Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Taxpayer March On Washington"

Saturday September 12, 2009, Freedomworks a group of Teabaggers organized a march on Washington and dubbed their rally as "Taxpayers March on Washington". What I saw was a sea of White people sprinkled by a handful of brainwashed people of color. Somebody should have informed these ignorant group of people that one of the first things President Obama did when he took office, was lower taxes for the middle class below what taxes has been in eight years. The people at the rally are so blinded by hatred for President Obama, they fail to realize the Government Option offered by the President's Health Plan would benefit ninety percent of Americans.

I know it's politically incorrect to point out that these people are not protesting against higher taxes or government spending. What these people are really protesting against is, America have a Black man as President. I'm not so naive to ignore the fact that there was no way President Obama would have won the Presidency without a lot of White people voting for him. Everybody know, including the Teabaggers, there are only a handful of these angry White people and brainwashed people of color protesting against the President. I often hear these people calling in to cspan during the segment Washington Journal, complaining about because they disagree with the President they're deemed racists. These are the same people who dubbed people that disagreed with the Iraq war as unpatriotic, must feel good getting some of your medicine thrown back in your face.

My question for Uncle Toms like Mason Weaver, Deneen Borelli, and Lloyd Marcus, where were your march on Washington when George Bush was lowering taxes on the rich, and spending over two billion dollars a week on the Iraq war; while not paying for none of it? The same question goes to the Teabaggers also. As for the wannabe rappers on the stage trying to rap about how much they support the troops, it's insulting to the troops for cowards to be rapping about how they support the troops and the only support they show is to tie a ribbon around a tree. I'm a Marine Veteran (3rd Marines; 9th Marines Division) so I've earned the right to call you cowards out.

The best thing the Teabaggers can do is stop doing their dumb impression of Joe The Plumber, and as for the brainwashed Uncle Toms, they need to start thinking on their own and stop allowing their masters to pull their string and make them do some kind of Bojangles dance.

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Sean, Florida said...

Sad, but expected... Most people are incapable of thinking for themselves so they look for a worn down path to follow!

2000-2008, Republicans didn't give a damn about the budget deficit, etc. In 2009 suddenly fiscal responsibility became a hot topic for them. Why, because now a Democrat is spending the money and not their guy? Suddenly in 2009, the Democrats who were losing their fucking minds over Iraq, appear to be much more patient and tolerant of war. Why, because again it's not a Republican sending the troops to war is it?

Politicians, Preachers, and Pimps! Anyone who has
confidence in either thereof, deserves their outcome!

No God or morality in government... but plenty of corruption!!!