggers protesters. Even when far right wing Teabaggers appeared at President Obama’s speaking engagements with guns, Democrats and Liberals was slow to show their disdain; so when I say cowardly Democrats, I mean it.

When did Liberalism become a bad thing? If it wasn’t for liberalism there wouldn’t be a ‘Head Start Program’ for underprivileged children, Black or White, immigrants legally or illegally.

I’m willing to bet the majority of the Teabaggers are in America illegally. They don’t have any papers to show that their ancestors left them any papers to prove when they sailed to America as indentured servants that they showed to the American Indians when they took they’re little boat ride.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism slavery would still be accepted in America today.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a program in place to take care of our elderly citizens.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law by the name of ‘Freedom of Rights’.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law by the name of ‘Due process of law’.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law by the name of ‘Probable Cause’.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a woman cherished for not giving-up her seat on the bus.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism the late great Dr. Martin Luther King wouldn’t have sacrificed his life to adhere to GOD that every MAN, WOMAN, and CHILD are created equal.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be such a thing as an eight hour work day.

If it wasn’t for Liberalism there wouldn’t be a law in place in America to protect our children from the way China and other countries force their children to work under horrific conditions to make Nike Shoes executives Billionaires.

If it wasn’t for Conservatives no one would have to live in poverty. Conservatives firmly believe that the rich should get richer and the poor should get poorer. If you don’t believe me take a look at the documentary on the History channel: Black Diamonds.

The only people I see that push back on what I said are ignorant dumb ass poor White trash hillbillies.

What has happened is that the Blue Dog Democrats masquerading as Democrats who are too scared to run as Republicans have pushed true Liberals in a corner like the Teabaggers have pushed moderate Republicans in a corner. From my point of view, the Blue Dog Democrats have done far more damage to the Democratic Party than the Republicans and the Teabaggers combined. It’s just like a bad son or daughter, it’s time to cut them lose. It’s called tough love. Anybody noticed, the Blue Dog Democrats don’t have a contact button on their website, which lets me know they’re cowards in hiding.

All of you so called President Obama supporters can show your weakness by staying in the comfort of your home and/or shallow brain, and try to convince your friends and neighbors you support the President. I don’t believe in preaching to the choir, I believe in action; and if you don’t believe in action, get the hell out of the way.

We hear all the rhetoric from politicians on both sides talking about leaving debt to our children and grandchildren because we as Americans refuse to take the hard hits to make the hard choices to leave our children and grandchildren in a better America that we lived in.

What we don’t hear from politicians on both sides with a strong voice is why is it that middle class working Americans have to sacrifice while our government continues to give tax cuts of Millions and Billions of dollars to the rich. The trickle down effect from the rich to the middle-class has been in place since former President Ronald Reagan; and all I’ve witnessed since then is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. What really gets me is that poor White trailer trash hillbillies like ‘Joe The Plumber’ and brainwashed people of color, aint got a clue of what’s happening right in front of their face.

When there are two completely different stories regarding one event, one of the stories has to be wrong. The Democrats and Liberals say the poll numbers on this link is right:

The Republicans and Teabaggers say the poll numbers on this link is right:

Anybody with a brain can see that one of these people has to be wrong. I’ll leave it up to whoever read this article to make their choice. It really doesn’t matter whether you inject your biasness or not.

One thing I will give Fox News credit for, they did say thousands of pro-Union protesters showed up on Saturday (02/19/2011) in Wisconsin, and a few hundred bused-in Teabaggers showed up at the same event. However, Fox News tried to demagogue the pro-Union protesters by pointing out that there were doctors giving out sick slips to teachers for sick days during the protest. One thing about Fox News, they’re fair and balanced when it’s in their interest to be fair and balanced.

Do not trust a wolf in sheep clothing.

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