Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black People

When I write articles on my blog, I know sometimes I piss people off; sorry about that. One thing about it is this, every time you piss somebody off; you please another mutherf@#ker. Just tuck this under your cap, every man freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, or vice versa.

I’m driven by a need, not a want; I need to know the people who are incessantly f#&ked over by the powers that be understand the people who are f#&king them. If you don’t get that, stop reading now and get back to the insignificant sh#t that you usually do.

I want say most, but it’s damn sure a lot of Black people have proven to themselves, people who care about them, and society that they’re willing to allow themselves to be f#&ked over.

Elaboration time: Let’s just take the beating of Rodney King by racist white cops. Everybody knows there were Black cops at the seen of the crime; but those punk ass UNCLE TOM NIGGERS stood there and did nothing to intervene. But here’s the kicker, during the inquiry in regards to the Rodney King beating; these same UNCLE TOM NIGGERS chose to stay silent. These ignorant NIGGERS hold the color of blue above the color of Black.

I look at Black-on-Black crime, and it impels me to ask the question, “When you look in the mirror, do you hate yourself that much?” The stupid sh#t got to stop, that’s if we want to succeed as a people competing with others who already got a ‘Head Start’.

I’ll end with this, all of you ignorant NIGGERS out there thinking things are hard now, if President Barack Obama lose, you don’t even want to look at your world; especially if you’re young and Black. It’s a new game in town, better get up on it.

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