Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rodney King Death Should Mean Something

Rodney King was beaten to an inch of death by racists white cops, while Black cops stood there and looked, and did nothing.

Rodney King death should mean that we have UNCLE TOM NIGGERS amongst us who are willing to sit silently by, and allow the racists to have free reign to do whatever they want to do to people of color.

I know for a fact none of you UNCLE TOM NIGGERS want to hear this, especially that NIGGER from Florida, Congressman Allen West. Saddle-up NIGGERS, here I come.

I have family members telling me, “Jackie you need to stop writing articles with that kind of incendiary talk, at some point they gonna come and get you.” My reply is this, I refuse to be a silent NIGGER, as a matter of fact, whoever they be, I’ll send them my address with the zip code; I aint hard to find. The difference from me and other punk ass NIGGERS, I’m willing to die for what I believe in.

This message is for all yaul racists mutherfuckers out there, marinade on that!!!

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