Tuesday, January 7, 2014


If President Obama allows any of our ground troops to go to Iraq, he should be impeached. The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki refused to share power with Sunnis, and now it’s a full blown revolt.

Guess who made it possible for this fool to be in power, the shot callers of America. Now we have Senators campaigning to send troops to Iraq to bail this dam fool out. None of our brave men and women should have to contribute a drop of blood to give solace to those who got everything wrong with the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ that wasn’t there.

Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham yelling about how Al-Qaida has taken over the Province of Anbar, and controlling the streets of Falllujah, those two Senators should be praying and thinking the fools who voted for them that Al-Qaida don’t control the streets of New York City.

Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham need to retire and let new young brains bring things to the table that aren’t out-dated.

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