Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Black Girls Abducted By Black Men

When we commit these kinds of crimes to each other, that’s where my brain get to the point that I’m ashamed that I was born Black. I know that’s a strong statement to make, but why is it that we as people of color always target people that look like us? Dumb question, I already know why; the dumb ass Black cowards aint got guts enough to stand-up to people who doesn't look like them.

Everyday in America 90% of all Black people are killed by other Black people; now that’s some F@#ked-up S#!t. What outright pisses me off is when we as Black people of color have the nerve to be outraged when a White person don’t want your Black ass at his basketball games, and aint pissed off when one of us in the hood are gunned down because he/she are attired with the wrong colors that day. I’m fed-up with us acting like feet first babies.

I’m fed-up with the “New Black Panthers” acting like paper tigers. I watched an outright brainwashed ignorant UNCLE TOM NIGGER go on nation wide TV and say, “I’m willing to take a bullet for the welfare rancher.” In some places in Africa, ignorant dumb ass leaders allowed an American White clergyman to convince them into passing a law that gay people should receive the death penalty.

Anybody want to know why that same racist ass cracker didn't propose the same law here in America? Dam, I need to stop this, I already know the answer; it’s because there are White gay people in America. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and the other self proclaimed family value hypocrites know where I’m coming from.

If we as Black people gonna stay as stupid as we are, it hurts me to admit this; but if I was White, I would enslave your dumb Black asses also. I know I've pissed some people off with what I've said, but it’s like some of us act like we need to sit down and pee; I’m still trying to figure the S#!t out.

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