Monday, January 17, 2011

Doctor Martin Luther King Day

It’s Martin Luther King Day, therefore I will focus only on the positive of what I think this day should mean to all.

Everyday should be a day for all of us to respect each other.

I often ask the question, “If all of us do unto others as we wish to be done by, what in the hell we need the other nine Commandments for?”

If we could even come close to 1% of treating each other as we want to be treated, that would be a wonderful thing in the 21st century.

If we could some kind of magical way view everyone as equal to ourselves, that would be a great accomplishment in the 21st century.

I fail to understand why a human being have to show papers to prove they’re somewhere on Earth legally. To the people who are asking for papers of legality, I want to see their papers to prove they’re here legally. I’m not talking about your drivers’ license or your birth certificate; I’m asking for papers that your forefathers left you that they showed to the American Indians when they took their little boat ride.

Back to why I’m happy today, I’m happy today because some of us refuse to accept ourselves as second class citizens.

I’m happy today because I have two gifts that are more valuable than any dollar amount.

I’m happy today because I had the privilege, the right, and the honor to say Good Morning to my Mom and Dad.

I’m happy today because some of us are unhappy about some of the things that are transpiring in our lives today.

To sum all of this up, I’m happy because I’m confident that I will say Good Morning to my Mother, my Dad, my Son and Daughter tomorrow.

Happy Martin Luther King Day to all!!!

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