Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Squad And Progressive Democrats

It seems like everyone in the Democrat Party has lost their damn minds, starting with those in leadership, all the way to the brand new members; and it’s a damn shame. News flash dumb ass, your fight is suppose to be with Republicans who will stick together and block everything you put forward when it hit the Senate. I love each and every member of the Squad, but if your message is skewed with rhetoric that you allow Republicans to set the narrative; your message is pretty much useless. The phrase “defund the police” is the dumbest thing Democrats has allowed Republicans to brand them with. Not one Democrat candidate ran on defund the police, but yet when the progressive wing of the Democrats are asked about, it just seems like they’re too stupid to disavow the phrase, and just say our message is “Police Reform.” Every member of the Squad was re-elected, and none ran on defund the police; so why not just disavow the dumb shit? I’m not a politician, but I do know a little bit about strategic warfare, and right now; the progressive wing of the Democrat Party is fighting a dumb fight. The stupid infighting amongst Democrats has got to stop.

What I mentioned above is not the only stupidness going on in the Democrat Party. Now, we have Black people coming from every walk of life criticizing Joe Biden about his Cabinet picks are not Black enough. Didn’t Democrats go through this same dumb shit with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West when Barack Obama was President; do you dumb ass people have the ability to learn? All the energy of Democrats should be laser focused on the upcoming Senate race in Georgia, if Democrats lose those two Senate seats, all the infighting won’t mean a damn thing; except Democrats will always be branded as the political Party that eats their own.

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Anonymous said...

President Obama spoke about this not to long ago, saying that the Democrats have to learn how to use certain terms. The term defund the police caused a lot of Democrats to lose their seats. The Republicans knew exactly what it meant, but they ran with the term, started saying that the democrats wanted to get rid of the police. I think democrats fight the wrong battles, instead of focusing on stacking our seats and getting things done, we start
fighting each other. Not recognizing that we are not the problem. Let's focus on the the Georgia Election first!