Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calling on the President to Create Jobs

I find it amazing how just a few months ago, every morning talk show, Sunday talk shows, and teabaggers were yelling at the top of their lungs for government to stay out of the business of doing anything in regards of private business other than cutting taxes for the super rich. They all acknowledge when the government gets involved with private businesses, other than cutting taxes for the super rich; it’s always all bad.

Now all of a sudden, the people mentioned above seems to have had some kind of epiphany in regards to the government getting involved with private business to create jobs. These people are the phoniest people in the world, including the so called Blue Dog Democrats (I consider them as Yellow Dogs) masquerading as Democrats.

Please allow me to explain just how phony these people are. In regards to the Health Care Bill, Senator Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska was 100% against the Health Care Bill until he received a sweetheart deal for his state for Medicaid; which has been branded the “Cornhusker Kickback”. Senator Mary Landrieu (D) Louisiana was totally against the Health Care Bill because of the high cost until she received a sweetheart deal to the tune of $300 million in additional federal aid for her state's Medicaid population; dubbed as the “Louisiana Purchase”. The list of Democrat Senators goes on and on in regards to sweetheart deals for their vote in favor of the Health Care Bill.

The true irony of this is that it sounds like former President Bush proclaiming he had a coalition of the willing in regards to the countries signing on with the invasion of Iraq. In fact, each country was paid a hefty fee to go along with Bush to invade Iraq; I don’t remember anyone branding them as the “Coalition of the Bribed”.

A parting thought about the citizens of America. In my opinion the citizens of America should be branded as a nation of cowards. The vast majority of Americans don’t even give a second thought about the brave men and women going on three and four tours to war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh yeah! They’ll tie ribbons around a tree and boast about how much they support the war and the troops, but ask any of them to join the military and really show their support for the troops and the war, they’ll tell you “HELL NO” without pausing to contemplate the question. These are the same cowards who expect the first Black President to fix everything in one year that a White President took eight years to fuck-up.

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