Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who Fault Was It

I decided after hearing all of the pundits give their opinions on the tragic event that occurred Saturday 01/08/2011, trying to say any and everything to make sure their news cycle create news instead of reporting the news; to throw my opinion in the mix.

There is no way I can look myself in the mirror and say it was Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilley, the Tea Party, or anyone affiliated with the right wing, the moderate wing, or the liberal wing (as if there’s a such of thing as a liberal wing of the Republican Party) of the Republican Party are the blame for the atrocious incident on Saturday. There is but one person to blame and that is the misguided young man who committed the murder, attempted murder, and mayhem of others on Saturday.

With that said, the meek and mild should stop reading now; because I know for a fact the light weights gonna get it twisted. None of us are blaming the people mentioned above for the catastrophic incident that occurred on Saturday, but I for one have to say as Bill Oreilley always say, ‘clear thinking Americans’ know who and what set the tone for the vitriol language that has been thrown around since President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as President. We all know who committed the crime of murder, but we also know who set the tone for the brainwashed and the people with the ‘Joe The Plumber’ mentality of our society amongst us to act out their devious deeds.

I refuse to allow commentators on MSNBC with the likes of David Gregory, Joe Scarborough, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and Dylan Ratigan to continue to get away with the cowardly line of, “Well both sides, Republicans and Democrats need to stop the hate rhetoric.” To me that’s cop-out rhetoric, these are the same so called journalists who stood silently by while former President George Bush sent our young men and women to Iraq based on a lie that he and Dick Cheney knew was a lie. One of the few journalists who had the heart and fortitude to question people of power was Tim Russert, the former moderator of ‘Meet The Press’. Even Luke Russert, Tim Russert son don’t have the mettle to stand-up to Republicans.

The attempted assignation of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was the act of a deranged young man. The bombing of a Church by KKK members while little Black girls were attending Sunday school was the act of deranged people, but we all know it was the hate message sent by politicians that led them to believe they could commit such and act and get away with it. Wait a minute; they did get away with it.

I don’t remember a Democrat showing up at one of former President George Bush speeches strapped with guns and bullets, just to express their second amendment rights.

I don’t remember a Democrat murdering a doctor who refused to perform an abortion.

I don’t remember a Democrat murdering a gay person because their religion told them to do so.

I don’t remember a Democrat spitting on members of Congress because they voted for a bill that they disagreed with.

I don’t remember any Democrat member of Congress or the Senate ever accusing any of the mongers of hate mentioned above, of being the cause of a nine year old child being murdered by a crazed gunman.

I could go on and on about how the American media have allowed Republicans to get away with bullying civil members of the Congress and Senate; but yet these same cowards want our military to somehow bring civility to other parts of the world.

If Democrats do as most in the media want them to do, and back-off of calling out those who are in power that are spewing out hatred on the floor of Congress and the Senate, the whole world will view them as a party of cowards; I know I will.

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