Wednesday, June 29, 2011

President Barack Obama and the Pretenders

Give me a minute, I’m trying to figure out how can I put it to light weights without them taking it personal what I’m about to say, or hurting their little fragile feelings. With that said, I already know I’m gonna step on some toes; but man up and woman up, and take this dose of mental medicine, just might learn something.

I’m a start with the Latino community, you guys need to stop going on nation wide TV complaining about Obama hasn’t upheld his campaign promise to bring undocumented people out of the shadows.

I watch supposedly representatives of the Latino community on TV allowing White people to talk to them like they got a tail between their legs. I challenge any Latino spokesperson the next time a White person question their legitimacy to be in this country, to challenge their legitimacy to be here.

I wasn’t around back in the day, but I’m willing to bet any and everything that the true Americans asked the indentured servants (White people) why are you here, and asked them to leave because they’re here illegally? It amazes me how people who were banished from England, came to America uninvited, and got the audacity to question another people legitimacy to be in this country.

President Obama got ‘Women’s Rights’ groups complaining about he hasn’t done enough in behalf of their cause.

The President got the ‘Gay Community’ complaining about how he hasn’t kept his campaign promise to them.

The ‘Congressional Black Caucus’ got their panties in-a-bunch complaining about how the President haven’t done enough for the Black community.

We got people like myself pissed-off at the President for continuously trying to negotiate with people who have vowed to do any and everything to make sure his Presidency fail. This is equivalent to a run away slave trying to negotiate with a slave owner after being captured.

Here’s what I’m perplexed about, the President made no campaign promises to the ‘Native American’ community; and they’re the only people not complaining.

After all of the negativity bouncing off the President’s brain, we have the ‘Tea Baggers’ and the outright racists hating the President just because he’s a NIGGER who doesn’t know his place.

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