Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Iraq Is Blowing Up

People like Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham want to blame the degrading of Iraq on President Obama. Aren't these the Senators that sent our men and women to Iraq based on a lie under President George Bush; how in the fuck all of sudden it’s President Obama fault because Iraq is fucked up today?

I already know what’s gonna piss me off, I’m gonna see UNCLE TOM niggers go on Fox News and say George Bush was right with his decision on Iraq.

Everybody knows why John McCain mad every time he looks in the mirror, the crazy cracker made history when Barack Obama made history. John McCain made history because he is the first White man lost to a Black man for President.

Iraq is fucked up today because people like John McCain and Lindsey Graham campaigned on an outright lie. If John McCain and Lindsey Graham want to get Iraq straight, tell them old muthafuckers to send their children and grandchildren to Iraq. If they’re unwilling to do that, then somebody needs to tell both of those old pieces of White trash to shut the fuck up.

Iraq is fucked up today because of the people who hate on President Obama everyday.

Unemployment wouldn't be at the level it is today if poor White trash didn’t hate on President Obama.

WalMart wouldn't have to have a food drive for their employees if the haters didn’t hate President Obama.

The good paying jobs wouldn't be on the other side of ocean if the haters didn’t hate President Obama; just because I can’t lie about it, President Clinton share blame for that also.

If the haters didn't hate on our President, everybody life would be better. The only reason working men and women coming up short on things that keep a family flowing is because haters hate on President Obama.

There shouldn't be no reason in this GOD given world that a man and a woman go to work everyday and have to choose between putting food on the table or heating the house so their children can stay warm or be hungry; if that aint fucked up, then tell me what is fucked up.

I promised my sister and my son I wouldn't use vulgar language no more in my postings, but I’m mad about shit GOD should be mad about right now.

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