Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Republican Debates

I watched the debate tonight (November 22, 2011). One has to come to the conclusion that the majority of Americans are complete fools if they buy into the rhetoric and ignorance the Republicans are trying to push. The more debates the candidates for the Republicans have, the more the American public should view these people are nothing more than puppets on a stage performing for their corporate masters. If we as a people allow these court jesters to get away with their pathetic performances, we deserve what we get.

Before I go any farther I got to let Democrats know, especially those who deem themselves staunch President Obama loyal supporters (notice I addressed our President as President Obama) need to stop bowing down to the media and Republicans acting like Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska). I could go on and on talking about this piece of garbage faking as a Democrat (Senator Ben Nelson D-Nebraska), but the few of us who are true to our President need to get on to better things and leave this piece of trash on the ground.

One thing everybody should know, there’s no secret why the Tea Party and Republicans just outright hate this President; it’s as plain to me as White and Black. The sprinkling of the brainwashed coloreds in the Tea Party just happen to be something the ‘The Queen of the Underground Railroad’ had to deal with.

This President (President Obama) has proven he’s above viable when it comes to foreign affairs, but yet the haters on the Republican side degrade our President and continuously call him Obama; and worst Mr. Obama, these haters (racists) refuse to acknowledge this man as Mr. President. Let’s switch the script and touch on the ‘Occupy Wall Street and the 99% protesters.”

When I watched the University of California police pepper spraying the students for exercising their civil rights to protest in a peaceful manner it brought back memories of the Kent State University students protesting against the Vietnam War. For those of you who don’t know, or to busy trying to be popular with your little clicks; May 4, 1970 our National Guard, who was created to protect the citizens of this country, opened fire and massacred students for exercising their civil rights.

I’m pissed because Democrats are talking under the radar, and Republicans and the Tea Party are boisterous about how the ‘Occupiers and the 99%’ need to bathe and get a job. There’s no sense in me trying to lie about it, I’m ashamed to appendage myself to the cowardly Democrat Party.

It’s a reason why the majority of Americans view Democrats as weak, Republicans are throwing bombs and the cowardly Democrats are throwing rocks. No doubt about it, it’s going to take strong people to stand-up to these people, Republicans are devout in their beliefs, they’re willing to kill for what they believe in; take a look at the abortion doctors that have been murdered for the right of a woman to choose (Roe V. Wade). Democrats bow down and are willing to negotiate with people who don’t want to negotiate.

Please allow me to get rough and raw before I close. It’s time for Democrats to show some balls and stop caving to Republicans, stand-up for what you believe in, the real “LIBERALS” got your back.

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