Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tonight America proved to the world that America is the "Greatest Nation on the PLANET." Tonight America proved to the world that the people of the United States understand why the majority of the people of the world are doing anything and everything to come to America. Tonight we as a people have shown the world that we have came to the point that we as a people have healed from the wounds Rev. Wright spoke about. Tonight the people of America spoke to Iran, Irag, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Israel, Syria, Germany, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, and most of all "AFRICA".

I highlighted Africa for the same reason I'll be highlighting the Black community of America as I relate my thoughts on this glorious night. I decree that we as Black Americans now have an opportunity to stop looking in the mirror at ourselves and accepting ourselves as second class citizens. We as Black Americans who are caught up in the Black on Black crimes against each other should steal a page out of the President elect "BOOK" and say to ourselves that we are above the bullsh!t. Was anybody noticing when the Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers controversy came up Obama simply said to America, we as a people are above the bullsh!t. What the man was really telling us, if you America don't panic on me, I promise I won't panic on you. And we as Americans have to take him at his word until he prove to us other-wise. PLEASE! My brothers and sisters of Africa, stop the killing of each other just because your tribe speak a different dialect that your tribe speak.

Be careful what you wish for, there is no doubt in any clear thinking person mind that Black America will be under the closest scrutiny than any other time in the history of this country; even more than a century ago we as Black people were scrutinized when we hungered to read and write. This is the time in history for Black and White Americans to have the ability to recognize the light weights from the heavy weights; this is not about body weight, this is about brain capacity. This is the time for the youth of Americans to stop acting like they're not responsible for their actions; this is a time for all of us to believe that we as a nation have been given a breath of fresh air.

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