Thursday, October 21, 2010

Message to Democrats

We must vote on November 2, like our lives depend on it, because it does. The Republican party has been hi-jacked by dangerous, radical hate mongers called the "Tea Party". They are led by Glen Beck and Sara Palin who’s only goal is to take down President Obama and the government. In any third world country this would be called a "Coup de Etat". In America we fight "coups" at the ballot box. These people hate Blacks. They hate Latinos. They hate Muslims and have at times made many anti-Semitic statements. They hate Gays. They hate any moderate Republican who might be likely to cooperate with Obama.

Their rallying cry? "We want to take back our country”!! Take it back from whom? American soil is still wet with the blood of our ancestors who fought for our right to vote. And vote we must!

The polls say Republicans are going to win enough votes to take over the Senate and Congress because Democrats lack the enthusiasm to vote. We must get as many people to the polls now as we did to vote for Obama. We don't need enthusiasm; we need to vote out of fear. Fear that these radicals could take this country back to Jim Crow and the hey-day of the Klu-Klux-Klan. Don't think it could happen? Just stay home on Election Day and see what happens to this country.

Time is very short. Don't leave the voting to the other guy. Vote a straight Democratic ticket for your state: Governor, and especially Senator and Congressman. Try to reach as many people as you can, like African drums across America.

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