Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bible Toters

Please allow me to say up-front; I have no problems with those who hold their beliefs close to their heart. I got a problem with people trying to force what they think is true on others that is nothing more than a theory. All of us know, and if you don’t know you should know a theory is something in your brain that hasn't been proven.

I deal with facts and facts only, if your brain doesn't have the capacity to know how to differentiate facts from theorist thoughts; stop reading now and go do things light weights do. Only mental heavy weights are invited to share in this conversation; thoroughbreds only, swayback nags need not to apply.

Bible Toters, when I look at things that happen in real time that change real people lives at that particular moment; faith is out the window, you got to come up with something to turn your negative to positive. The only people know how to do that are heavy hitters, trail me close; I need this to stick to your brain.

Heavy hitters are those who know for a fact what light weights feel when they feel pain. Here’s why it’s a fact, heavy weights has already witnessed pain up-close and in person. When a heavy weight come to your rescue, this is not something that person read in a book; this is something the heavy weight is sharing with you that He/She lived in real life so you don’t bump your head in the same place you bumped your head yesterday.

Here’s the point, if you know something for a fact can’t anybody take that away from you. However, if you believe in something that you haven’t touched, smelled, or tasted; you’re dealing with a theory; you’re placing your life in the hands of your faith. If that’s how you want to inhale and exhale, then do what you do to make your life comfortable to you.

I’m not sitting here questioning GOD, my brain is trying to see how religion and science can fit in the society we live in today.

Critical thinkers will see my point; light weights will probably try to turn it into an argument.

Do whatcha do.

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