Sunday, May 17, 2015

US Special Forces Take Out ISIS CFO

As a United States Veteran Vietnam Marine, I’m proud of the people who carried out a successful mission ( to get the job done; Congrats all around! With that said I got issues, the media; left and right are trying to report it like it wasn't a significant accomplishment.

I know why every media outlet is trying to downplay the significance of the success of the mission; it’s all about President Obama, facts first.

First:   The success President Obama had with the taking out the leader of Al-Qaeda, (Osama bin Laden) the Republicans and the Obama haters in Washington just couldn't live with a Black President receiving this kind of gratitude.

Secondly:        The President Obama haters went out of their way to give British Special Forces credit for accomplishing the mission, until cool heads prevailed and let it be known that it was American Special Forces who got the job done. How low will they go? My point is this, the media doesn't want this President to reach a level that he’s head and shoulders above his predecessors; simply because he’s Black, I’m talking Republicans and Democrats.

One doesn't need a Masters’ degree to figure this out; it only takes utilizing something you were born with, your common sense. There is no way the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can be taken out of the Koch Brothers billionaire empire, the Apple computer empire, the Bank of America day to day financial operations and expect things will not miss a beat.

One thing we all know, players gonna play, haters gonna hate. I know the majority of you are scared to say it; I ain’t scared to say what’s real.

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