Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Comparing Common Sense to Disrespect

To any and everybody I was wrong, for some stupid reason I had this phantom belief that Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith were the only true people at Fox News who tried to uphold the lie that Fox News was ‘Fair and Balanced’.

The Sunday morning talk show Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace proved to me that not only is Fox News not ‘Fair and Balanced’ they’re rude and crude. I disagree with 99.99% of everything Congresswoman Michele Bachmann believe in, but I disagree 100% of anybody disrespecting someone just to upgrade their ratings.

When Chris Wallace asked Congresswoman Michele Bachmann are you’re a flake, it let the world know exactly where Fox News is coming from, and I don’t like the woman; but I dislike people disrespecting people even more. And then trying to clean it up a week later with a statement, “I messed up” was really ‘FLAKY’.

For those of you who aren’t paying attention, this is the second week in a row Mr. Wallace has ‘Messed Up’; he messed up big time trying to match wits with Jon Stewart. When Jon Stewart put it to Mr. Wallace rough and raw and told the world that Fox News viewers are the most misinformed people who ever watched any news show; the only people who was in shock and awe was the misinformed Fox News viewers. Everybody else said, “tell the truth and shame the devil.”

Those of you who are not convinced at this point, the only thing you have to do is wake-up early one morning and tune in to cspan’s Washington Journal call-in show, any complete fool can differentiate the Fox News viewers from the rest of the non-brainwashed people.

Anybody who believe word for word what Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity say day after day got to be a misguided fool.

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